“Gentle Giant” Collapses and Dies After Race; Trainer: “It’s just one of these things that happens.”

Sunday at the Scottish Grand National Steeplechase, one of the entrants, Claud and Goldie, collapsed and died immediately after finishing 9th. He was just 12 years old, which is right about the prime of life for horses in a more natural setting. Anyhow, his trainer, Sandy Forster, had this to say to Southern Reporter:

“For himself, one thing I do know is he didn’t suffer. He ran an absolute blinder of a race and I couldn’t be prouder of him. As a horse, he was just the biggest, gentlest giant. A complete gentleman of a horse – so it’s just heartbreaking.

“He was just galloping along within himself the whole way. It’s just one of these heartbreaking things that happens. He would not have known anything about it, so that’s the main consolation I can take from it.”

The “gentle giant” with his exploiter…

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  1. Chock one up for the barbaric Steplechase. There was also a young girl Lorna Brook riding her mother’s horse on April 8 and fell on the 3rd hurdle. She died the 18th from her injuries.and yet noone sees the light that can do something to end this barbaric form of gross abuse.

    • It’s like driving a car according to what’s-his-name in the video on YouTube. You know you can die in car accidents, too, he pointed out. So that is what he compared horse racing/steeplechasing/ horse killing to as if they are on the same level. I don’t think it’s rocket science to say horseracing is NOT AN ESSENTIAL ACTIVITY, whereas driving motor vehicles is not abusing living, breathing horses to their death for fun/entertainment and profit/wagering (for those demented individuals who see racing that way).

  2. What the….?!???!!! The *crap* this Sandy Forster spewed out of his/her/its mouth is unbelievable denial of her own responsibility in killing/ causing the death of one beautiful and trusting horse. How filthy, stinking demented can a person get?!!!! To cause the horse to run to his death and then claim the horse didn’t know he was about to drop dead and take *consolation* in that?! Are you freaking kidding me?!

  3. Bottom line is you killed your horse!! All of you people involved in this sport and the horse racing are all the same – none of you give a god damn about the animal – only about yourselves – this is just another pathetic case of animal abuse – you should all be totally ashamed of yourselves. Don’t say – oh these things just happen – like hell they do – that is pure bullshit and you know it – run your bluff on someone who might believe your crap.

  4. The poor horse went to walk and just keeled over. As the woman said it was fast. However,if that was my horse I’d be so overwhelmed with grief and beside myself. But they love them like children,right?

  5. You should sleep well Sandy Foster knowing your “gentle giant” would not have known anything about it. Your “complete gentleman of a horse” would not have known the human he trusted with his life betrayed that trust.

  6. Seems to me trainer Sandy Forster is not only a liar, but the most disgusting kind of hypocrite. What if Sandy Forster spontaneously dropped dead for no apparent reason after winning a race? I suppose the horse could be just as glib if it had stomped on Sandy Forster and crushed her to death just to win a race? If the poor creature was like Ms. Forster stomping her to death wouldn’t matter at all as long it rewarded him with a basket full of apples.

  7. Well, we can all feel better about this poor exploited horse’s death knowing “he ran an absolute blinder of a race” and that you “couldn’t be prouder of him”. Did you give this biggest, gentlest giant a proper burial or did you just throw his carcass on the nearest landfill because there was nothing more you could get out of him?
    It’s disgusting to read the pandering phrases coming out of your mouth, knowing you exploited this horse. It’s an insult to those of us who have lost a horse and did actually loved them and were truly heartbroken over their loss, not simply the end of the money we were making off them.

  8. It looks like he had a pretty nice life to me. He was clearly loved, kept warm and let to play in the fields. What more could a horse ask for? Not quite sure why you would choose this photo to convince people the horse was abused in anyway.

    • Alice, I’m sorry that you know nothing of the seriousness of running a horse to death. It is against all the rules of true horsemanship. What is also very serious is that Sandy FORSTER refuses to take responsibility for the deliberate killing of this horse. She acts like her S*** smells like something from Heaven. Her S*** STINKS!!! Do you get that at all?

    • We choose this photo to go along with the delusional and deceptive words of those exploiting, abusing and killing (knowingly putting at risk everyday) their “beloved” horses. If you read through these pages you will know that horseracing kills horses and you can’t love horses and love horseracing. It’s animal abuse, it’s animal killing and it must end.

  9. There is no decent fun or entertainment when horses suffer and die as a result. Horse racing must be ended!

  10. That’s rubbish to say he wouldn’t have known!
    I hate the way race horses are treated and disposed of.

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