My Child Sbud Killed at Santa Anita

3-year-old My Child Sbud is dead after snapping an ankle in the 2nd at Santa Anita yesterday. He is the 8th (that we know about) dead racehorse at Santa Anita this year, 24th at all California tracks.

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  1. If any other “sport” had athletes dying on a daily basis SOMEONE WOULD STOP IT ……….like the participants !! These poor animals are run til they break and then just replaced ! WTF ????? Someone start killing the people off for every horse……..I bet they’ll God damn pay attention then. A game of Russian roulette with owners and trainers at a table for EACH DEAD HORSE ! Now that I’ll watch and bet on ! Put their balls on the line and them theirvlives as well.

  2. This is horrible. I was so upset by crop use at the Essex Handicap 3/13/21 by Raymond Vazquez riding Rated R. Super that I wrote to the jockey club & received the rules for crop use which weren’t followed. Then I emailed the Stewards at Hot Springs & complained. Then I wrote to animal control in Hot Springs & complained. My emails were polite in nature. I didn’t get even the courtesy of a response. That’s how much they care about the horses. They just replace it. Who cares. Disgusting.

    • Yes, Gayle, horseracing is disgusting because it involves everyday abuse to the horses. It is not something that can be reformed. The Kentucky Derby (for three-year-old Thoroughbreds) has been in existence since 1875. Abusing horses for racing is a long established enterprise where the most powerful cheaters win… So, it’s no wonder that these criminal minds don’t want to be forthcoming with any truth.

  3. So much Super-Safe, Equine-Life-Saving, Safety Success going on at the Santa Anita Death Track. I’m thinking the Stronachs have nothing to worry about AT ALL. In fact, this proves they’ll be proudly touting their anti-sport in California for generations to come!
    Way to turn it around, SADT. Y’all can stop now.

      • Ugh. But I’m sure the CHRB will address all the California carnage at Thursday’s meeting in their usual, highly-professional manner:
        “We take these horses’ deaths very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we’ve developed a revolutionary new system for letting the public stay informed about the status of any and all vanned-off racehorses at our CHRB-licensed tracks. If you want to know whether a certain horse is dead or alive, just visit our website, then click on the link that says “PUBLIC INQUIRY.” IF you’re then directed to a page that enables you to ask a meaningful question about an actual racehorse, that probably means that the horse in question IS still alive. However, if you click on the Public Inquiry link, and then nothing whatsoever happens — called a “dead link,” not coincidentally — this means the animal is no longer alive, so you can stop bugging us. Happy Racing!”

    • It is worse than sad that the razzle dazzle Longmile Positron Emission Tomography (MILE-PET) Scan Machine that provides imaging of the fetlock joint (ankle) which The Stronach Group invested $500,000 “to support the purchase of” this “cutting-edge” technology DID NOT SAVE THIS HORSE NAMED ‘MY CHILD SBUD’ from the seriously disabling and FATAL breakdown of his fetlock joint! So much for SAFETY, racing fans!

  4. Another three year-old-baby killed at Santa Ana after having been whipped for the fifth time for $2 bets, fun and profit. Shame on you, Santa Ana. Have you no conscience? STOP HORSE RACING CRUELTY ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  5. Here is what pisses me off. There are a good amount of these horses, who by just watching the damn race, you know something is wrong before the inevitable happens. This horse 1 is extremely lagging, and 2 you can see the gait is not normal way before the ankle gives way. Zenden was a perfect example of this. In the video on Twitter on raceway bf the race. It is extremely obvious there was something wrong with the leg as he was favoring and even limping lightly on it when being led to water bucket. Same leg that snapped. Coincidence, I dont think so.

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