Horse Wins Race While “Unsound”

In the most recent Stewards Minutes from California…

At Golden Gate Apr 1-Apr 4:
14 horses were “scratched” for being sick
1 for being unsound

In addition, one “claim” (sale) was voided because the horse, Rock This Bar, was “unsound.” Rock This Bar, incidentally, had “won” the race – while “unsound.” And, of course, the stewards reported Velocemente’s death: “During the running of the tenth race #5 Velocemente fell near the 5/16 pole while trailing the field. Jockey Assael Espinoza was thrown clear and escaped with only a bruised thumb. Unfortunately, Velocemente suffered multiple fractures and was euthanized by the track vet.”

At Los Alamitos Apr 2-Apr 3:
3 horses were scratched for being injured
2 for being sick
1 for “flipping” in the paddock

At Santa Anita Apr 2-Apr 4:
2 horses were scratched for being injured
2 for being sick
1 for being unsound
2 for flipping

At Cal Expo Apr 3-Apr 4:
1 horse was scratched for being injured
2 for being sick

This, too, is horseracing.

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  1. These people in horseracing are so unscrupulous and have to be completely void of empathy for horses to constantly subject their horses to such cruelty and brutality. It’s a “dream” for them to get away with abuse of horses for the money they get from buying, selling, purse money and wagering. This degenerate behavior must be PUNISHED, not rewarded!

  2. Hey, CHRB: If EVERY horse is scratched from EVERY race in California, then you won’t have to report ANY kills at all on your Super-Transparent, All-Inclusive, Highly-Scientific Equine Fatalities List. Won’t that be nice?
    (And, since you’re careening toward that no-racing goal anyway, why not implement your Ultimate Horse Safety Measure sooner rather than later?) Frankly, I think it’s your best (only) hope;)

  3. Looks like Golden Gate gets the gold star for the week. Fifteen horses with issues out of how many total scheduled to race? How undeniably pathetic.

  4. But hey, the jockey escaped unscathed! Who cares about the horses…plenty of “fish” in the “sea “ of horse racing. Unhinged butchers. All of them!!

  5. I think it’s beyond repulsive that these horses were sent out to race in spite of issues that could be identified by even the track’s unscrupulous vets. And if they hadn’t been scratched, they would have been on that track for whatever measly piece of the purse their “loving connections” could scrape out of them.
    Well, apologists, where are your excuses?

    • I wonder what kind of “sick” these horses were. I wonder if they had pleuropneumonia, or if it was another kind of sickness? Can you imagine anyone forcing sick horses to run…? It takes the most degenerate type of people to commit these heinous, heartless acts of abuse against horses!

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