Baby Drowns at Gulfstream, “Shocking Racing Community the World Over”

Ahead of this week’s annual Fasig-Tipton sale, a yet-to-be-named 2-year-old was killed in a breeze-up at Gulfstream. This, from a publication called Just Horse Racing:

“It wasn’t in a race. But it has shocked the racing community the world over. An unnamed, unraced 2YO by American Pharaoh had just been saddled to do his breeze-up for the annual Fasig-Tipton Sale. He carried a Hip 47 sticker on his hindquarters.

“His rider was legged up and out on the track he trotted. However, moments later horror struck. He shied at something, reared a little, tossed his rider and in a panic just bolted up the track.

“For reasons no-one will ever know, he turned and ran straight into the running rail, heading towards the infield lake at Gulfstream Park. He got there but at a terrible cost.

“The injuries he received when smashing through the rail started to take their toll and as he lept into the lake to calm himself, he got disoriented and thrashed around in the water. Shortly afterwards he drowned.”

The article closed with this from a Fasig spokesman: “I don’t know of anything that could have been done to prevent this accident.”



  1. A Fasig-Tipton auction sale spokesman does not know what could have been done to prevent this horrible accident, which was caused by the morally depraved greed of the people involved in this everyday abuse of horseracing. That indicates just how demented and greedy these corrupted people are! They seem to have no clue that they are morally bankrupt. Stop all government subsidies to horseracing and take the millions of dollars of revenue out of Fasig-Tipton’s corrupt exploitation of young immature Thoroughbred colts and fillies.

  2. Poor racing creeps used to be able to keep this kind of thing hidden away in their overflowing dirty-little-secrets vaults. The daily horror shows — baby animals getting mangled and mutilated — would only be witnessed by those who caused the manglings and mutilations. And they sure wouldn’t have spread the news, would they? But, alas, time marches on. Cultural preferences (and revulsions) evolve, right along with the technological advances that make exposure of the hideous details inevitable.
    So, those in this cesspool of carnage and corruption called horse racing can pretend to be shocked and outraged every time this or that drugged, injured, abused and suffering baby horse shows the world what their Sport of Kings is really all about. But they know, and we know, that they’ve seen it happen a thousand times before.

  3. This is just awful!! We would bet he was full of strong “supplements” to ensure a fast time! With our own horses were VERY careful not to give them too much high energy feeds as from experience we know that horses with excessive amounts of energy from being stalled for too many hours won`t think straight & will do harm to themselves.We have always disliked these hard on horses training sales.We would say incompetence on the part of the rider as well. We have had horses rear on us very high. We always managed to stay on & too much pressure on a bit will many times cause a horse to rear away from the bit pressure.These kinds of events are 1 of many reasons we quit in 2005 actively galloping horses at the track.We have seen horses lose an incompetent rider & end going through the front side gate & wandering around the neighborhood of our now defunct track for a few days before the horse was recaptured. Fortunately I-5 is elevated at the now defunct tracks location so the horse did not get there.After that event the track finally fenced in the front side area completely..Of course now that track has been redeveloped as an Amazon warehousing location.

  4. A terrified, injured colt jumps into a body of water to CALM himself?!?!?!?!? WHO wrote this?

    • Exactly! It’s like Robb Levinsky saying that a horse in a race that loses the jockey will keep running (with the other horses on the track) because the horse is “competitive” which we know is utter bullshit!

    • Same dumbasses who couldn’t even correctly spell his sire’s (misspelled) name.
      Then again, we’re generally not talking about the best and the brightest who’ve made their way into the blood sport world.

  5. “Shocked the racing community the world over”? I doubt it. Nothing could shock the parasites in the racing industry. It’s more panic that they couldn’t keep this clusterflock a secret.
    And seriously, “leapt in the lake to calm himself”? Since when do horses voluntarily decide to use aqua therapy to relax? This is clearly just another incident where the truth is twisted to hide the incompetence and irresponsibility of the racing industry.

        • I was thinking at the very least that these greedy, demented horse exploiting degenerates could skip the one most barbaric thing that contributes to premature breakdowns and it’s on videos. They know the pedigrees and the racing history of the horses in the pedigrees. Give the babies a chance to grow up at least. Stop the barbaric breezes to show how fast the colts or fillies can run before they get auctioned off to the highest bidder. Don’t these creeps see enough horses break down and die??? The creeps at Fasig-Tipton exacerbate the inevitable with their forcing unraced colts and fillies to run as fast as they possibly can.

  6. What a horrific spectacle!!
    A terrified baby is severely (probably fatally) injured then drowns.
    “He leapt into the lake to calm himself”!!!!
    The poor horse was absolutely crazed and in horrific pain and the writer says he was trying to “calm” himself. What a stupid statement!!

    These “accidents” can be prevented – shut this depraved business down!

    • It sounds so narcissistic and manipulative to say the injured, frightened colt “leapt into the lake to calm himself…” They have the responsibility to keep horses safe. They provide all the conditions to cause injuries, suffering and death to hot-blooded race horses. Why would any thinking person allow a body of water deep enough for a horse to drown in anywhere near a racetrack??? The Fasig-Tipton people and the Gulfstream people take stupid to another level. They should not ever be forcing these yearlings and two year olds to run fast carrying a rider anyway; and then to say the horse leapt into the lake to calm himself makes it sound like they did the horse a favor by having the lake there at all. Instead of telling the obvious truth, they attempt to deceive people. These people are narcissistic, deceptive, manipulative and totally stupid, not to mention incompetent and indifferent.

      • It is amazing horses have survived through the centuries living in proximity to water. Everyone knows water and horses don’t mix.

        • Most of the horses that I have had experience with only preferred to drink water. Even then sometimes they could be picky about where they drank it from.
          With the racetrack people, exploiting young horses to run as fast as they can run, whipping, shocking, and doping are part of the abuse. I watched a video of a horse in a body of water at a racetrack in Florida. The horse was hot as in overheated, possible heat exhaustion, but didn’t appear to have any broken legs once they finally got the horse out of the water. If that horse had a broken leg, drowning would have most likely occurred. It took several people to attempt to get the horse out of the pond/lake. There were moments in the video that looked scary as though the horse might go in too deep but fortunately the horse did not go in too deep. The horse was walking in the water, not swimming.

  7. These poor TBs are traumatized from the moment they are snatched away from their mothers while nursing. Unless they are placed into SAFE, FOREVER homes, they risk being abused in other disciplines, neglected, starved and sent to slaughter. I’ll bet none of the racing A$$HOLES at the hellish sale tried to go in and save the poor baby. Also, the baby probably had some F’d up performance enhancing drug in it’s system which made the horse not know wtf to do .. AND NO ONE HELPED. WHAT A BUNCH OF VAPID, DEPRAVED AHOLES.

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