A Kill That Doesn’t Count

Nomadess, a 2-year-old filly, died training this morning at Los Alamitos. Officially (CHRB), “sudden death.” That’s “sudden death” for a 2-year-old horse – on the maturation chart, the rough equivalent of a first-grader.

By the way, while The Jockey Club – and everyone else in racing – is busy celebrating a “record low” death rate in 2020, know this: Nomadess would not have been counted in that death rate – in fact, would not have been counted in three different ways: she was a QuarterHorse (doesn’t count, says TJC); she died in training (doesn’t count, says TJC); she died of “sudden death” (doesn’t count, says TJC). And that, folks, is the most respected organization in American horseracing. (More on TJC coming soon.)

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  1. Abusing and killing innocent creatures like horses shouldn’t be accepted or paid for with tax dollars!

  2. The Jockey Club does not deserve any respect for their pro-slaughter stance and all of the EGREGIOUS ABUSES to horses that they profit from.
    The Jockey Club and The American Kennel Club do not advocate for the HUMANE TREATMENT of horses and dogs respectively. They profit from the overbreeding of horses and dogs. They don’t care how much the animals suffer because the horses and dogs are treated INHUMANELY. The lobbyists that get paid to prolong the suffering of horses and dogs need to be recognized as the morally depraved, despicable individuals that they are.

  3. Poor Doc Allred! He must be just sick about his latest(?) loss. So much heartache and torment and devastation. How will he ever recover?
    No, really. The fine folks who breed, own, traffic, then kill racehorses are always trying to convince us how utterly terrible they feel when they watch their beloved family members crumple to the ground and draw their last breath. So, it stands to reason Ol’ Doc won’t be able to get back in the spirit of racing horses to their deaths at his own Los Al Horse Hell (and Jockey-Mangling Emporium) until his grief has passed. I’d say he’ll need at least 48 hours to recover from the loss of Nomadess, before he’s back to his old self…
    Good thing his personal horse-killing playground doesn’t run again til Friday night.

  4. The Jockey Club is comprised of the same people who hire trainers to kill horses on the racetrack. And through Jim Gagliano pay huge sums of money to convict smaller offenders while the really big criminals with blue blood connections remain above the fray. Stuart Janney III and the Phipps family are by no means clean if they hire trainers who have killed horses on the racetrack.

  5. If her death doesn’t count, then she didn’t count either, by their standards. This is obvious. To this industry she was just a device from which to profit. We mourn her here.

  6. When will this needless, vile ‘murder’ of innocent, defenseless racehorses stop??? Every day, worldwide, hundreds of racehorses are killed, and for what, greed-five minutes of glory-and a gamble on the winner, and for this, another horse pays the ultimate price.

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