Zenden Killed After “Winning” $1.5 Million Race

Running in today’s $1.5 million Dubai Golden Shaheen, Kentucky-bred Zenden broke down horrifically – but doesn’t that pretty much describe them all? – immediately after “winning” (BloodHorse: “triumph turned to tragedy”). He is dead, at five.

full race…

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  1. Zenden was the underdog in this race. Not only did he win by a large margin,but broke the track record for the Golden Shaheem. Oh and made a fortune for the connections as he crossed the finish line. The jockey went flying off (it looked like a celebration gone wrong)however Zenden’s legs started buckling. He broke his left front leg. Unfortunately,I saw the whole thing and am beside myself now.
    So with that being said, he ran the race of his life and gave his all. LIKE THEY ALL DO.

  2. ZENDEN – yet another victim of this morally bankrupt and deeply deprived killing business.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that he was given something to make him run beyond his natural ability.
    He probably had pre-existing conditions that were masked with whatever.
    His left left literally disintegrated and there was nothing there for him to stand on.
    You apologists all sicken me and I hope I live to see the day where more tracks shut down until you are all part of one big abyss – pure unadulterated evil.

    • Gina, did you notice how deep down into the dirt his left front leg went down into the dirt right before it snapped off?

  3. Thought-provoking tweet by a racing mouthpiece regarding this horrific death of Zenden…

    “For those who don’t know, Zenden’s trainer is Carlos David, a former longtime assistant to the indicted Jason Servis.”

    Yes, Servis…who illegally drugged his horses – caught by the FBI along with others who were part of a massive racehorse doping scheme.

  4. THE DEPUTY was a WALKING SKELETON when found in the kill pen in Texas.
    In fact, he’s in such poor condition, so thin just like Dr Dre, that Donna Keen and his former connections have decided not to publish pics of him.
    Instead, they will wait until he “fills out” and they will then post pics.
    You can always count on the pro-horse racing publications like The Thoroughbred TImes who posted a preposterous article that made the former connections appear to be angels when really it was them who didn’t follow up on him or visit him.
    The fault lies primarily with them: Barry Irwin, Gary Barber and Ms. Sahadi.
    They are too busy with their new victims and, of course, Ms. Sahadi is busy defending the cruelty and abuse of this killing business out in California.
    They stated that all of the stories circulating, by people like us, are salacious!
    Wow your true colors always show you bunch of parasites.
    THE DEPUTY made all of you millions and put Ms. Sahadi on the map including 10% of his earnings!
    Yet, it’s inexplicable that you NEVER followed THE DEPUTY during his life once he was dumped by Margaux Farm and went from farm to farm and YOU ALL KNOW IT.
    He was sold from cheap farm to cheap farm because you couldn’t exploit his penis and sperm anymore.
    He was poorly treated, he was starving when found, and I bet that you’re pissed-off that you have to pay for his retirement now!

    • Oh they won’t be paying for his retirement, Gina – the public will be begged for donations from the “rescue” that’s got him now. It’s SO handy that some of these racing-employed have their ready-made “rescues” they can dump their own used-up racehorses into – get their non-profit and have the public pay for their racing slaves’ rehab and retirement! All the while exclaiming “hey look at us, aren’t we great?”

      We’re on to that.

      • Joy grateful for your dedication – thank-you.
        You’re a true friend of racehorses.
        Please stay on it and follow-up.
        I always look forward to reading your posts that are full of important information.
        Exposing the truth about this vile business has been virtually impossible in the past, but not anymore.
        Sources are saying that they both knew that he was being sold from cheap farm to cheap farm and his days were numbered and, evidently, they were not paying his bills.
        Did any one of these creeps including Ms. Sahadi ever get on the phone and ask for a picture of him to ensure his well-being?
        Ms. Sahadi can quickly go on Twitter and at CHRB meeting explaining in detail the whip and defending this blatantly abusive practice, but just can’t phone the farm to see how THE DEPUTY is doing?
        I would like to remind readers that THE DEPUTY earned over $800,000 back in 2000 and also earned hundreds of thousands on stud fees standing at Margaux Farm for $7500 per stud booking.
        Like I’ve always maintained there is no racehorse, not one, rich or poor, that is safe from these parasites.
        If Ms. Sahadi really cared about racehorses then she would have walked away from this business a long time ago and the fact that she now knows that THE DEPUTY was dumped at a kill pen and still stays?
        I wouldn’t expect any level of moral decency from any one of them because they simply don’t care.

  5. Chin up, American racing creeps! You can’t possibly make yourselves look more abusive, cruel, heartless and obscenely scandalous than you have been in the last couple days, can you? Between Turf Pairo’Deaths and its celebration of drug trainers and pre-injured, teenaged entrants, and this horrific post-race breakdown on one of racing’s biggest stages, you’re all showing the world how SAFE you’ve made this “sport.”
    You can’t get any worse, now, can you? (That’s not a challenge, by the way. So please don’t take me up on it.)

  6. The video is disturbing on so many levels. That gorgeous chestnut. Nothing is worth DYING for!!!!!!!

  7. “Triumph turned to tragedy” – as if there is any kind of glory to be found in this disgusting exploitation and abuse. I’m sure Zenden’s “loving family” was sobbing all the way to the bank with his final winnings.

    • They claim they’re getting death threats — amid all kinds of other attacks — from those WITHIN racing. Which just proves how readily and completely the whole, sick industry cannibalizes itself.
      (It seems we don’t even need to “do” anything to wipe horse racing off the American landscape: They’re doing a bang-up job of taking each other out all by themselves.)
      Bye-bye, blood sport.

      • The owners are supposedly staying in Meydan til the necropsy is complete. As I mentioned earlier I saw this in real time. To say I paid a price yesterday is an understatement. This vision just stays with me and my tears flowed all day.

        • I was devastated when I saw this, also in real time. I broke down crying several times since. I am very torn about it. It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last. I have had horses my whole life and can’t stomach what racing has become. These tragedies are a daily occurrence now, and as a result, younger generations want nothing to do with the sport. RIP Zenden

          • Thank you Kimberly. Hope you are better today. I feel the same way as you do. Yesterday was a real heart wrenching day.

  8. Nancy, I FEEL for you. I’m glad I didn’t see it in real time. I saw a still picture of him right before the death, in the picture his left front leg is waaaay down into the dirt,right before the total break 😓. You realize he’s in his last moments. #AWFUL

    • Bonnie, thank you. I cried all day. It’s bad enough when a replay shows and you can brace yourself what is coming. I appreciate our connection here at HRW alot!

  9. No doubt the ‘loving owner’ cried all the way to the bank whilst depositing the winnings, the insurance and the slaughterhouse fees….but he probably cried even harder when he realised there would be NO more winnings…
    Utterly heartbreaking and heartbroken to see such a devastating ‘accident’ all for the sake of money, someone’s inflated ego and five minutes of glory.

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