13-Year-Old Crumples at Turf

The 2nd at Turf yesterday was called the “Turf Paradise Quarter Horse Championship Stakes.” (It wasn’t much of a stakes race: purse, $12,500.) One of its entrants was Hes too Icy for Me, coming in with 31 “career” races. Nothing unusual there – until, that is, you dig a bit deeper. For you see, this horse is (was?) 13 years old and was first raced 11 years ago. But that’s not even the worst of it: His last race before yesterday was in June 2019 – almost two whole years ago. What’s more, prior to a pair of races that June, he had been dormant for 3 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years. With this as backdrop, witness what happened to this poor animal (he’s the white horse) yesterday:

The responsible parties: trainer Pedro Urias Soto, owner Angel Burrola, the relevant vets – state and private alike – and, of course, Turf and Arizona racing officials. (I do not have a firm status yet; I will update as information comes in.)

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        • Nancy, I don’t watch horseracing. As far as running the race of his life? – I’m not even sure what is meant by that. But it killed him.

          • Joy, I meant his race killed him. He gave his all, trip to Meydan, beat the record,earned a fortune for the connections, way ahead of the other horses ,being smacked with the whip and then falls with no hope to recover. Its a sad story

  1. Yet another heartbreaking snuff episode.
    HES TOO ICY FOR ME earned over $390,000 and a soft landing – a well-deserved retirement.
    Parasites just keep on sucking the life out of their victims until they can give no more.
    Parasites don’t possess feelings just a selfish pursuit at their host’s expense.
    If politicians were not in bed with horse racing this business would have been shut down a long time ago.
    Incidentally, Turf Paradise is located in Arizona and Arizona racetracks, like most others, require state funding, taxpayers money and/or casino profits to keep it going.
    Not only does horse racing suck the life out of the racehorses, but they also suck our public coffers dry and the politicians permit them to do that because they get a cut most likely.
    The current owners of the tracks in Arizona are deeply corrupt as pro-horse racing articles reveal.

    • According to a great number of racing fans and gamblers, Gina, Turf is a corrupt DUMP. They had a lot to say about this 13-year-old on Twitter and how TP should be bulldozed over.

  2. I am beyond all comments that would get published. These people are bestial in the extreme. They must be completely devoid of any empathy at all, but those who know about empathy might say ‘you either have it or you don’t, there’s no mix’.

    I wonder if these charmless monsters go home to their wives/partners/children and tell them all about their day at work?

    “Hi honey, I’m home, bit of a day at the office hon, my lift just died from under me, damn it, I had to WALK back to the office! (and then) Oh how was your day kids, did you get to ride your pony after school, ah that’s nice for you!”

    “Oh daddy, we hope it’s not going to be as bad for you tomorrow!”


  3. There is a petition on Change.org for DEGENERATE PRO-RACING PEOPLE to sign to keep horseracing and gambling (and killing innocent horses) propped up.
    Of course, the usual ploy is used to make a lame attempt at justifying this ugly show of abusing horses to their literal death by saying the magic buzzword: jobs. Who wants horse-killing degenerates from Arizona and California to continue to have a “job” in the horse racing and killing industry??? Who wants to pay for these degenerates to have purse money of $300,000 for one race???
    These degenerates claim higher purses would attract more horses from California. I guess that is a no-brainer since degenerate people who own and train horses for racing in California already ship horses to Arizona at times.
    There should be a petition to put these horse-abusing degenerates in prison!!!

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