A “Bad Step” Kill at Mahoning

In the 2nd at Mahoning yesterday, Twelve Rocks “took a bad step, fell, and was vanned off.” In fact, I can confirm, he is dead. He was three years old.

“We’ve had one go down there on the turn…”

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  1. It doesn’t seem to matter too much to these horse-abusing “people” why the horse, TWELVE ROCKS, went down. It matters, but to just say “We’ve had one go down…” and “took a bad step…” shows that these racing “people” do not want to take responsibility for the unacceptable abuses and cruelties that they themselves inflicted on this horse and all of the other horses they have exploited, and are exploiting now, for racing and gambling.

  2. (Painful) death by bad step. Only in horse racing. Reason enough to terminate this gambling enterprise with extreme prejudice.

  3. “Took a bad step” – like was nothing that could have been done to prevent it. At least they didn’t let it interfere with the rest of the good, clean family fun for the day, right?

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