“Fatal Injury, Euthanized on Track” at Charles Town

Uncle Funky in the 7th at Charles Town last night: “UNCLE FUNKY angled in to engage in close early chase, but was pulled up with a fatal injury nearing the five sixteenths pole and had to be euthanized on the track.” He was three years old; this was his 8th time under the whip.


    • They make it sound like a mercy, like they were only thinking of the horse. Vile.

  1. This horse, UNCLE FUNKY, could have had issues that were showing. He might have had a micro fracture (or more than one) but the people responsible for this carnage could have decided that the horse would be less of a liability being dead (killed on the racetrack) than alive.
    Since this is a business, making a “profit” is the top priority. The horse could have been sold and shipped to slaughter but the horseracing industry in the USA allegedly does not do that. Isn’t that special?!?! Of course, racehorses are sold to killbuyers in the USA, but it supposedly is not supposed to happen. Yet, the Jockey Club is ‘pro-slaughter’ and I don’t think anyone is trying to hide this fact. It is only supposed to “not happen” at the racetracks. Supposedly, there are consequences for selling racehorses to killbuyers or shipping directly to slaughterhouses. Evidently, it is more socially acceptable to some people to kill their horses on the racetrack than send them to a slaughterhouse.
    Either way, the racetracks are facilitating, and making a profit from, this heinous abuse and neglect of horses exploited for racing and wagering.

      • Right on Nancy. It’s like I have ALWAYS said…these dear sweet innocent souls did not ask to be born. This EVIL is totally on the breeders and this GREEDY torture industry.

      • To profit-motivated so-called horsemen who only want their horses to earn their money for them, it would be quicker and easier to dispose of a horse on the racetrack. Also, it could be easier to pretend it was something beyond their control to have the horse euthanized on (or at) the racetrack. The racetrack gets the advantage of having more horses to fill out their race card (for wagering revenue) when they let horses race that should have been scratched.
        Essentially, these people do have a choice. They could choose to stop forcing horses into this living hell of torture that many “fans” seem to turn a blind eye to for their own selfish need to be entertained.

  2. Billions from casino profits going to support this horse killing business.
    If they didn’t have this money tracks like Charlestown wouldn’t exist.
    Horrific, widespread suffering and dying as the racehorses pay the price, but so do West Virginia residents.
    Casino profits that were supposed to go to their communities is going to horse racing instead.
    In light of billions in wagering profits, being generated by racehorses, not even 1% going to their aftercare.
    From the bottom-up this is a horrific business that any civil society should want to end.
    Uncle Funky we will be a voice for you since the parasites that exploited you don’t care.

  3. If I owned a horse, I would never allow any harm to come to it. These horse owners have no shame and no heart. How can they allow this to happen?

  4. I say we should put all these parasites together who did not care about Uncle Funky and have them race against each other. If they are still alive and well at the end of their race we can give them a hard kick in the but that they will never forget.
    They need to be taught a lesson.

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