Creative Style Confirmed Dead at Aqueduct; Monticello Kill, Too

The Gaming Commission has finally confirmed that Creative Style, a “took a bad step, injured, vanned off” (but “expertly pulled up”) in the 4th at Aqueduct yesterday, is indeed dead. He was five years old, and this was his 29th time under the whip.

Also from NY: Cam Funny was “found dead in stall” this morning at Monticello. This makes 13 dead horses at NYS tracks this year.

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  1. Back in the day, you didn’t here of these horses dyeing on the field. Now all you hear is how many horses die , ( of so called problems) it’s because of them doping them up, so they can run faster or longer. These horrible events need too be stopped. They must use something that doesn’t show up later. And of course they can credit the horse too a loss. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DISGUSTING PEOPLE

    • It just wasn’t publicized, Karen. Now a light is being shown.
      Animal abuse has always been glossed over and hidden. HRW is showing the hidden murders.

  2. Poor Creative Style. His claiming history is a Who’s Who of Horse Killing: Rice, Rodriguez, Gargan, Potts, et al., with Toscano, Jr. left holding the bag. But I’m sure every one of his many connections “loved him like he was one of our own children!” — provided they whip, isolate, abuse and only keep their own children around for a month or so before dumping them.
    Oh, and congrats to the NYRA for managing once again to avoid disclosing any negative outcomes. You guys are something else: Your own FANS ask nicely what became of your latest broken-down/vanned-off equine victim…And you STILL won’t acknowledge, admit, or apologize. Way to go, NYRA creeps.

    • Kelly, they started the replay when the 3 horses left were almost finished the race. Typical hiding the carnage and hush hush.

      • I’m sure they did try to hide the carnage from any viewers; that’s expected. They know, deep within their tiny little (hearts?) that they can’t afford to SHOW the horrors to a TV audience — might accidentally be seen by someone with a conscience, a moral compass, or an iota of empathy and compassion for any being other than him or her self. Can’t have that.
        I was referring specifically to the NYRA’s policy of IGNORING queries from their own fans and followers(!) when the (obvious) answer — another dead racehorse — will prove them to be the horse-killing monsters that they are. This is exactly what the NYRA did yesterday, when we all knew poor Creative Style was soon-to-be dead, if not already so.
        “Huh? We don’t hear you. Creative what, you say? LALALALALA…”

  3. Too many horses die on the racetrack. The owners of the horses do not care about them. I do not understand why money is more important than horses who are like members of the family.

  4. It has to be assumed that before 5 year old Creative Style was murdered, most of his short life, and all of it in the industry, was absolute misery! Then his reward is this!
    (Don’t you love the “expertly pulled up” euphemism for “forced to walk in agony”?)

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