Another Death Revealed at Churchill

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has disclosed the death of Winning Impression in the 9th at Churchill November 12:

“The rider pulled the horse up abruptly after the wire and dismounted. The on track KHRC vet summoned the ambulance and administered a sedative/analgesic to assist loading onto the ambulance. The gelding was ambulanced to his barn where the private veterinarian took radiographs. After consultation, the decision was made to euthanize the horse due to the severity of the injuries and a poor prognosis.”

“comminuted biaxial sesamoid fractures…large amount of hemorrhage and edema”; also: “ulceration of the squamous mucosa of the stomach”

Winning Impression was three; ’twas his 11th time under the whip.


  1. What is going on over in your country, I am heartbroken and appalled that so many are dying and so young, here in England we only have the occasional death.

    • An occasional death is unacceptable.
      Look at what happens at Aintree and Cheltenham with the abhorrently cruel steeplechase racing.

      • There were 3 in one day at ascot over hurdles a few days ago. Wouldn’t classify that as occasional.

        • Every time the Steeplechase runs the number of horses that started and the ones who finish do not equal each other. Either the non-finishers have not made it over the hurdles or were pulled up from any number of reasons.

          • Nancy , that damn steeplechase makes me want to vomit and pull my hair out. END steeplechase!!!!!!!!!!!, it is BARBARIC.

    • And do you have someone like Patrick who is actually researching and compiling ALL the horse deaths? No country has anything remotely resembling a clean racing record.

    • Muriel Briault,
      What is going on in the USA is, relatively speaking, the same thing that is happening in other countries that exploit horses for racing. The main difference is that Patrick Battuello reports a lot of the deaths of racehorses on this website for anyone with a smartphone, a tablet or a computer with an internet connection to read; anyone who happens to discover this blog exists, that is.
      One difference from the USA and other countries is that the USA no longer allows horses to be slaughtered in slaughterhouses in the USA. Horses are shipped to foreign countries to be slaughtered. In some countries such as Japan, Korea and France, it is part of their culture to eat horsemeat.
      If you had not read this report on this blog of a horse suffering and being killed by being exploited for horseracing, you most likely would not have a clue of this horse’s death or the numerous other horses being killed by racing participants and reported by Patrick Battuello on Horseracing Wrongs.
      It’s a matter of perception that you think USA kills more horses, if you have more of the facts of one country and not all of the facts in other countries, especially the country you live in.

    • We also have many deaths here in the UK….check the site Animal Aid, and then their Horse Death list, there’s deaths nearly every day and, like this site, they are named!!!!!

  2. Winning Impression,and Always Dreaming, BOTH owned by that corny Terry Finnley (West Point thoroughbreds), BOTH were found to have horrendous cases of ULCERS…just sayin. 🤔 a West Point grad…and this is the best you (Terry) could do with your life?

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