9 Dead at NYRA Tracks in Less Than Two Months

Prospect Mountain, training yesterday at Belmont: “colt sustained mid-body fractures while breezing…euthanized due to his injuries.” Prospect had been raced four times, all at Aqueduct. He died on his third birthday.

The New York Racing Association (NYRA), ever proud of its “safety record,” has now seen 9 horses perish at its tracks (Saratoga, obviously, is not active yet) in the not-even-two-month-old new year. Bigger picture: Since 2009, when the state began making these things public, 916 (that we know of) racehorses have died at the three NYRA tracks – an average of 76 per year. 21st Century America, or 1st Century Rome?

The 2021 NYRA Dead…so far

Sander’s Empire, Jan 1, Aqueduct R – “suffered an injury, euthanized on track”
Escape, Jan 1, Belmont T (euthanized Jan 3) – “collapsed while breezing”
All Mo, Jan 7, Belmont T – “open distal radial fracture”
Spy Story, Jan 8, Aqueduct R – “took bad steps”
Cerretalto, Jan 29, Belmont S – “colic…euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Oh My Papa, Feb 4, Belmont T – “suffered injuries while breezing”
Daytime Doll, Feb 6, Belmont T – “pulled up…euthanized on track”
Nisbet Beach, Feb 15, Aqueduct R – “fell heavily…euthanized on track”
Prospect Mountain, Feb 20, Belmont T – “sustained mid-body fractures”

End the subsidies. End the cruelty. End the killing. End horseracing.

Governor Cuomo
Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins
Assembly Speaker Heastie

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  1. What have they done with Grening, dammit? DRF must be tired of all his “vanned off” this, and “broke down” that, here a kill, there a kill, everywhere a kill, kills on Twitter.
    (Hope this doesn’t mean we have to go back to reading the actual charts and database to learn about all the NYRA death and destruction.)

  2. What is meant by “mid-body fractures” exactly? I don’t recall reading this terminology before this victimized young colt named PROSPECT MOUNTAIN was tortured to death by this vile gambling business. Horseracing is not cruelty-free! Horseracing cannot ever be made to be cruelty-free! Horseracing must end!!!!!!!!! Stop the everyday, routine torture to horses which inevitably turns out to be FATAL TO HORSES!!! Just stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s really hard to work with a politician, Gov. Cuomo, who is a paid puppet and mouthpiece for the horse racing industry.
    In fact, time and time again, he throws money to the “horsemen groups” to save their tracks like the most recent example being the decrepit hell hole for racehorses called Finger Lakes.
    In fact, all NY tracks only exist because they get billions in subsidies and handouts.
    Horse racing, for the most part, is a private enterprise business.
    Yet, it requires state public coffers, taxpayer and/or casino money to keep it going.
    Just look at what’s happened!
    Billions going to these mainly older white men to control and to dish out as they see fit.
    As we know, the racehorses get little to nothing from these people and who the hell are they anyways?
    Where’s their books? Whose auditing them?
    How in the hell can any state, politician or community justify giving this money to an antiquated business model that will never be financially self-reliant and will require billions in handouts for years to come in order to exist?
    Pro-racing groups have only one ace card that they continue to use: jobs, but this is yet another farce.
    The jobs are less than 1% in every single state where they receive this money and when these hell holes are torn down they will be replaced with much more lucrative deals for our communities.
    It’s long overdue to shutter this business down and begin legally legislating the “horsemen groups” to fork over their billions for racehorse aftercare and placement into homes when they stop being their voiceless victims.

  4. The horses are the “modern day” Gladiators of Ancient Rome.
    Makes me wonder if these people are evolving along with the rest of us. Racing is an unchecked outlet for some of the worst of human tendencies.
    The violence has to end.
    Cutting subsidies would be an effective start.

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