It’s Not Just the Ones Who Die

Last week…

Shinning Time Up “vanned off” at Louisiana
Gaultier “vanned off” at Mahoning
Everydayschristmas “vanned off” at Delta
Prince Arlo “vanned off” at Mahoning
Carouse “vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Todo Es Toro “vanned off” at Turf
Zoomin for Bucks “vanned off” at Turf
Opequon Dragonfly “vanned off” at Charles Town
Charged Ahead “returned bleeding” at Laurel
Westwood Proud “vanned off” at Mahoning
Pretty Chitu “observed to have bled from the mouth” at Tampa Bay
Rack Gin “bled” at Gulfstream

While not all the “vanned” end up dead, most do, as borne out by our year-end FOIA reports. But even if death is not the ultimate result, the above are victims nonetheless, suffering painful injuries – in the case of the bleeders, pulmonary hemorrhage – so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold. (For any new confirmed deaths during the week, please see our running annual list.)

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  1. Horseracing is CRUELTY to horses! This torture to horses for Pari-Mutuel betting must not be rewarded with any kind of financial support from our government.

    • Same here. But I will always read about them. All these horses deserve to be remembered as part of our fight to stop this shit show.

  2. Yes, Patrick, as you said, horses on the “vanned off” lists are victims of the horseracing industry…ALL racehorses are victims of this unnecessary industry.

    So, if these horses are not already dead from injuries, they’ll be the horses we see in killpens, at kill buyer-attended auctions, or on FB advertised as FREE or MAKE OFFER because the trainer needs the stall. Yea, you know, that’s what one does with their “beloved family member” who was made to WORK, risking limb and life, and was never promised a damn dime of their own “earnings” for “retirement” – much less a forever home! – when all used-up. Want some examples? Verbatim? – pick a day, any day, and you’ll see racehorses no longer wanted by their loving racing connections begging for help and for homes…

    -“This two year old thoroughbred gelding in TX is scheduled to ship to [slaughter] in the morning. He has an injured right knee.” (included is a photo of a severely swollen right knee)

    -“The Morning Guys, TB, DK B, G, foaled March 3, 2011. 79 races, 11 wins, 33 times hitting the board and 16 claims…everyone knows The Morning Guys…and he needs our help! [He] is searching for a permanent pasture type home…”

    -“Our local racetrack financial deal fell through. The [racing] owners were keeping their horses hoping for revenue. [Now that] will not happen. Meanwhile some horses are starving. We just received this one today (photos show an emaciated bay with an “embedded” halter). I know there are more starving horses we will be getting soon. We are already caring for 16 rescues. Please any financial help greatly needed.”

    -“Her race connections won’t give her a pasture pet home. Can anyone give her a good pasture pet home? I will waive her homing fee.”

    -“We have this just turned 3 year old that needs a new home. Only made one start which we claimed him from. Per vets x rays – he has an OCD in ankle along with arthritis.”

    -“Gorgeous 4 year old gelding, a bit body sore will need some let down time. [Update] – trainer just informed me racing one more time.” (posted 1-31 by RCG)

    -“Gorgeous boy, has chips in knee…” (posted 1-31 by RCG)

    -“Very cute 3 year old colt, a bit stiff behind, will need let down time…” (posted 1-31 by RCG)

    -“Handsome 4 year old gelding. Has chips in knee…” (posted 1-31 by RCG)

    -“Really cute and sweet 4 year old gelding. Has chips in knee…” (posted 1-31 by RCG)

    “Beautiful 4 year old filly. Injury to her ankle…” (posted 2-2 by RCG)

    “Gorgeous, almost 17 hands, 4 yr old filly. Knee has some remodeling…” (posted 2-1 by RCG)

    -“This big beautiful boy is looking for an experienced rehab home. Fractured his sesamoid 1/21. Vet says he needs 4 months to do any type of flat work but surgery could be done to bring him back to do more.”

    -“April Sugar, only 7, last raced 1/23/21…she is limping a little in the lot videos.” (found in a killpen)

    -“I have a big lovely Elusive Quality 2yo filly who is available for adoption. She is not unsound but does have arthritis in her knees…” (Gary Contessa)

    -“4 year old chestnut mare…she ran 2/4 and her connections would like to move her along. Her trainer needs the stall so she is free to good home…”

    -“Pint sized 4 year old…really cute filly. Connections say she tweaked an ankle in her last race…did not jog too bad…she just ran 2/5/21. She is free to good home…”

    There are many, many, many more…those I listed just scratch the surface. There are a number of individuals who are IN racing who have this handy side job of “finding new homes” for injured and/or “non-productive” racehorses. They crow about how many horses they place; one claims 500 a year. Now you tell me…how does a single individual follow-up on that many horses to ensure they are being cared for and safe? They don’t.

    Bred for racing. Used in racing. But not supported for life nor provided a forever home by racing.

    • Joy, do you know what they mean by “Knee has some remodeling…” other than it sounds evident that her knee was injured by racing and/or race training? Does it mean she had surgery on her knee? Or, is that not clear to anyone?
      I suspect they could have left this almost 17 hand 4-year-old filly to just suffer from an injury induced by racing and they don’t want to spend any money on her for surgery. I believe that they just want her gone in the quickest way possible without spending more money on her.
      How demented to say a horse’s knee has some remodeling… I know I can’t say what I’m thinking, so I won’t say it here.

      • Wanda, you’re correct in your assumption – due to the “rigors” of racing/training, her knee (at least one joint they are admitting to) endured the pounding, the concussion (that even some in racing admit to) and there’s been bone “breakdown” – the remodeling (simply put, new “bone growth” in an attempt to “repair”) is something that happens even in horses not subjected to racing wear and tear. But we can be pretty sure this horse, no longer wanted by her racing owner and “remodeling” mentioned in her sale ad, has some issue with (at least) that knee. But again, she’s just another racehorse who needs a home because her owner no longer wants her and/or can use her for his gain.

    • How disgusting is this, horses completely destroyed and discarded as young as two years old.

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