Last Night at Charles Town, Penn

The 5th at Charles Town last night for 4-year-old Mio’s Long Term: “MALETTA…lost his rider while jumping over MIO’S LONG TERM at the eighth pole, while the latter…suffered a fatal injury nearing the eighth pole and was euthanized on the track.” Last week, I reported on similar kills on back-to-back nights at Charles Town. So that makes (at least) three kills at this West Virginia track in a week.

The 4th at Penn last night for 2-year-old Jewel’sindian Girl: “JEWEL’SINDIAN GIRL…suffered a catastrophic injury after a quarter and fell.” ‘Twas just her second race.

This is horseracing. Every. Single. Day.

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  1. These fatal injuries in racehorses should raise the RED FLAGS for the HUMANE SOCIETY of the United States, but that group is CORRUPT as well. So, horseracing remains heartbreaking and DISGUSTING!!!!

    • Exactly Wanda!!!!!!!!! Where the HELL are ALL the animal protection agencies. This torture and death must be put down,and ENDED. No more killing. This is the most pure evil bullshit man has ever done to innocents. This SIN is going to be ERADICATED!!!!!!!!!

    • Nancy, that’s a valid question. I think they might be making sure the rendering company comes to pick the dead bodies up so that kind of “publicity” doesn’t happen again. It is not because they care about the horses, but rather to “hide the evidence” from the public.

  2. That poor baby 2yrs. old girl, shouldn’t have been anywhere near a racetrack! She RNA’d as a yearling at bottom basement price of 2,800. THERE were issues, OBVIOUSLY. Of course, none of them should be near a stupid racetrack. This bullshit is gonna go the way of greyhound racing. It is all morally bankrupt.

      • Nancy, early in the day, yesterday… I said to myself “horses are going to breakdown on these frozen tundra tracks!”. And, of course it happened,just like I KNEW it would. It is sooooo senseless!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pressure legislators and governors, especially if you’re in a state with racing, and most especially in a state that subsidizes racing (which is most of them). Cite data from our site; tell them that horseracing is an archaic gambling business that exploits, abuses, and kills sentient beings inherently. It cannot be fixed or reformed. It must go.

      “How to Contact Your Elected Officials”:
      Where the tracks are (and whether they are subsidized):

      • Patrick, thanks for this post. Writing our elected officials is an important component of ending horse racing. PLEASE write Gov. Wolfe of Pennsylvania everyone! He’s just introduced a Bill to STOP all subsidies to horse racing there (about 300 million per tear?) and divert them into education. He’s one of the few politicians who rightfully realizes that this is a total waste of money.

  3. Getting it passed through the heavily majority Republican legislature…. is a whole other kettle of fish. It won’t be easy,that’s for sure. BUT…it’s worth fighting for!

    • Right, Bonnie. Anything that comes up as a tie-vote can be broken by our new VP. It would be so awesome to get legislation passed that would honestly protect horses from this barbaric activity that causes so much pain, suffering and death to horses!!! Abusive, inhumane treatment of horses should be recognized as a FELONY CRIME and punishable as such!!!!

      • Wanda, I was referring to Governor Tom Wolf and his Pa. state legislature, not u.s. congress.

        • 🙏 I hope that the Pennsylvania state legislature will be sympathetic to the suffering of animals, especially horses exploited for racing. I guess that is a big “IF” but there’s no question that the money belongs to all of the people and not just the people engaged in the business of feeding, breeding and racing (and killing) horses for racing.

  4. West Virginia horse racing wouldn’t exist if it didn’t get casino subsidies.
    It would have shut down long ago.
    The obscene and undeserved amounts of money that the “horsemen groups” (AKA HBPA) get needs to stop.
    It does nothing for the racehorses, but only exacerbates the abuse and dying as seen with MALETTA, MIO’S LONG TERM AND JEWEL’SINDIAN GIRL – absolutely heartbreaking.
    This past week there were about 50 racehorses that ended up at kill pens including SPARKY SPARKLES who made their owner over $140,000 and the owner sent him to the Thompson Kill pen knowing full well what could potentially happen.
    Moments ago he was saved from a horrible fate and the people who saved him had nothing to do with his exploitation as per usual, but many are on their way down to Mexico to be met with a knife into the back of their spine repeatedly until they drop dead.
    This is the sad truth behind this killing business called horse racing.

    • What is the percentage of horses bred for racing that end up going to a slaughterhouse? I think it is roughly 80% but I don’t know how accurate that figure is. I think it is common knowledge that a lot of horses go to slaughter that were not even raced.
      In a video made about the Thoroughbreds in Australia, they showed a bunch of weanling Thoroughbreds in a pen that were said to be in a kill pen at a slaughterhouse (except they used the Australian word for it). I don’t know how anyone could send even one baby colt or filly to death like that, but the Thoroughbred breeders (in any country) evidently are heartless like that!!!!

        • People who work in abattoirs/ slaughterhouses are subject to experiencing traumatic stress. It’s called PITS/ Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress. There is a well-written article online about this. It’s called “The Green Stars Project, The Social Impact of the Meat Industry” and I highly recommend it for anyone to read!!! (P.S. I think the same type of stress disorder could happen to a lot of people in the horseracing industry!)

    • It needs to be shouted from the rooftops nonstop….that the money the people NEED, is instead going to F’n TORTURING innocent animals (SICK). The people need to be EDUCATED.

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