Horse Snaps Leg Training, Screwed Back Together; Next Race Out – Dead

In the 4th at Churchill October 31, Sir Winsalot was a “pulled up, vanned off.” We now know that he was euthanized back in the barn. According to the Racing Commission, he suffered a “comminuted fracture of the first phalanx [with] a large amount of hemorrhage in the fetlock and pastern.” Also noted was a “healed fracture secured with lag screws.” Yes, that’s right, apparently this poor animal broke his cannon while training in 2019 – a break that required surgery and the aforementioned “lag screws.” This was his first race back since – over a year. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Horseracing.

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  1. The cruelty of the participants in horse racing knows no boundaries. It is unimaginable to do such barbaric things to horses as the owners and trainers (and others) of Thoroughbreds do on a daily basis. This evil cruelty needs to be reported on continually so that more and more people can see for themselves that horseracing itself is WRONG and that all participants who actively engage in this barbaric NON-ESSENTIAL ACTIVITY/ ABUSE can be seen as what they are: animal abusers!!!!!!!!

    • The apologists will state that the surgical repair of his cannon bone back in 2019 is a testament to how “well” these horses are treated! That is how twisted their thinking is! How brainwashed and deceived by the racing industry they are!

      • Yes,it should’ve been repaired and then Sir Winsalot should’ve been humanely retired on a farm.

  2. Unfortunately no one in the horse business was looking out for this horse.This was the ultimate act of greed and abuse. It was also the ultimate act of negligence on the part of the vet that performed the first surgery and the Kentucky racing commission who should be looking out and overseeing situations of negligence and abuse on horses who are forced into competition as Sir Winsalot. Was there any legitimate reason that this horse was forced to continue as a competitive racehorse knowing full well he would not be up to competing at his previous level.Anyone in the business would know this horse was on his way down and out. They didn’t have the moral decency to retire him.God forbid they should spend the money to fix him,then retire him.No they had to try to recoupe their money they spent on the surgery. This is a failure of the entire industry and a self evident “EXPOSE” of these people who claim to love their horses. Well, how do these people like Sir Winsalot, well-done,medium,medium rear,rear or “BLOODY”. If someone can name the name of the trainer,the owners,the vet who performed the first surgery and the vet and race officials that allowed this horse to race again,will you please do the research to let us know. If I don’t see a response to my request from others on this site,I will get on it.

    • SIR WINSALOT was foaled April 20, 2017 as a KENTUCKY-BRED. He is listed on Equibase as a GELDING. He has an auction record of having been sold at two different sales. His last listed “Trainer” was Kenneth G. McPeek. His last listed “Owner/s” are Tommie M. Lewis, Magdalena Racing (Sherri McPeek).
      I don’t have any information about who did the surgery. I am guessing that those types of records might not be available to the “public” but I’m not the expert in doing that type of research.
      Good luck in your search!

  3. That is so disgusting, this animal should’ve never ever been racing. Love like family, BS. This is criminal.

  4. To all the guilty involved,don’t you think it might be a smart law to pass.Any horse engaging any injury involving surgery to the extent that bones need surgical hardware to mend the break,fracture or snapping to repair it,maybe that horse should be considered for retirement. Under…..let’s just call it the SIR WINSALOT’S MERCY LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think that people such as Ken McPeek,his wife Sherri, (Magdalena Stable) and TOMMY LEWIS. Are obligated to step up and show us,the public that their is an ounce of humanity in this business. Please step up.And this is a very small step but it’s a step in the right direction. The only people that can encourage a change in this business are people like the McPeeks with some stature in the business. All this complaining and pressure from animal rights groups are not getting much accomplished,except pissing into the wind, I think both sides can agree there needs to be changes,but in any argument no one wants to admit to wrongdoing.So let’s try to put the hostile fight aside,because racing in the major markets are never going to disappear in our lifetime. So let’s try to make this (Sport/business)a bit more humane. Thank You,Sophie D

    • Sorry, Sophie. I wholeheartedly disagree with this comment, which is why I follow Horseracing Wrongs — and not the reform-minded groups like HSUS, PETA, and most others. They’re all hopelessly naive (or worse) in their acceptance of, and even advocacy for, this industry. Fact is, this sick game cannot be made humane; not even by a little bit.
      And, what’s with the “never going to disappear” in the major markets? Where do you think this long-overdue abolition is going to start? Certainly not in the shitty little backwoods boondocks tracks that don’t even keep racehorse death records. In California, the process is already underway; when it’s put to a vote of the people, racing folks don’t stand a chance. Then, most of the other animal racing states will fall like dominoes. Doubt me? Two words: Florida. Greyhounds.

      Bye bye, blood sport! Y’all can go join your cohorts in the dustbin of animal abuse history:)

      • Kellyif there is a demise of racing it will start with the smaller tracks without casinos. The major first flight tracks that support the triple crown races in my opinion will be around for long,long time.Those tracks and the tracks that hold the prep races for the triple crown races will survive. They may make changes to try to show they are changing but those changes will be meaningless. There is just to much money and corruption that goes all the way to the top ( those in control of making the laws ) will make sure the wheels stay greased just like their pockets. Kelly,I honestly believe their is no way you can compare greyhounds and dog racing to top flight thoroughbred racetracks. The money to be had is incomparable,the people are more powerful,it’s all different.They can’t be compared.

      • Dear Kelly,I enjoy your one track minded enthusiasm but you’re entitled to your naive dreams.I also would like to see the end of this abuse. There once was a horse named Saratoga Snacks racing the NYRA circuit trained by,Gary Sciacca and owned by Bill Parcells,August Dawn Stable. This horse was the earner of $500,000 dollars. After injuring three separate leg bones,each leg requiring its own set of hardware to hold the bones together in order to produce fusion. After three fractured legs,these two” PIGS” were trying to get him back to the races.He had one good leg left. Sciacca,Parcells and the New York Gaming Commission were all going to let it happen. I knew of the situation and fought for his retirement and it happened,Saratoga Snacks was retired to a farm. Why did it take threats and bringing the issue into the public light. We need to have transparency of these situations so we can respond accordingly. The Feds involvement is the first step to transparency,so the proper action can be taken. Without the Feds,all these cases, such as Saratoga Snacks will turn into abusive situations and “CATASTROPHIC BREAKDOWNS”.Dear Kelly I hope this shines a light on how to deal with this problem,that is not going away anytime soon.

        • Sophie, are you concerned that not only participants in horseracing (and the everyday abuse that is involved inherently) are able to get away with egregious abuses of horses, but also that the HSUS does not care that horses (or chimpanzees) are treated INHUMANELY??? Does it bother you at all that the HSUS is actively engaged in animal abuse and yet at the same time takes money from the public??? Does it bother you that they call their organization the HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES but they actively engage in INHUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS, especially chimpanzees AND they actively allow the EGREGIOUS ABUSES OF RACEHORSES???

    • Sophie D,
      WHAT PART OF “REFORM IS A LIE” CAN YOU NOT COMPREHEND??? Look at the KILL LISTS starting with 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Note the names of the horses, the types of injuries, the names of the racetracks that facilitated the venue for the barbaric abuse and killing of all of the horses listed. So far this year, the industry is on track to injure and kill just as many innocent horses in 2021 as in each previous year listed on this blog.
      If you want to make the effort, you can Google every horse’s name and some of them will show up on Equibase. Some of the names might have been scrubbed or deleted from their website. You can see the names of the jockeys, trainers, owners, breeders, and other information on the horses. If you’re not overwhelmed, you’re not making the effort to do the research. This heinous abuse of racehorses is not going to go away magically while racing is allowed to continue!!!! You can name the owners and the trainers all day long and that’s fine, but it isn’t going to deter them from their demented abuse of horses!!! The only thing that can stop these sick, sadistic f****** from causing horrendous pain and injuries to horses is to dry up the sources of money that funds this whole vile business.

      • Wanda,the are so many changes that can be made to this bad side of the game. The abuse can be curtailed. The list is way too long to discuss here. But the first step is to detach the corrupt state government from having control.Until the Feds get involved in controlling and overseeing Horseracing nothing will change much. The Feds have to have total control and develop a competent equine force.To become expert in equine oversight. One simple change would be a step that most racetracks would object to,is to have federal vets. exam horses after their race. This is when most physical ailments will be detected. This pre-race vet exam that has been in practice forever is bullshit,on race day.This is just one change that can be made.

        • Again, “REFORM IS A LIE” and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has proven the case against certain people who were using adulterated and mislabeled drugs. That is not even half of the multitude of abuses that have been inflicted upon horses exploited for racing.
          How about this for a Federal law?
          1) ALL RACEHORSE ABUSERS (Owners, Trainers, Racing Secretaries, EVERYONE CONNECTED TO RACING) shall be locked up in a small room for 23 hours a day, and only let out one-hour a day to be forced to do physically exhausting work, AND
          2) ALL RACEHORSES locked up in stalls shall be released into well-kept pastures or paddocks with safe and appropriate fencing and left alone long enough to enjoy their lives. Of course, there’s more…!!!
          *I continue to condemn the everyday routine abuse and neglect that all RACE HORSES are subject to everyday until they are killed or rescued. Statistics show that many more horses are killed than rescued.
          *I continue to want the people who commit acts of INHUMANE TREATMENT of RACEHORSES ON A DAILY BASIS to be severely punished, NOT REWARDED!!!!!!!!

        • Your statement implies there is a good side to this “game” and there is none. I also find your choice of words disturbing: this game. Sentient creatures are being intentionally exploited, abused, and killed. This is NOT a game, this is not a sport, this is not a proud tradition. This is pain, abuse, and death, often in horrific and violent ways on a DAILY basis. You cannot make evil “less evil” and try to call it good.

    • Sophie D – STOP RATIONALIZING for this utterly disgusting, vile, and unacceptable killing business.
      I’ve had transactions with both Ken and Sherry McPeek.
      They are like every other horse racing apologist and they have a long list of racehorses who died under their care and custody.
      Back around 2005? the McPeek’s went down to Florida with a string of racehorses and they sub-leased their Keeneland stalls to a KNOWN racehorse cruel and neglectful owner.
      I was there at the time and the racehorses in those stalls were STARVING.
      Both myself and others put calls into Ken and Sherry who deliberately ignored the plight of about 20 racehorses who were obviously starving and enduring inhumane treatment.
      Keeneland, of course, was well aware as well and did NOTHING about it.
      Furthermore, one of my Exercise Riders came over from Ireland and worked for them while he was getting his Permanent Status in the USA.
      He said he was treated like a slave and the Mexican Labor worse.
      They all were forced to sleep up in the hayloft because they never had money from their hard earned labor.
      He said he RARELY got paid and he was working 7 days per week about 12 hours per day.
      He was getting on as many as 12 – 15 racehorses per day.
      He did get his card and by that time he was owed about $12,000 in earned labor.
      He went back to the farm, and I was in the car as a witness, and he walked right up to Ken McPeek and he demanded his money.
      Ken pretended like he didn’t even know him and he NEVER got paid.
      He was not the only one.
      Ken and Sherry exploit labor on their Kentucky farm for years and how would you like to work those hours, risking your life for NO PAY?
      Some example right?
      Both Ken and Sherry are damn lucky that those poor exploited labor stable help doesn’t have the money to hire attorneys and sue them from here to Kingdom Come because I sure as hell would.
      “All this complaining and pressure from animal rights groups are not getting much accomplished, except pissing into the wind, I think both sides can agree there needs to be changes, but in any argument no one wants to admit to wrongdoing”
      You categorize animal rights activists as “complaining” when it’s actually exposing the facts, the truth about this ugly morally-deprived business.
      There are NO changes that could stop the widespread pain, suffering, crippling, doping, dumping and dying of racehorses so get out of your delusional bubble.

      • The Federal Government,with an equine trained oversight department. Get the corrupt states out of this business. If there was a realistic way to stop this game GREAT! No chance…

  6. *For these racehorses, horseracing needs to end, period!!!! ‘SIR WINASALOT’ did not deserve this..

    • If there was a federal law regarding mandatory retirement for any racehorse that needed surgery requiring hardware to hold the bones and fusion. This horse automatically becomes retired with Federal Oversight.

  7. Oh, and speaking of sending injured young horses out to die: Turf Pairo’Deaths did quite a number on a pricey (well, pricey for that desert dump) 2-year-old in today’s first. They’ll say he is (was?) a 3-year-old, but they lie. His history is exactly what you’d expect it to be: losses and a layup, followed by immediate disaster.
    *I just asked TPD spokesperson on Twitter about his condition. I’ll keep y’all updated on any courteous replies;)

    • Kelly, what is the colt’s name? I don’t expect there to be any replies at all except from someone who knows about as much as you do, but does not know any more than you do.

      • Skarboni. And you’ve said you’re not on Twitter, but sometimes I do actually get meaningful replies. (Okay, it’s rare. Mainly, they look at my tweet history, then block me, LOL.)

        • You’re right, Kelly. I’m not on Twitter. But, I asked you-know-who on the Paulick Report about CARAMEL LATTE. Two people commented, but I really did not get an answer to my question. Is she dead or alive? I got complete silence from “the big man” himself.

      • I found the colt’s name: SKARBONI. He fell, was vanned off; DNF. He is listed as a GELDING.

  8. Gina, according to your comment and this report of injuries and death of SIR WINSALOT, the McPeek duo of racing participants have treated both human labor and equines as slaves in a very abusive and neglectful way, but not by accident. Their willful exploitation is now, and was then, on purpose. Their actions were willful and deliberate before 2010 and the same abuse and neglect by the McPeek duo has gone seemingly unchecked by the stewards and others who are supposed to be “protecting” racehorses. No horse is safe in this vile industry. The horses need people of sound minds to grasp the reality of the various cruelties in the horseracing/ Pari-Mutuel WAGERING industry/industries and there is no room for denial or delusional thoughts. 💔
    This vile depravity of abusing horses as a matter of routine is unacceptable!!!!!!

  9. These horses don’t have the bone strength to endure this crap. Too much suffering, this shit needs to end.

  10. why isnt this illegal and subject to arrest? Its animal abuse . How can any sane person think this would work? Its amazing the leg could be repaired to even be somewhat functional let alone safe for racing brutality. .LAWS MUST BE CHANGED TO MAKE THIS BS ILLEGAL!!!

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