“Euthanized on Track” at Charles Town – Again; Any Regrets, Fans?

Don’tmesswithbull’s run in the 5th at Charles Town last night, as relayed by Equibase: “chased the pace while looking for a clear path, but suffered a fatal injury and was taken to the outside into the turn, then euthanized on the track.” Does this sound familiar? It should, for I reported the exact same thing, at that same track just yesterday. Odds are pretty good that some of the same “fans” were there both nights. It is a certainty that multiple of the same people bet on Charles Town races both nights. Do you think any of them suffer from pangs of regret after watching two of these beautiful animals get killed right there in plain view on back-to-back nights? I wonder. Don’tmesswithbull was four; this was his 4th time under the whip.

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  2. It just never ends in the horseracing industry, whether it be in the USA, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, France, Korea, New Zealand, etc., etc.
    Innocent horses breaking down and dying sickeningly cruel inhumane deaths.
    How can our 21st century society allow this to continue to happen ?

  3. Anybody who financially supports, participates or facilitates the horse racing business has to be demented, abusive, and a masochist.
    I don’t need a psychology degree to know this.
    To repeatedly watch racehorses suffer and die is sick, sick, sick.
    Then there are Trainers who have a long list of racehorses dropping dead only to go back and do it again.
    Then our politicians who continue to financially feed this massacre with public coffers or money from casino profits that should be going to our communities!
    Whether Charles Town or Santa Anita and everything in between – all tracks are killing rings for racehorses.

  4. As a bettor it’s always hard to watch , but as in any sport athletes get injured. You just have to shake it off and proceed to the next race.

    • Go gambol on other sports where the participants have the ability to consent! As a former groom / rider we finally became disgusted having to hold so many dying or severely injured horses in our arms on the track or later when “vanned off “to the backside. With sports betting now legal in many areas place your wagers on consenting participants & leave the horses out of the gamboling games.After all as a very good well trained English jockey told us 35 years ago, Racing is a crooked , crummy, gamboling game”.

    • NO! YOU DON’T JUST HAVE TO SHAKE IT OFF AND PROCEED TO THE NEXT RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your name appears to be an abbreviation of DeGenerate, DeGen gambler. Your statement defending the financial support through gambling bets of a so-called sport that is based on ABUSE OF HORSES reveals your character, or lack of it. Horseracing is a business that forces a horse (thousands of horses) to be confined in a stall 23 hours a day. That is totally abuse!
      As if that isn’t enough abuse, the horses are forced to run faster and farther on a racetrack than is normal for horses, even Thoroughbreds!!! All of this while being whipped, and sometimes shocked with a small hand-held electrical device by the jockey, and carrying the weight of this whip-wielding animal ABUSER!!!
      It takes a demented, abusive and MASOCHISTIC person (as Gina stated) to support this degenerate gambling game that depends on the horses being forced by abusive methods to perform!!! Of course, in case you haven’t heard, the horses are suffering painful injuries that are masked by pain-killings drugs. These drugs cause ULCERS. You can’t see how many ulcers each horse may have from the bleachers. How many gamblers care about that??? There are the Performance Enhancing Drugs to “aid in fixing the order of finish” of a race. It’s a dirty game and anyone who knowingly supports this degenerate and cruel abuse of horses is absolutely FOOLISH to put it mildly!!!

    • It’s not always hard to watch, now is it, “DeGen”? Many times, these horse death horrors are cause for outright celebration, aren’t they?
      Go ahead, you can admit it: When the favorite goes down, as in this case, there’s always a shitload of old die-hards (like yourself, I suspect) who actually CHEER — some silently, only to themselves, but many openly crowing about their good fortune — that their all-important wager came in as a result. Nice “sport” you got there.

      • No, we cringe. We cry. No one celebrates death in the racing industry. But this site celebrates death- just eager to add another kill to the stats.

        • Sorry, Mr. Hallard. I spent too many years witnessing first-hand exactly the situation(s) I described above. But I do tend to believe you when you say that those WITHIN the industry don’t celebrate the many deaths. It’s your so-called fans who do the cheering. And it’s much to your chagrin, I’m sure.
          If only you could find a way to keep them silent during these gleeful moments — because you’ll never keep us silent;)

          • I have never seen one fan at a track cheer a horse being injured or worse in my hundreds of trips to the track. Shame on them if they have.

        • You mf’r Ben. Why do you keep putting them in peril of losing their life? You scumbag….who can’t get a REAL JOB. You loser excuse of a man. You couldn’t cut it in the real world. The horses are ABUSED. I’d like to see you spend 23 hours a day locked in a tiny stall, you creep.

        • Why is there an “industry” that creates “death stats” in the first place, Mr. Hallard? Why is death even acceptable in the first place?
          Degen, I have seen comments on
          Twitter from gamblers who indeed were celebrating that a horse was injured so that the horse they bet on could then go on to win. Your sentiment of horses dying racing is the same attitude I encountered from 99.9% of the people in the racing business, so I appreciate you actually putting that sentiment to word and posting it here.
          People like Degen or Hallard are not the ones that will one day see the light and realize how incredibly wrong the racing business is. This is not the audience or the group of people we need to enlighten. We can strongly hope they would one day change their thought processes, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It’s the people that are not involved in betting or racing, the ones that are innocent to what racing reality is, that need to be educated. The others are too enmeshed in their addictions and way of life to disagree with it.

        • You CRINGE? – you poor fella. If I had to “cringe” and “cry” as much as the folks in this unnecessary industry do – with all the horse deaths adding to those kill stats you mentioned – I’d find another job.

          Then just this – it doesn’t matter which site reports all the racehorse killing, does it – one that “celebrates” horse deaths as you say we do or one with readers that cringe and cry – the horses are just as dead. SO typical of an apologist…attack the messenger because you cannot argue the message. NP – 20 years of picking up and caring for this industry’s crippled horses grows for us a very thick skin.

        • “No one celebrates death in the racing industry.”
          YES THEY DO.
          I’ve stood at the rail, as a former industry insider, and directly witnessed, on many occasions, owners and/or trainers celebrate their racehorse dying.
          In fact, these same people actually complained that they would get a “van-off” bill in their horsemen’s account.
          I’ve heard such phrases as “good to get rid of that rat,” or “that filly deserved it she did nothing but cost us money and didn’t even break even.”
          I witnessed a filly, during training hours, run through the rail snap both legs-off, drop and die with blood gushing out of every single crevice.
          It just so happened that I was about 10 feet from where she dropped and I saw it all.
          Then the 2 guys that owned her and shipped her in that morning (I never got her name because training deaths were not listed at that time) came over and laughed and said this: “I guess that dope isn’t working very well for her.”
          There was every indication, almost every morning during training hours, that certain owners and/or trainers were using dope and other cruelty methods to see if it works before they would use it in a race.
          They all knew that there was little to no scrutiny during training hours and they also knew that there was no public there during training hours and if things went wrong it wouldn’t get reported.
          It was a perfect opportunity to “celebrate” the death of a racehorse that they didn’t want or care for because they weren’t making money from the horse and wanted to go to the claiming box to claim another one for another round of abuse and/or dying.
          There were comments that strongly indicated that they knew the horse had a fracture from the race before and sent them out to die so that they didn’t have to deal with vet bills.
          Finally, you deliberately deflect racehorses dying to HRW stating that us supporters celebrate death.
          You have your nerve.
          There would be no deaths if it wasn’t for this vile industry and that’s something that supporters here would definitely celebrate while horse racing apologists like you would get upset when a track closes, when racehorses are no longer going to be abused, exploited, doped, dumped and killed.

        • Absolutely, shame on them. But even more, SHAME ON HORSE RACING itself, for forcing animals to suffer and die for the greedy and the addicted.
          At some point, I’ll recount some of my experiences with these long-term fans (bettors). I had assumed you’re not one of them, but rather, employed within the industry, and trying to stifle some of their sicker outbursts.
          So, thanks for the half-assed denial, but I assure you, there’s out-and-out elation from a few (or many) regulars when they establish that they “didn’t have” the stricken horse. It is absolutely inevitable, and absolutely ugly.

        • See my reply, above, please. As much as I’d like to expound on this issue right now, I’ve got to check out for a while. Maybe someone else will engage with you, Mr. “Gambler”?

        • Dear DeGen gambler,
          Will you consider putting your money, $2.00 at a time, towards the rescue efforts of people who do not make a living exploiting horses for racing/wagering, but rather they save horses from the horrendous abuse and neglect of racing and slaughter?

        • Hey DeGen….you literally have a trillion other things to gamble on. Go bet on people who have a choice to participate or not. I swear I can’t stand you lazy pieces of s***.

        • You sound exactly like the owners of these DEAD horses who so obviously proclaim to ‘love their horses like family’ yea right, NO they love the winning and the glory even more, they even love the fact that they can probably claim insurance on their ‘beloved horses’ or even slaughterhouse fees….oh and as an added bonus, they don’t have to worry about feeding the DEA horse or any vet bill, so its win/win for them, saving even more money. Still what do you care, just as long as you can place your bet, cheer when you win and bugga any horse that died……

    • The fact that you can “shake it off and proceed to the next race” gives me a frightening insight into your moral character, or lack thereof. Any person who can watch a sentient being suffer the types of horrors these racehorses endure and then be able to disregard it is a truly soulless individual.

  5. Animals and, in some cases, children get abused in activities (NON-ESSENTIAL) that are referred to as “sports.” Horseracing is one of the NON-ESSENTIAL ACTIVITIES. These non-essential activities, also referred to as sports, involve abuse. People need to stand up and speak up against so-called “sports” that engage in the abuse of the animals and children who are forced to compete. Would you just “shake it off” if you saw a full-grown man punching a nine-year-old boy in the head twice, knocking the child to the ground the second time??? Well, he lost his “job” as coach of the football team (junior league) and he also was fired from his paid job in a detention center. This is how crimes against horses should be taken; seriously. Animal abuse should always be taken seriously!!!!

  6. The differences between bullfighting and horseracing continue to evaporate. Both are evil and cruel. And anyone with any compassion could not possible participate in either bloodsport.

    • Anyone who had witnessed poor Gray filly Eight Belles go down crossing the finish line at the stupid Kentucky Derby….if they were normal, would have said Oh Hell No…never again. That was the most heartbreaking TRAGEDY. These assholes are not normal in any sense of the word,they are putting their craven evil,selfish desires before what is right and moral. KARMA….it’s a bitch.

  7. Aside from Gina ‘s testimony please refer to the undercover videos from a baldilocks asst trainer take on “rats” and drugs etc.use at the barn. If that is not enough, refer to a well known jock laughing about the electric shock device on tape. If some think that HRW is just bunch of us looking for cause to spend our time THINK AGAIN pal.

    • Yes, Nancy, I would like to add that the well-known jockey’s name is GARY STEVENS who rode racehorses for D. Wayne Lucas. I saw the undercover video of the discussion of the unbelievable cruelty that these people, who say they “love” horses and/or “love” to ride, inflicted on their innocent victims, the horses.
      For anyone who bets on horses and didn’t know just how cruel the owners, trainers and jockeys are to the horses they profess to love, these undercover videos are definitely an eye-opener!!!!

    • Thanks for that stark reminder Nancy – the PETA video finally captured what these so-called racehorse “lovers” really feel when the cameras are not rolling – or when they don’t know that a camera is rolling.
      For so many years people like me, and others stated our claims, our testimony to this talk only to be denied and completely rebuffed by the horse racing industry because they said I made it up and that there was no evidence.
      The modus operandi of large profit making business ventures that exploits animals, in this case racehorses, is to discredit the insiders who spill the beans.
      They will dig up dirt on them, go into their past, and humiliate them beyond belief to convince the public that they are disgruntled former employees that have a grudge.
      Anything to distract from the truth.
      They did a number of things to me at Woodbine and Ft. Erie, but I won’t waste my time giving it any recognition.
      I would rather spend my time exposing them for the delusional parasites that they all are.

      • Yes, Gina and Nancy, and all: many thanks from those of us who never worked DIRECTLY on the tracks, but were made to participate in racing’s disgusting, horse-killing code of silence nonetheless. As you can tell from the replies from “Ben & DeGen” (ha ha), the whole industry is still very much in defense mode:
        “Racing doesn’t kill horses! Okay, it does, but not as many as you say, and we get all weepy and sad on the super-rare occasions when it happens. Well, most of us do, anyway. Um, except those who make money at the window when a horse goes down. But, really, we’re crying on the inside, can’t you tell? Here, I’ll prove it by showing you all my winning tickets that I’ve refused to cash in over the years, because that blood money was generated directly through breakdowns; I don’t want any part of that, no sir!…Hmmmm, gosh, now where did I put all those uncashed tickets?”

      • And yet, even with the release of that video, PETA and so many other animal welfare organizations still refuse to acknowledge that horse racing is abuse and exploitation on an absolutely disgusting scale. Which is why none of them will get one cent from me.

  8. Ben Hallard, you and others will continue to have plenty of opportunities to “cringe and cry” as long as racing continues.
    And do you “cringe and cry” for all the discarded used up horses from the racing industry standing in kill pens all over the country waiting to be loaded on to the slaughter bound trucks ?!

    • There is another bunch of videos about “where racehorses go to retire” and, of course, it isn’t just racehorses that are sold into the slaughter pipeline and end up in killpens and slaughterhouses.
      Ben & DeGen ought to know about these realities for horses. This method of disposal of so-called “unwanted horses” happens in many countries.

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