Mare Killed at Charles Town Last Night

The 3rd at Charles Town last night, as relayed by Equibase: “VENETIAN DRIVE was fatally injured shortly after the start and had to be euthanized on the track.” She was five, and this was her 16th time under the whip. Tellingly, in her penultimate race, January 6, she finished 32+ lengths back. Also, nearly two years into her “career,” she was still being raced at the “maiden claiming” level (had yet to “win”) and cheaply at that (“For Sale” at $4,500 prior to dying last night). Owner/trainer, Donovan Raymond.

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  1. Disgusting!!!!!! Revolting!!!!!! Repulsive!!!!!! Horseracing sucks!!!!!!!! Donovan Raymond, the owner, trainer, killer of an innocent mare that didn’t deserve this barbaric abuse should hang his head in shame!!!!! Horseracing must be ended!!!!

  2. Replay..jockey went down hard and the poor horse hobbled over to the right. While this played out, the coveted Eclipse awards were in full swing with adulation for those involved with the industry. The best part was showing the TLC the beloved family members get when not doing what they love getting their bath and running in open paddocks.
    I coulx not

    • I could not help but wondering as the interviewers were giving their song and dance with the famous horses standing behind,the horses were acting like they did not like standing there
      OR maybe they were saying to us Bull dingy to this😐

  3. Now see this is what I don’t understand….this poor baby girl catastrophically broke down shortly after leaving the gate FTW? How the hell did she pass the vet check,if she basically broke down immediately? This is Animal Abuse pure and simple. I cannot take how diabolically evil these assholes are.

  4. Clearly they sent her to her death without even batting an eye. The adulation for the excrements of this industry while this poor baby is being “humanely” euthanized…the contrast…is sickening!!!!

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