Aqueduct Rings In the New Year – With (What Else?) a Kill

The 4th at Aqueduct this afternoon (about an hour ago): “SANDER’S EMPIRE…was near the rear of the field, got guided [sic] the outside the rider sensing something amiss, suffered an injury nearing the six furlong marker and was quickly protected and expertly pulled up but was subsequently euthanized on track.” “Quickly protected and expertly pulled up” – yes, that’s right, plaudits for the jockey. Sander’s Empire was four and under the whip for the 29th time. She becomes the first kill of 2021.

This, as ever, is horseracing.

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    • Let’s see, he checks all the boxes:

      1. Older (at five whole years of age, SIX if you buy into the Jockey Club Fake Birthday Deception, so he’s practically an octogenarian in racehorse terms.
      2. A gelding, so no financial (nor any other) reason to keep him alive and burning through hay.
      3. “Trained” by an Englehart. Enough said.

      So, NOPE, I think it’s safe to say that We Should Talk is definitely NOT okay:(

      • The first thing I saw is that he’s an Engelhart horse, so I’m not confident he’s OK. Twitter folk are saying “it didn’t look good”, so I’m guessing the Engelharts will have the honor of the 1st racing kill in 2021.

    • Chestnut colt, broke his maiden first time out,with a 90 Plus speed figure. Was owned at one point by Michael Dubb, probably suffered gelded (we know how that goes). Probably, raced with injuries til today, when, well you see what ALWAYS happens. This baby boy showed mega talent from word go..but,alas killed because still forced to run with injuries. What they put these dear sweet souls through. Sick.

  1. Expertly what??? This horse, SANDER’S EMPIRE, was “expertly” abused to death in a vile business for money! The industry-speak says the horse was “protected” and “pulled up” so the humans in this vile business have their rear-ends covered, they think. These horseracing industry people have quickly and expertly made themselves despicable all over again. If the jockey had continued to whip this horse, what would they say? Expertly whipped or continued coaxing, encouragement non-stop… All of these descriptions are demented and vile knowing what is really going on here.
    SANDER’S EMPIRE was foaled on May 6, 2016 which makes her a 4-year-old filly. As most of you know, she became considered a 5-year-old mare as of the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2021 because of the Thoroughbred industry “rules” regarding age of horses. This industry doesn’t deserve respect.

  2. “Expertly protected…”humanely euthanized” indeed these people in the horse racing industry are such good souls!! How could we ever think otherwise??? Shameless excrements! All of them! RIP Sander’s Empire.

  3. Sander’s Empire, was raced too frequently!!!!! No wonder the poor baby girl broke down. What a sad end to a sad life. All of these animals are being tortured…because they should be together, to live a normal life (HERD). This is a TOTALLY unnatural life,forced upon them, by GREED.

  4. God how I LOATHE this industry — every day another brutal INJURY along with another horrific DEATH — whose entertainment is this? — using, exploiting, abusing, tormenting HORSES — the depraved indifference to the Animals — the hate & disrespect of Horses — SHUT DOWN HORSERACING — FOREVER.

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