Fatally Injured Horse (Double Fracture) Forced to “Gallop Out Past the Wire”

The Equibase line for Hit It Once More in the 10th at Aqueduct yesterday: “HIT IT ONCE MORE…got put to coaxing at the three-eighths…was under light handling when bobbling heavily just outside the sixteenth pole, hobbled injured through to the finish the rider paused, then continued to gallop out a sixteenth past the wire before losing the rider then jogged off to the midway point on the clubhouse turn in distress before being apprehended by the outrider and was subsequently vanned off.”

Lots to unpack here, but first things first: Hit It Once More (below) is dead, euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, for a double fracture. Now, back to the chart. In quick succession, this horse was whipped (“put to coaxing”), was showing signs of injury (“bobbling heavily”), was definitely injured (“hobbled injured”), and was forced to continue running while injured – after, that is, the jockey apparently considered his options (“rider paused, then continued to gallop out a sixteenth past the wire”). “In distress,” “vanned off,” dead. What’s more, Hit It was coming off a last-of-12 finish just eight days prior – this for a 7-year-old (old for horseracing) who hadn’t “won” a race in over two years. The responsible abusers: jockey Luis Rodriguez Castro, trainer Amira Chichakly, owner Yellow Moon Stable.

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  1. Hit it a Bomb has been on the watchlist of S.O.S. now for at least a year. I guess Amira Chikakly is alot more incompetent than I thought. Or maybe she is just following the owners instructions. Amira Chicakly replaced Gary Contessa when he decided to jump ship. Poor replacement

    • “Or maybe she is just following the owners instructions.”
      This is rationalization to the max whatever you meant by this.
      I don’t give a crap what she was following because she made a conscious decision to ensure the ongoing abuse and inhumane treatment of HIT IT ONCE MORE (not Hit it a Bomb) on a daily basis.
      Let’s at least get his name right. One misused letter is understandable, but a complete name?
      That said, it just goes to show that they are all either abusers, enablers of the abuse or both.
      No rational compassionate person, in whatever capacity, would do this to a living being.
      They all knew HIT IT ONCE MORE was suffering long before this race.
      Unfortunately, the majority of racehorses are suffering in some capacity and it’s covered up/masked with their doping/treatment records that are intentionally kept secret.
      The horse racing business knows that if those secret records were made public it would prove that massive suffering, maiming and dying is what they are promote and facilitate.
      They are thrown away like trash if they make it out alive for the most part.
      This business is so vile it makes me sick and I despise it and anybody who supports it.
      That would be any apologist.
      They are all “poor replacements,” and multiple racehorse killer Gary Contessa is just as bad as her and all of them put together.

    • Also- not Hit it A Bomb. He is an active breeding stallion now, not this horse that broke down so horrifically.

      • And amen for your post Gina – I wondered the same thing. Is there such a thing as a “good” replacement?!

    • In all fairness to Yellow Moon Stable Owners ( Gerald & Susan Marino ) I don’t believe they would have any say in how much the whip should be used in abusing “Hit it once More”.Maybe trainer Amir Chichakly had some say in the whipping incident,but no one wanted,what happened to take place. If I can’t convince you,maybe you should ask the Marino’s of Bellmore N.Y. Tele: 516-781-7220 or Trainer Chichakly Tele: 718-659-2293. This incident was a long time in developing, the soreness in “Hit it once More”in my opinion,began when he was in the barn of Gary Sciacca and owned by Bill Parcells Hall of Shame horse owner who left this horse in the hands of Gary Sciacca just a little too long. Hit it once More was doing fine with Sciacca until the horse needed the help of a competent horse man. Not that Sciacca is not competent but that’s my opinion. I’m sure Sciacca is more than competent when he’s sopping up a bowl of meat sauce with several loaves of Italian bread. IMO .He has a history of abusing,see Saratoga Snacks he continued to race this horse with three previously fractured legs and was attempting a fourth fracture until someone stepped in a stopped him.Also owned by Bill Parcells. IMO this Jockey will be banished from horse racing in the U.S.A. He may end up riding mules in Costa Rico. NYRA will take cheap advantage of this situation by banishing Castro,just to show how concerned they are,by getting rid of a bottom barrel rider,who they probably didn’t want riding at NYRA tracks anyway.

      • “Soreness was a long time in coming”? Really?? And you as a lay person knows this but yet the people directly involved with the horse didn’t? To me is sounds like they wanted exactly what happened to happen! Thanks for the numbers, I’m sure they will be contacted! Someone- and actually MANY people- should answer as to what happened with this horse! It was disgusting and atrocious!
        Maybe you could get us the jockey’s number too? He’s the one I would really like to talk to!
        And I seriously doubt that any track will throw him out. There are many famous jockeys that are known for beating the hell out of the horses. In fact, at this rate, this jockey will be in the Hall of Fame soon! And I seriously doubt he doesn’t want to ride there- that’s where the upper echelon of the jockey world is.

        • Thank you, Peggy!!! Also, I think the owners have a lot to say about how much the horses are whipped, or not whipped, since the owners are the ones who are said to be the ones that “pay the bills” in horseracing. The owners of HIT IT ONCE MORE had to be aware of what was going on with their own horse.

        • Very true Peggy,many jockeys whip and whip and whip. This incident is more than just whipping.This was a public spectacle,equivalent to torture leading to negligent homocide. Once something like this atrocious happens in the public view,it carries more weight even by NYRA standards. It all depends also who the jockey knows or is in favor with at NYRA.That’s the way it is.

          • Sophie D, I have not seen any reports of this particular jockey being fined or suspended. Even if he was fined or received a suspension of his license, he could still be allowed to ride during said suspension. I believe this “action” defies the definition of the word “suspension.”
            As you most likely know, Bob Baffert evidently knows the people that will give him the “green light” to dope horses and not be fined or suspended, especially in California that I know of. Arkansas didn’t give him the “go ahead” to “fly under the radar” with doping of horses in Arkansas. I’m not sure how that turned out for Baffert in Arkansas. But, JUSTIFY is still considered the winner of the Triple Crown races. I believe it is common knowledge that JUSTIFY would not have been allowed to run in the Kentucky Derby at all, IF EVERYONE HAD TO “PLAY THIS GAME” BY THE SAME RULES THAT EXIST, BOTH THEN AND NOW.

        • Yes the trainer was very aware that something was wrong with the horse.What was wrong and how to fix it is another story.Peggy,you would not believe the incompetency of some trainers licensed on the NYRA backstretch. Usually it goes like this,the horse under performs. Now the trainer knows something is wrong,so if they can’t figure the problem out themselves.Now they call in their vet. after trying their own remedies for several starts which did not work. Now,let the “GAMES BEGIN” (question one )is the horse insured ( the horse earned around $500,000 ) so he might have been insured.If not,now obviously at some time during this string of so many under performing races,I’m sure the trainer had a vet.look at Hit it once More. That’s when the vet. had his way with the Owners,Bill after Bill sucking out of the owners bank account. Maybe the vet. Knows what’s wrong with Hit it once More maybe he doesn’t. But if he fixes the horse or not he still sends his Bill.It’s quite draining. Then,how does the owner know the bills he gets from the trainer or the vet. Is only for his horse. IMO it is similar to one long on going Ponzi scheme.In my opinion this is a common occurrence in this business and there is no way to find out if you’re being taken for a ride. There is the old saying in the horse business “ How do you make a small fortune in the horse business?” “You start with a large fortune”

    • Just because she was a hot walker,exercise rider and an assistant trainer to Gary ( used car salesman ) Contessa does not quailify her to be responsible for a stable of horses.( as in Hit It Once More) My. main curiosity is how did she score on the New York State Gaming Commissions trainers EXAM. Let’s have a little transparency here. Is this too much to ask? The results will speak volumes regarding how much goes into the qualifications of trainers that N.Y.S. and NYRA approve to be trainers.

    • Yes ,I agree. To all involved. Owners,G&S Marino of Yellow Moon Stable,The Trainer or (Ass’t used car saleswoman) Amira Chicakely, The Vets, N.Y.. Gaming Commission and N.Y.R.A. GREEED—IGNORANCE—LACK OF EMPATHY. Please respond if you can name others.

  2. Once again, All Hail the COVID Pandemic for enabling racing scum to HIDE THE HORROR SHOW and make it seem as if none of this happened.
    It did. But, lucky for Aqueduct and the NYRA, no worries about sickening video of the carnage getting out to the public via social media.
    I’m thinking all the tracks had better stick to their beloved pandemic protocols — “Only racing creeps allowed on-site to watch the carnage live!” — even after restrictions have been lifted.

  3. A win for Manny Franco on 7 Lilies
    No regard for injured horse from rider or winner circle
    How much is it going to take for a light switch to go on and see the light of this barbaric race and abuse?

    • About Manny Franco as he rode for Rudy Rodriguez on 11/13/20, Race 8 at Aqueduct, #14 BackSideoftheMoon

      Commentator Richard Migliore:

      “Manny Franco EARNED ALL of his pay in this race. He was riding this horse from the start of the far turn AS HARD AS YOU COULD RIDE ONE” [and Migliori should know, being a former jockey with 2300 trips to the winner’s circle].

      “Y’know sometimes they call them BICYCLE HORSES, if you’re nor peddling they’re not running. Well he [Franco] was basically ALMOST GETTING OFF AND PUSHING THIS HORSE. He was after him from the half mile pole and he just kept finding, but what a physical display from Manny Franco to WILL BackSideoftheMoon home.”

      “You could even see very late in the game he when he gets ahead in front, Manny’s all in, he’s basically done. I mean your lungs are burning, your legs hurt, your back hurts, your arms hurt.” “Manny Franco contributed GREATLY to that victory.”

      Does anybody care about the gallant effort put forth by 8-year-old BackSideoftheMoon? He looked like he was trying so hard. Manny Franco kept beating him to run faster and faster and riding him harder and harder. I can only imagine how BackSideoftheMoon felt. HIS lungs probably really burned, HIS legs probably hurt (badly!), and HIS back probably hurt, not to mention all the welts from the whippings he received.

      I didn’t see Franco and 7 Lilies. But you’re right, no regard for injured horse. These horses are just used and abused, ridden into the ground, and then thrown away. All jockeys are probably the same, some worse than others, some with a pattern of being very violent to their horses, others forcing them to do the unthinkable.

      Lord have mercy on these magnificent animals as they try to make it through minute by minute with such painful injuries.

      • Thank you, Sandy K. I knew I wasn’t imagining Manny’s new Manic style of “riding”, no wonder horses shut down and turn sour to racing. I’m sure that Union Rags colt has horrendous welts tonight. It’s literally a vicious beating. VILE…..All of it.

      • In my opinion Migliore is the biggest self serving “JERK”. Stop trying to sound brighter than you are,people see right through it. You work for NYRA we get it,and you will do or say anything to cover your ass even if it means diverting attention away from the harsh abuses or even try to minimize the cruel activities in this filthy game.If I hear the phrase “if you will”,coming from you is laughable. Instead,why don’t you educate the viewers on topics they don’t know about, behind the scenes,all the sordid details of this dirty game that may be brought to light to possibly be able to be changed for the better. Maybe you could bring your good buddy Kimmel to give an honest trainer point of view. And for Christ’s sake, you are on T.V., take some pride, get some new teeth.You look hideous on T.V.

      • Sandy K, thank you for sharing the remarks from commentator Richard Migliore, a retired jockey, on the “riding style” of Manny Franco.
        It really goes to show how much the horses DO NOT LOVE TO RUN, and HOW BRUTALLY ABUSIVE THE JOCKEY IS TO THE HORSE TO FORCE THE HORSE TO RUN.
        The brief description of Richard Migliore online states that he had a nickname, “the Mig,” and that he was a “tenacious” rider. That would be the sanitized word for how abusive jockeys are to horses to brutally force horses to run in races. How about saying, “he was a brutally aggressive and abusive rider…?” That is what they are paid to do and to be and if they don’t like it, they can find a different line of work that doesn’t involve the routine abuse of horses!!!

        • “THE MIG” just another self serving NYRA employee looking to protect his only source of income., regardless of the abuse. Money, Money,Money. He’s abusing his current position, he’ abused horses when he rode,he even went as far to Abuse the trainer and owner of Artie Schiller in a breeders cup race when he chose to ride IN A MILLON DOLLAR RACE knowing he had a BROKEN ARM, the ultimate act of greed and selfishness and costing the owners any chance of winning a large purse. How can a jockey ride a 1,000 lb. horse with any proficiency with a broken arm . Ultimate act of selfish greed.MOST of All HE ABUSED HIMSELF by PURGING everyday of his illustrious career. Commonly known as FLIPPING, eating a meal and tossing up into the flipping bowl in the toilet.,yes that’s one way to keep you weight down.You are also risking your health which
          would also put his family at risk. Did his wife and kids realize how little he thought of them to put his health in danger, again acting selfishly. So if you happen to see “THE MIG” on T. V. do not attempt to adjust your T.V.. “THE MIGs “ TEETH are really “GREY and YELLOW“ For Christ Sake you’re on T.V. Get yourself a set of new“WHITE TEETH” Your VOMIT burned the enamel on your old choppers. If you don’t want to spend the money, I got a guy at the GRILL FACTORY.

  4. In regards to HIT IT ONCE MORE, I can only hope that there is some sort of review. I hope the stewards do something to call this BRAZEN ABUSE AND KILLING OF A THOROUGHBRED out on the owners, the trainer, and the jockey. I hope they don’t just give it a rubber stamp and do nothing. How many times will this type of extremely abusive inhumane treatment of a horse need to happen for Aqueduct to be subject to a REVIEW or some such action????
    Horseracing is heinously cruel! It needs to be ended and this is one example among thousands of examples as to why horseracing needs to be ended completely, forever and ever.

    • The trainer Chichakly has a large stable, so she will get a free pass from NYRA because she helps fill races. She should have known “Hit it once More” was in a poor way. Hey genius,why do you think horse’s perform poorly,maybe you chose the wrong occupation. Between the treatment from his previous trainer Sciacca and now this genius Chichakley this horse was getting progressively worse but this is nothing new this applies to most fatal breakdowns ( continually racing horses that are not fit to race due to some physical ailment ) No one is pointing fingers at the prerace vet exam the morning of the race, if the public witnessed this prerace exam,they would say that’s it,that’s the exam? Insufficient to say the least. Horses should be examined after breezing and or post race to get a better idea of the horses infirmities. The way it’s done now is ass backwards.The morning prerace exam, the way it is now is useless.To get more insight into the behind the scenes what may have really happened to hit it once more. You may contact the Marino’s ( Yellow Moon Stable ) the owners 516-781-7220 or Trainer Amira Chichakley 718-659-2293. The Jockey will be banished,blackballed or blacklisted by the NYRA clique and NYRA. Jockey Castro will have to leave the area if he wants to ride again. This guy is poison now. He will get no business and have to start riding mules in Costa Rico.

  5. 😭😭😭He was by Hard Spun😭😭😭😭😭. He was a super classy “Old War Horse” too.

  6. Looks like it just happened AGAIN IN TODAY’S RACE 10. Nice of Aqueduct to give us a repeat performance.

      • No, #4, Rockin Jo. Led, was “allowed to fade away,” before “subsequently” being vanned off. Got to love New York’s colorful chartwriter:(

  7. When I read this chart last night, I was shocked as to what I had read. I had to see the replay to see how accurate it was. What I saw in that replay will probably stay with me forever. I had instantaneous anger, and was appalled at what I saw.
    Of course aqueduct extensively edited the head on replay of this race so the blatant wrong doing and abuse that this jockey inflicted on this poor horse wouldn’t be seen. The pan view, however, tells some of the story. This poor horse didn’t “bobble” as the chartwriter so kindly phrased it, he blatantly fell to his nose about 3 times trying to scramble to stay on his feet. Damn shame the jockey didn’t fall then. It was so obvious this horse broke down badly at that point. And then as they cross the wire, the jockey was making ZERO effort to pull him up. The horse did actually hobble and hop across the finish line with a right leg that was obviously broken. I am so angered by what I saw that I want to call their racing office and unleash a stream of obscenities at them!! What happened to this horse, inflicted by this pig of a jockey, is beyond heartless and cruel!

    • Dear god, please someone make it stop. This is CRUELTY beyond belief. Stupid people don’t deserve animals. This is a SIN.

    • Peggy, thanks for this report on what you saw in the reply. Even though much was deliberately hidden.

    • Perfect post, Peggy. Same here, except I will not ever watch the replay; I’m sure it’s as horrific as it sounds, no matter how much scrubbing the editors did. The TV people all know they have to be diligent in quashing the non-stop public bloodbath. And, they certainly try. But there’s just no way for these abusing monsters to sugar-coat this level of third-world, bush-league criminal carnage. Not in the United States. And not anymore.
      Bye bye, blood sport.

    • Feel free to call Aqueduct and ask for Mr. O’ROURKE or Martin Panza they’ll be more then happy to address your issues. If that don’t do it for you, Call the Yellow Moon Stable owners Gerald &Susan Marino 516-781-7220 or Trainer Amira Chichakly 718- 659-2293.

      • I heard NYRA is going to have an end of the year in review hi-lite reel of all its fatal breakdowns, opening for their end of the year awards program. Which means we will get to see horse of the year,Jockey of the year,apprentice of the year along with the Head on Shot of “Hit It Once More And The Jockey Castro beating the hell out of a dead horse past the wire.Now there is a jockey I want riding my horse. An all out effort, maybe he thought he still had a chance to win the race.

        • Jockeys are fined if they don’t continue to “urge” (beat the crap out of) racehorses especially in the stretch.
          This is solely due to the gambling addicts who will accuse the jockey of “holding the horse” back from placing and bringing in their bets.
          I’m not trying to justify it in any way, shape or form, but I’m merely pointing out the fact that the rules and regulations of horse racing, implemented by pro-horse racing commissions, are there to protect the billions in wagering profits not the racehorses.
          Most of us see a “dead horse” one that is tired, probably in pain, but the gambler sees an object that needs to be “spanked” (a term used by jockeys) out of their state so that a bet can be paid off.
          The more they “spank” them the more they are revered and the more mounts they get.
          If they show any type of mercy on a tired racehorse than they, most likely, get fined and don’t get as many mounts.
          Incidentally, most of the fines given to jockeys for not “urging” a racehorse are more monetarily than the fines dished out for them beating a racehorse.
          Furthermore, a jockey makes more money when a racehorse gets on the board (1st thru 4th).
          This is a gambling business, not a sport nor one that cares about racehorses.
          It’s widespread systemized and legitimized exploitation of a weaker species that has no voice.

          • Surely if you earn the license of jockey,you must have enough riding experience to feel that something has gone wrong with your horse but yet you continue ride aggressively. You might decide to choose to ease the horse up,like most experienced jockeys do. I’m sure if your driving a car and you blow a tire most people know something has gone wrong,if your riding on a rim. That’s my point. The last thing NYRA wants is an incident such as this visual in front of the public or on T.V. to instigate more controversy then they already have.Then again NYRA doesn’t have to be accountable for any crimes or misdeeds they perpetrate.

  8. Horse racing has always been bad from the start.
    However, once the “horsemen groups” cut the deal to get millions in casino profits it only exacerbated the ugliness of this vile business.
    Funny how the “horsemen groups” made all sorts of promises to take care of the racehorses, to fund aftercare, to put aside money when they were negotiating with the politicians.
    “Leave it up to us – we will take care of everything.”
    I knew it wasn’t true then and we all know it now.
    These millions have gone into the pockets of these corrupt people who call themselves “horsemen” while they monopolized stalls, the purse money, and dumped on just about everybody else.
    They operate under the banner of “horsemen helping horsemen” which is a complete farce.
    The only horsemen they help are themselves and screw everybody else.
    Of course the racehorses have always been and continue to be the biggest losers for a bunch of abusive assholes and our politicians need to STOP this funding.

    • I read an article some months ago that they are planning to close Aqueduct race track at some point and expand Belmont. I wonder if the racing people know that they can get away with this heinous abuse of Thoroughbred horses NO MATTER HOW MANY HORSES THEY KILL on New York racetracks…??? How long will they continue this horrific abuse until someone says they have to be (at the very least) reviewed for the fatalities of horses, (to say nothing of the everyday, routine abuse of just being exploited for racing and wagering), as Los Alamitos Racecourse has been under “some scrutiny” lately??? I’m guessing that the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition and “other industry groups” is/are scrambling to keep their asses covered while all of these racetracks and their participants are going on a KILLING SPREE.
      Who knows how many of the politicians are only representing the monsters in horseracing and focused on “that revenue” and brushing everyone else off? Look at the two-faced organization known as the Humane Society of the United States begging people for donations while NOT PROTECTING HORSES.

  9. Damn them to hell. I simply am at a loss of more to say than how utterly evil. Hit It Once More, RIP.

    • That dear sweet horse deserved to be in RETIREMENT. His sad,painful existence is over. R.I.P. beautiful, innocent soul. Hard Spun,and Sunday Silence, were his well-bred pedigree. No regard for a life. All the horses lives matter. #HLM. I like THAT.

  10. Jockey should be off horses for a long time, clearly her decision to ride like an idiot.

  11. OMG, just watched the race, you could see the moment the leg snapped but no effort of the rider to stop the horse. May this person rot in hell. Watching the few strides that NYRA showed of the horse flopping over the finish line was heart breaking. Great PR for racing, wish it would go away and I used to work the business. Left for the cruelty I saw. Years ago, it hasn’t stopped.

  12. 9 races in 2020 in which this poor horse didn’t even show. Had a 3F work on 11/30 a 12th place finish on Dec 11th and then the tragedy on 12/19. Someone should be held responsible

  13. Lets start w/the jockey – what heartless cruel abusing asshole, trainer & owner – despicable, hadnt won a race in 2 yrs, just raced, was the $$ that important? Last but not least track officials – yoy need to fill a race that bad? All of you should be charged w/ abuse!!! Guess this will get sweeped under the corrupted racing rug too

  14. It’s the deaths of horses like Hit It Once More that really make the racing folks squirm. Just to be clear, I said SQUIRM. Not CARE. It’s a bit annoying, no doubt, to figure out how to ignore or make light of or even defend the abuse and killing of a horse for betting entertainment when he’s a MSW that’s made a great deal of money and still keep up the façade of how much racing loves their horses. It’s so much easier for industry members and their apologists to remain mute about the dead no-names, those killed training and racing under the radar…and that silence speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    But some still try to avoid drawing any more attention to the killing; NYRA TV analyst and handicapper Andy Serling was quiet as a church mouse when asked about Hit It Once More’s condition and what his thoughts were on the jockey continuing to ride the catastrophically injured horse. Nothing but silence from Serling.

    And that “standard of safety” that should be emulated across the country, NYRA? – your 3 tracks have killed 14 horses in exactly 2 months…that we know of.
    Harris Bay, training.
    Hedda, training.
    Hemlock, training.
    High Knuckles, training.
    Beautiful Amaila, training.
    Golden Zapper, training.
    Unbridled Mischief, training.
    Mr. Tag, racing.
    Sky of Hook, racing.
    Stay Fond, racing.
    Tied Up, racing.
    Thursday, racing.
    Dorothy’s Star, training.
    Hit It Once More, racing.

    So you can keep it zipped, racing and followers, because we won’t. And at least you’re truthful in your silence.

    • Did you say “SILENCE” from “SERLING” I did not see the race,I will not watch the replay. After reading the comments, regarding this tragic happening,I don’t need to watch it on a replay. I can only imagine the Sickness moving through Serling’s “BEING,” every fiber of it. He couldn’t talk he was traumatized himself.The only one I know of that this visual of “Hit it once More “would not be sickened by this atrocity,is RICHARD MIGLIORE,this seasoned horse beater,that he was. Oh!excussssse me,as his self proclaimed,self written introduction says “CHAMPION JOCKEY” his self proclaimed moniker.Please get him off T.V. He sickens me and many other people I know are sickened by the sight of him.His inane comments and his delusions of grandeur,his pretentious vocabulary.If he has to be kept on the NYRA show can you put a “BAG” over his head?PLEASE! The sight of his teeth is just a blatant reminder how abusive this corrupt business is. Abusive to horses as well to every person involved in it. How do you think MIGLIORE’s teeth got their enamel burned off? From “VOMITING” (AKA in the jockey world as “FLIPPING” the stomach acid burns the enamel on the teeth when the VOMIT passes through the mouth,coming into contact with the teeth destroying the enamel on the teeth,thus discoloring.giving a grey or yellow apperence. All to make weight to ride and beat horse’s.Just out of curiosity “THE MIG” knows how many races he’s won. Can he tell you how many horse’s he has whipped and beaten into submission and a premature death.I would like him to speak about that number of horse’s during training and racing that he beat up and killed.

  15. Let’s put this into context.
    Killing with zippo accountability, responsibility and legal repercussions.
    Can you imagine if our society didn’t punish homicide?
    People could kill people with no legal repercussions?
    Then, to add injury to insult, can you imagine giving millions of taxpayers money/casino profits to killers?
    How about gambling on whose going to get killed today or who isn’t?
    It may seem far fetched to some of you, but that’s exactly what’s going on here.
    The fact that’s it’s horses over humans doesn’t make it any less culpable.
    I know what you’re going to say: the law doesn’t recognize animals as legal entities just property.
    Sure, but that doesn’t make it any less heinous.

  16. Let’s not forget what I’ve been saying for ages…these poor horses are running on FROZEN ground. Thoroughbreds legs are too skinny for their bodies. Their spindly pencil thin legs CANNOT handle running on rock hard frozen dirt. This is WRONG on so many levels. Just pure evil actually.

    • No horse can stand running on frozen ground.We have galloped horses on our now thankfully redeveloped 1 mile track as it was freezing up under the horses hoofs we were riding! Stupid idiot horse people entered their horses anyway for the weeks races. The freeze up was so bad that due to the tracks NOT having dormitories for people caring for the horses to stay at, 900+ horses ended up being cared for by only a dozen people including the security guards, as no one else was able to get to the track as all highways were closed for 2 weeks!

  17. Jockey needs to be charged and lose his license. This whipping horses every stride is uncalled for and cruel. Time horse racing be banned entirely

    • NYRA will use this unfortunate incident to show how much they care. There are many people to blame for this incident of Hit it once More”The state vet, the gaming commission, the track vet,the owners,the trainer. The only one who will be publically admonished and crucified and rightly so,is The Jockey,WHY?because NYRA has no special association with him,they don’t need him ,he is useless to them. Everyone mentioned above,is as much to blame for the breakdown of most horses,but the owners have money,the trainer has the horses to fill races. This Jockey committed professional suicide by riding this horse,at the wrong time and he didn’t help his cause by being stupid.

    • Don’t worry Cheryl,this jockey needs no sanctions from any racing jurisdictions he dosen’t have to lose his license. No one in racing will want to be near him. You have to understand people in this dirty game do all kinds of bad things to horses and people and it is acceptable no matter how horrendous the act or crime so long as it is kept behind closed doors and can be easily covered up and or swept under the carpet,but the minute that the act or crime becomes “PUBLIC” right away NYRA, The Stewards,The gaming commission,everyone in the industry becomes appalled. Perfect Example: The Rick Dutrow incident, all of racing knew many if not all trainers had veterinarian injected steroids into their horses for years,IMO, NYRA knew about it,the gaming commission,etc. everyone knew.There were no sanctions on any trainer It may have not been illegal for a time,BUT…. BUT…..BUT… the minute Rick Dutrow admitted he had administered steroids to his big triple crown horse on “NATIONAL T.V.” On race day at a triple crown race being broadcast on NBC T.V. All of racing’s carpet sweepers and coverupsters had a simultaneous cerebral hemorrhage. Their decision was to hand down one of the biggest sanctions in racing history,destroying Dutrows career. All the while,when the steroid story remained behind closed doors their were no sanctions.

      • And yet he rode 3 horses on the 1st, and is named to ride on one today and one tomorrow. He doesn’t seem to be that much of a pariah.
        And Rick Dutrows career needed to be ruined. The large majority of trainers careers out there need to be ruined. They are chemists and needle trainers, who only care about the almighty win at any cost.

        • Peggy,I believe at this point,the only horses Castro will ride are for a few gyp trainers that don’t want to pay an exercise rider to get on their horses in the morning. Those gyp trainers will use Castro in the afternoon races if Castro gets on their horses in the morning free of charge, with the promise,that the trainer will let him ride in the afternoon races.Beginning of the end even though his agent has many racing connections.

    • There are only 3 categories of apologists.
      1, Abusers 2. Enablers of the abuse 3. Both.
      This gambling and killing business requires, supports, and/or facilitates all 3.
      It has never changed will never changed and all the reforms in the world will not change this.
      It’s massive pain, suffering, killing and/or dumping at kill pens – all of which is required to keep it going.
      Horse racing will end and every time a track closes it’s victory for the racehorses, taxpayers, casinos and our communities across the USA and Canada.

  18. This is outrageous. You have no business being in this industry if you cannot safeguard the horses in your stable. I wish they would tank your license and heavily sanction the people responsible.

    • I would like to see the results of Amir Chichaklys trainers exam. I would bet she did not take a state exam for her trainers license. Let have some transparency NYGaming. Show us the test. And when did she take it?

      • According to Equibase, Amira Chichakly has 20 horse in her barn. Her career stats are: 119 starts, 4 wins, 8 seconds, 0 seconds, 10 thirds.
        She has an entry today: Liam’s Fire, race 8 at Aqueduct:

      • I’m still waiting for those results from the New York Gaming commission.Ah,yeah, the test results for the trainers test in N.Y. State.The test results,that trainer Amir Chichakly took before taking over The Gary Contessa Stable. And if there are no records of this,don’t you think the betting public should have this information before making their bets on any of the horses in her stable that may have a higher incidence of “BREAKDOWN”,“UNFITNESS”or “UNSOUNDNESS”. Would anyone have brain surgery without knowing if his surgeon is legitimately licensed and certified? From the look of her stables record and the incident with “Hit it once More” it’s got me thinking,there may be more of a correlation between the trainers exam ( qualifications ) and catistrophic breakdowns and not this voo-doo B.S. about track surfaces.

  19. It’s also a shame these racers are about 2 meals short of starvation. Keeping any fat off of them and in running condition. Yes they have muscles but they are kept from water and meals while racing on race says. If they are injured (no broken bones) and are given away or sold or neglected it would take just about a week until they look starved. Believe it or not it’s worse in Australia. Their race horses have absolutely no soft landings into a retirement of any kind. Apparently the Standardbreds (harness racers) are nearly taken from the race course and sold to slaughter immediately. Such a waste of a beautiful animal. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  20. Sophie D, I would bet that all of the things you mentioned and more is what causes catastrophic breakdowns. As Patrick has said, it is HORSERACING ITSELF that causes injuries to racehorses, not to mention the emotional suffering that the horses are subject to by the whole routine of the racing industry. But, you would think some trainers could have fewer deaths. But, if they are rewarded by becoming “hall of fame” so-called trainers by putting racing, doping and winning first and the horse’s soundness second, there is no incentive for these psychopathic sociopaths to stop putting the lives of horses at risk of fatal breakdowns.

    • Just because someone becomes a H.O.F. trainer you have to understand that most of their competition are IMO are not very bright. Some trainers have better records than others because they are just not as stupid as their competition and may have knowledge or a vet that introduces him to a new cocktail drug. Vets.bet too.

      • The industry calls it “hall of fame” but we call it “HALL OF SHAME” because of the horrendous abuse, forced confinement to a stall 23 hours a day for the horses, forced exercise for less than an hour a day usually at a gallop, whipping, doping, shocking, all kinds of pain and suffering to the horses, killing on the track or near the track, killing on training farms/ tracks or dumped into the slaughter pipeline, etc.
        The legal documents reveal the participation of various racing participants, mostly trainers, but some veterinarians, I believe, being involved in various levels of criminality to horses exploited by racing. The FBI indictments of several racing participants using illegal drugs including adulterated and mislabeled drugs revealed that some of those participants were veterinarians, if I remember correctly. I don’t remember all of the names now, but in the document the names are there. Jorge Navarro is the main one but there were many people involved in that scheme and these are the ones that somehow were caught “on the radar” to speak in figurative terms.
        Bob Baffert gets away with it but he has to have “co-operation” with several other racing participants including whoever was supposed to do their job to prevent an illegally doped horse (JUSTIFY) from being entered to run in a race. I have no knowledge of what Baffert’s IQ is, but you know the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” applies in horseracing and horse doping and who gets away with it and who gets caught, part of the time anyway.

  21. Wanda,I think you would be very surprised to know that most trainers have horses in their barns that are slipping through the cracks.As far as their improving and monitoring physical ailments before they become a more serious problem and possibly become just another statistic on the breakdown list. Sometimes the vets are missing problems that are impeding the horses performance. Now the following is just my opinion,their was a very game stake horse named,I believe Valcoma in the Weaver barn and I believe he ran with a winging out motion of his right front. My belief is that this horse was racing on borrowed time. Racing with this dysfunction was putting stress elsewhere on his body. He was supposed to race one more time but the connections thought better of it ( after Valcoma spiked a “fever”) good move.Watch his replays.

    • Sophie, there is an equal chance that I might not be as surprised as you think. I was somewhat shocked in 1977 when I saw, in person, some men talking about a bay Thoroughbred gelding tacked up with exercise rider on his back walking on the training track with an obvious (environmental, not genetic) “deformity” caused by some type of injury. What was so unusual about this particular horse (and this situation) was that the horse COULD NOT hold his head at a normal angle. He obviously had sustained some type of injury. His head was cockeyed to the left at the poll from his neck. I had no idea how painful the horse’s injury was and how much pain the horse could still be suffering at the time when I saw him in person. It is one of those things that I couldn’t believe, so to speak, what I was seeing with my own eyes, even when seeing it with my own eyes IN PERSON. I know horses can be injured, but what is UNBELIEVABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE is the BLATANT DISREGARD for the health and over-all well-being of THE HORSE.
      IF A HUMAN BEING had the same type of injury that this Thoroughbred gelding had, he would be in either a hospital, a convalescent home or a rehabilitation center until such time as the human being could be in a position of well-being enough to go back to work, or possibly be retired on disability, if necessary.
      BUT NO, THIS IS A “RACEHORSE” SO THESE “HUMAN BEINGS” ARE GOING TO EXPLOIT THIS HORSE TO HIS DEMISE. Since that was 44 years ago, I don’t think I should be too surprised at the lack of knowledge of “trainers” or “owners” of racehorses, OR THEIR COMPLETE DISMISSAL OF THE GENERAL RULES OF TRUE HORSEMANSHIP. I am horrified at the cold and callous inhumane treatment of horses. BEING HORRIFIED isn’t exactly the same thing as being surprised.

      • Some how many trainers refuse to acknowledge their own limitations or ignorance.If they can’t fix it no one can,is a attitude I’ve seen way too much of. Not to be outdone by the trainer, often times if the vet can’t figure out how to fix a situation as you described,often the vets response is one of two 1) that’s just the way he goes! 2) there’s nothing wrong just go on with him. Probably several other pieces of advice which are worse than the first two pieces of advice. In this particular situation with the horses head and neck ailment. He probably should not have been under tack,on the track or any other intention of this horse doing any exercise until.” you’ve “ eliminated 75-80% of what was causing the problem and that would be only walking. If he accepted the walking without any further injury then I would think of ponying if he accepted a partner without too much fuss.Otherwise walking under tack but it would have to be a gradual slow process until full recovery. Involving therapy and very mild gradual light exercise. If he shows signs of going in the wrong direction,ease up. Start over,the type of therapy and the technician is very important and most of the time( NO NEEDLES THERAPY.)

      • I disagree with continuing to use the horse for gambling and racing/ racing and gambling at all. He should have been turned out to pasture with safe fencing and a companion horse that would be friends with him and not fighting as in pecking order type aggressive behavior. Part-time stall and outdoor run and pasture turn-out would be what he needed and not exploited for gambling revenue.

        • Wanda,I agree but in reality that’s not going to happen. Too much corruption and money involved.There has to be other way,thinking realistically,other ways to make racing safer.It can be done but to change this game is nearly impossible. Too many people think they know what’s best for the horse. Too much tradition,unfortunately all the mistakes of the past keep repeating themselves. A perfect example is Amira Chichakly,she learned her craft from some fish eyed putz( contessa) she will just repeat the same poor horse trainer habits of contessa,the only difference is Contessa had numbers of horses,not because he was good,but because he had connections just like Sciacca.Both excellent B.S. ARTISTS also.

          • The evidence points to the fact that horse racing cannot be reformed. No matter what reforms they have (or SAY THEY HAVE), they still kill horses like there’s no tomorrow. It would be nice if they would abide by the rules of true horsemanship, but in that case, they would have to do away with the baby races and the Kentucky Derby and all of the races for any and all horses less than 6-years-old. They’re not going to do that so that’s why it should just be ended!!! If people want to gamble, they should buy lottery tickets and STOP BETTING ON HORSES.

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