Loads of New Jobs as Another Shuttered Racetrack Gets Redeveloped

Amazon is set to build two giant (combined 1 million+ sq feet) warehouses directly on the shuttered Pinnacle Race Course near Detroit. And that’s just a start. From the Detroit Free Press: Christopher Girdwood, executive director of the Detroit Region Aerotropolis Development Corp., said Amazon will use fewer than 100 acres of the site’s total 650 acres, which will leave room for future development. “This is not the only thing you are going to see at Pinnacle,” he said. “This is a large piece of property, and this project is just a small piece of it.”

Pinnacle closed in 2010 after just two years of racing. It closed, as the paper put it, because of “mounting operational losses, embarrassing water and electric shutoffs and unsuccessful efforts to create a ‘racino’ at the track with slot machines.” Which only goes to further underscore that new racetracks simply do not open in the 21st Century without being heavily subsidized (and still, only two – besides Pinnacle – have). But here’s the best part – and the definitive answer to the industry’s query of “what about the jobs?” (if tracks close) – the new-jobs projection for just the warehouses portion of the redevelopment: 1,000 – or more than Pinnacle produced when it was open. Case closed. Again.

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  1. What WONDERFUL end-of-a-horrible-year news!!! THANK YOU ALL for keeping us informed…stay safe…and HAPPY 2021!

  2. There are several large corporations moving out of California and there are lots of prime real estate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc
    Monmouth (Jersey shore and Philadelphia)Parx and Penn National!!!

    • Yes. Your correct Nancy, there IS prime real estate in Pennsylvania. I know a popular thing happening now, is the development of these “Lifestyle” communities. Here in Delaware they are building them.

  3. Waking up to 2 amazing pieces of news this morning – this one and the transportation of the Covid vaccination on its way to destinations.
    When one reviews what led us to this point it clearly shows a pattern of financial devastation to taxpayers and communities to keep this unnecessary gambling venue going.
    Back in 2007/2008 Wayne County executive, Robert Ficano was convinced by Bancorp founder Jerry Campbell to give 36 million of taxpayers money to the track based on the creation of 2,300 permanent jobs.
    For the record, their job claims are usually over inflated and live off the coattails of other industries that would survive with or without them in most all racing jurisdictions.
    Anyways, Fianco approved the sale of 320 acres of prime commercial land for $1.00 to Campbell.
    He approved this money while the state public coffers were bankrupt and this was right after Great Lakes Downs in Michigan shut down due to Magna Entertainment (now the Stronach Group) going bankrupt from years of financial losses and a government who was fed up with financially supporting them.
    What in the hell planet was this dude on?
    So it didn’t surprise me when an audit revealed a paper trail of questionable business practices when awarding contracts, but was never pursued and, in fact, was kept low key.
    Horse racing seems to require corrupt politicians to partner with them because it’s the racehorses and taxpayers that always lose in the end.
    Hopefully this example and others will clearly show our honest politicians and communities that its time to immediately stop any and all funding to horse racing.
    They can’t stand on their own 2 feet and neither can the racehorses whom they cripple and kill daily.

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