Yet Another Steeplechase Kill

In the Stewards’ Report for the “International Gold Cup” Steeplechase in Virginia October 24, this: “SATISH was a faller at the second to last fence. He was vanned off the course and was reported to have bowed both front tendons. SATISH was later transported to the Piedmont Equine Clinic where he was euthanized.”

“A faller.”

Satish was seven years old; ’twas his 24th time under the whip.

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  1. I can only hope that the sponsors of the International Gold Cup Steeplechase in Virginia could lose business by the public boycotting them.
    Rest in peace SATISH 💔💔💔💔💔🙏

  2. There was a really ugly incident at Gulfstream race 5, today , 4yr old filly Sweetsweetsweet,reacted to horse in gate next to her,who broke out of gate ,so then she did,and it looks like she totally wrecked and ripped her right hind leg,she couldn’t stand after incident,was struggling to try and stand. It looked all I’ll say.

    • Bonnie, this sounds horribly disturbing! This is what the general population needs to be aware of about horseracing and betting on horses. Most people have heard of the IRS, and they should hear about what kind of animal torture their tax dollars are funding at places like Gulfstream…

      • Big time incident just now! bob baffert horse,Princess Noir,pulled up. And it Never ENDS. #HorseRacingKills

    • And Los Al strikes again. But everybody knows that Princess Noor will be JUST FINE. Like all the other Los Alamitos injuries that the CHRB “forgets” to record;(

    • No idea Nancy, I turned my head for a second….and the race caller said pulled up. It literally happened in a millisecond!!!!!

      • Horseracing Nation showing the video
        She was leading and Espinoza pulled her up fast veering toward the right to get out of the way. She walked off on her own power(where have we heard that before)TVG is supposed to update the situation (where have we heard that before) This is one of Baffert “s winner horses

  3. TVG just said inflamed tendon no major bone injury. Fortunate that Victor pulled her up fast to a avoid further injury with the tendon on Princess Noor

    • But, remember: This is Los Alamitos we’re talking about. Doc Allred’s Los Al Horse Hell stood out as a leading Killer of Racehorses and Mangler of Jockeys well before this, um, exceptional year of COVID-spreading, rider-paralyzing, On-Probation-for-Horse-Deaths super-status and all-around 2020 Shitstorm that all the other tracks could only dream about surviving.
      Frankly, I doubt Princess Noor’s injury will cause a single Los Al supporter to bat an eyelash. They simply DO NOT CARE.

      • Oh, I’m not saying nobody’s concerned about her survival and welfare. We all know that those have been in danger since the moment she was bred for this whole, hideous killing game. I meant Los Al officials (and those who still bet on their nightly carnage) don’t care how many horses are injured, broken down, mutilated and mangled there. It’s simply not a matter of concern for them.
        Big-name Baffert filly, or lowly claimer QH gelding; they’re just another casualty to try and hide from the newly-informed public.

      • Oh, and as if to further emphasize my point, Los Alamitos just took out another 2-year-old filly in race 7.
        Racing N Lace “lost action, pulled up, vanned off.” The good news is, she was appropriately disciplined for her public breakdown, as she was DQ’d and placed 6th (dead last, but they prefer to call it “unplaced,” for obvious reasons), rather than 5th (second to dead last). Bet she won’t be trying that again, huh, Los Al stewards?

  4. Nancy, I cannot believe how fast it happened (p.n.) , my dog Lily has had high energy today,and out of boredom…she’s getting into everything,so she distracted me for a second..and it(whatever it was happened),like I said(didn’t see). Has anyone heard anything about Sweetsweetsweet? For a real old rescue dog 🐶 has a lot of energy 😂. Keeps me on my toes 🤨.

    • And speaking of broodmares – it was just announced that Princess Noor has been retired and will be off to the breeding shed! Her sire only ran 4 races and retired with a soft tissue injury and now, after 5 races, she retires with a soft tissue injury. And these idiots will celebrate her impending “motherhood”, as they continue to create fragile bloodstock!

  5. Has anyone found out anything about Sweetsweetsweet? That gate incident looked absolutely gruesome. She was splayed out on the turf,and her hind leg wouldn’t allow her to stand back up(she kept heartbreakingly trying). It truly looked awful. Also, that hind leg was at a funny angle.

  6. According to Mike Welsch- she got up and jogged off fine- and it was “kind of like hitting a funny bone”.

      • There were quite a few people on twitter that said it was awful to watch and were concerned for her. So I can imagine it was awful to see.

  7. Speaking of yet anothers: Yet ANOTHER Los Alamitos van-off(!), and the CHRB hasn’t even bothered to confirm LAST NIGHT’S kill of Racing N Lace. But we all know they’re not capable of posting additions to their highly-accurate, credible and transparent Fatalities Page, except during “normal” business hours. Apparently, an understanding of their own website eludes all of the scientific minds at the CHRB.

    Anyway, Racing N Lace is dead, but then again, three OTHER Los Al victims who ALSO got vanned in the past two weeks of their super-safe racing have – poof – disappeared. So, just to keep their lucky streak going, tonight they decided to van off Josephin Bono, a 3-year-old QH Filly who placed second in race 6. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that she, too, will never be heard from again.

    Congrats, Los Al and your CHRB protectors. You’ve outdone yourselves. No, really. You can stop now.

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