Sky of Hook Becomes 89th Dead Racehorse in NY This Year

This for Sky of Hook in the 6th at Aqueduct Sunday, as relayed by the Gaming Commission: “horse was vanned off after the wire, ambulanced to barn, where vet exam revealed injuries necessitating euthanasia.” Sky of Hook was three; ’twas his 7th time under the whip. He is the 89th dead racehorse in New York State this year.

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  1. Sad , sad replay
    Winning the race pretty much all the way around getting your shoulder beaten. Then cross the finish line in all probability with your left front leg already damaged beyond repair.Can we please find a way to terminate this travesty?

    • Chestnut…..once again. I dare someone to tell me I’m imagining this (dis-proportionate number) of chestnut horses,breakdowns. Key word disproportionate.

    • Just two days ago, MR. TAG was killed at a New York racetrack. He was the 75th racehorse killed in New York as of November 22, 2020.
      Today, November 24, 2020, SKY OF HOOK was killed bringing the total number of horses killed to 89… Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?!?!???

      • Actually Wanda, he was injured and euthanized the same day as Mr. Tag. So the 2 at Aqueduct that day, and I bet there will be 2 on the same day for Gulfstream Park. Probably 4 dead horses, 2 tracks, in 1 day. And those are just the ones the charts allude to. Who knows how many others were injured and died the same day at other tracks. The inhumanity of the racing world was on full display Sunday.

      • Peggy, thank you for pointing out that I overlooked that SKY OF HOOK was injured and killed on Sunday, November 22nd. I still don’t understand how 13 horses in New York State are counted but have not been named, or at least I didn’t catch their names, and other details about them.
        I have no doubt about horses being killed in Florida but the headline here is the “89th” horse killed in New York state under the jurisdiction of the NYRA. MR. TAG was the 75th dead horse in New York State.

      • Wanda, those 13 weren’t killed racing at the ‘Big Three’ NYRA tracks. But they were killed at Finger Lakes or another of New York’s smaller, dumpy tracks.

  2. So what were the injuries, New York Gaming Commission? Why the secrecy? Where’s the transparency and disclosure?
    I’m in disbelief to read that 89 horses have died in 11 months in just one state alone in the USA, when in recent years the average total number of reported horses killed on racetracks in the whole of Australia in a 12 month period is about 125, which is also utterly unacceptable.

    Needless to say, not all deaths are reported in the global horseracing industry.
    The true number of racehorse deaths is unknown.

    • Sounds about right Carolyn. Australia has about 1/10 the population of the US and kills about 1/10 of the horses the US does in a year. Pretty much any country that has horse racing kills them at roughly the same rate.

  3. Fifteen racehorses killed in one day by racing participants in one state, the State of New York, is ghastly unacceptable!!!!!!!
    MR. TAG, a 3-year-old gelding, was the 75th racehorse killed on Sunday, November 22nd, in NY and SKY OF HOOK, a 3-year-old gelding, was the 89th racehorse killed on Sunday, November 22nd, in NY. This is too horrible!!!! I can’t get over it!!!!

    • No, not all in one day.The 13 others were for the YEAR, from non-NYRA affiliated NY. Again, the big three (Aqueduct, Belmont, Saratoga) comprise the New York Racing Association, and have still collected a shit-ton of horse deaths: 76 so far in 2020. The smaller, unaffiliated little dirtbag tracks have reported the other 13 for the year, so they go toward the whole state’s total, but not toward the NYRA’s. At least that’s how I interpret Patrick’s data. Either way, ALL young racehorse deaths are ghastly unacceptable.

    • I’m sure Patrick is on BOTH of today’s deaths at Aqueduct, Bonnie. Then again, he might be waiting for the third or fourth:(

      • Oh what a lovely “sport” watching living BREATHING innocent souls die,for their mf’r two dollar bets. Those humans are what you call “Pure Evil”. Kelly,don’t you think in Tied Up’s case it was too many drugs? Given,…well you KNOW.

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