Vile: “reluctant to load, urged along, pulled up, vanned off”

The chart note for Hinton in the 2nd at Hawthorne yesterday: “a bit reluctant to load, was urged along the inside disputing the pace in the opening half, gave way racing into the far turn, was pulled up entering the lane, then was vanned off the course.”

“a bit reluctant to load”

“was urged along”

“was pulled up”

“was vanned off the course”

Translation: He did not want to “race.” He was forced to anyway – and whipped in the process. He was injured, maybe before the race even started. He was ambulanced away, which means it’s a good (better than even) chance he’s dead today. (I will definitively find out with a FOIA request.) The 6-year-old was under the whip for the 20th time; he had not “won” a race in almost three years. Oh, and he was also “For Sale” at the bargain-bin price of $5,000 prior to. Trainer, Ingrid Mason; owner, Muddy Water Stables; jockey, Charles Roberts.

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  1. This is disgusting! Owners and trainers say that the horses love to run, obviously Hinton did not love or want to run but he was forced to run anyway being whipped and then vanned off! These people make me sick!

  2. This horse, HINTON, didn’t deserve this abuse!!! So, how valuable or what monetary value did these demented people put on HINTON as a “gambling chip” and was it worth it to cause injuries to HINTON? The answer to a normal person would be, “NO, FORCING THIS HORSE TO RACE AND SUSTAIN INJURY WAS NOT WORTH IT!!!!” It is demented to force horses to do anything that causes injuries and death to the horse!!!!

  3. How sad that it takes a Freedom of Information Act filing to confirm the deaths of all these mangled racehorses. As with most other jurisdictions, Illinois treats its track carnage like it’s a matter of National Security:
    Confidential! Top Secret! Authorized Personnel only!

    Please. If Hinton had been vanned off in New York, his death would have been posted within the hour. Then again, if he’d been injured recently in California, he’d never have been spoken of again by racing so-called officials: “Hinton who?”
    Just tell the public what we already know: that the poor beast was raced to death.

  4. I really hope that the disgusting owner, trainer and jockey eventually have nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives. How they can look in the mirror and actually like who they see is far beyond my comprehension, when in reality they are NOTHING but glorified animal abusers and animal killers.

    • I can assure you that they won’t have nightmares, Irene. It’s always, bring next horse in…

  5. Damned be The Muddy Water Stables.
    Are they proud of MAKING, FORCING a horse to run. Oh, but they love to run, isn’t that the racing world’s mantra.
    Hmm, let’s think about this, which I have read in the 200+ equine books I have.
    Two or three horses running in a pasture are playing, burning pent up energy, they choose to run together as they are having fun
    Four or more horses hyped up on drugs, who have spent 23 hours a day in a small stall are asked to enter a small area where other hyped up horses are and all of a sudden a loud bell goes off and boom, all of them are asked(forced,) for an all out run. Theu are scared, they don’t know why they are running. But they do know, their life depends on it. Horses run for fun and for fear. This wasn’t their ‘fun’ choice, so it’s fear. Whether they are sound or not, out of fear they will run like hell, or at least the best they can. Why, not because they love to run but because they are scared.
    This is called a stampede.
    In my book, the greedy, money hungry owners, trainers, jockeys and bettors are the main cause of the repeated deaths in horse racing.
    And in that same book of mine, it’s called animal abuse.
    Come judgement day, you will be asked why you used His creations for gambling.
    “What you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me”. And, that’s in the same book.

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