With Training Kill, Belmont Now at 44 Dead in 2020

Harris Bay, a 3-year-old colt, was killed training at Belmont Monday – “comminuted [multiple fragments] fractures.” He was trained by John Kimmel, owned by Nedlaw Stable. He is the 44th dead horse at Belmont Park this year. For $2 bets.

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  1. The Injustice of the Innocent & Voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human-inflicted suffering. As the highest created being, humans have a moral obligation to be wise stewards of animals. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do NOT justify the means!

    Every Living Creature deserves the Right to Live as Nature has intended.

    Not only do animal victims deserve to be free from abuse and neglect, but numerous studies show a correlation between animal cruelty and violence toward people—animal cruelty impacts community safety.

    If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.

    This is not a competition, this is an evil act so horrible and painful against innocent animals. How sad that the US still allows this animal abuse and killing!

  2. This unacceptable abuse, this exploitation, this selfish act of cruelty, this unscrupulous killing of a young and underdeveloped Thoroughbred was for $2 bets, and possibly $1 bets, and definitely for the CORPORATE WELFARE to the racetrack owners and operators and their WAGERING HANDLE.

  3. Keeneland race 1 today. Horse #5 (gray one) called She wants more a DNF and massively behind everyone else on race. Jerking her head and running erratically. Hopefully she is ok

    • When they do that Nancy,they are telling the humans they are hurt/injured. Also, same race #3 LATE scratch.

      • Bonnie
        Katie the Cutie was a vet scratch at the gate
        The humans don’t listen when the horse is telling them we are hurting

  4. Everybody who leaves a reply against horse racing should find out who their legislators are and ask them not to support this bloodsport. Our NYS tax dollars should not be funding animal cruelty.

  5. For those who think 44 dead horses seems like a lot for one single track to generate in less than a year: It’s not. In fact, it’s just about “right.” Similar-sized horse-killing tracks (we see you, Santa Anita) maintain this number as a year-to-year AVERAGE (for the kills that are actually reported, that is.)
    So big thanks should go out to Belmont racing officials for bothering to “keep it real” for the public. Wish we could say the same for California tracks (and their so-called regulators, the super-transparent, high-integrity CHRB.) Led by the ever-thoughtful, humanitarian Stronach Group, Santa Anita decided not to stop killing off a racehorse every 10.6 days, as they were wont to do this year, even well after all their wildly effective new Safety Reforms were “voluntarily” put in place. Oh no. Instead, they chose the more morally-efficacious option of suddenly refusing to report their dead altogether. Genius, right?
    And the CHRB is just great with that, too. No more dead-horse-headaches from the pesky, animal-loving public. No more nosy reporters snooping around and asking tough questions about why they allow (even encourage) this non-stop, state-sanctioned equine bloodbath to continue. It works out perfectly for the esteemed Board.

    So, keep on tallying up your kills, Belmont. You’ve still got a couple months to get your numbers up, before they’re considered even remotely unacceptable to NY Gaming Commissioners.

    • I think they call it the law of averages. Except I don’t agree that it is remotely okay to sacrifice the lives of any number of horses, usually more often than not Thoroughbreds, to the greedy racing gods so that they may whine if they are not getting “their corporate welfare money from the government” to keep themselves making money doing “the only thing they know.”

    • Kelly, thanks for the updates from California.
      As long as Dr. Rick Arthur (past and/or current? racehorse owner and treats or treated racehorses) is the head of the CHRB nothing will change.
      He’s been there for years throughout all of this – ever notice that?
      They need to stop horse racing altogether, but changing out those Board members are imperative.

      • I. Will. Never. Get. Over.Ca. vets. And.How.They.Killed.Mongolian Groom. May you rot in hell.

      • Hey, Gina (and all:)! Dr. Arthur is still Equine Medical Director, but it seems his is more an advisory role (“As Medical Director, I advise you to put all these young animals out of their misery as far away from CHRB-licensed facilities as you can get them.”) Dr. Greg Ferraro is the Board Chairman, and conducts nearly all the public meetings in his gruff, stern administrator style. I’m pretty sure he has never smiled in all of his 75 years. And, why would he? He’s spent his career as a freaking TRACK VET, and then as a researcher at U.C. Davis, studying thousands of dead racehorses in the highly-unsuccessful quest to turn horse racing into something that doesn’t kill off thousands of racehorses.
        I’m about to tune in to the audio of today’s meeting. I’m thinking it’ll be more of the same from the esteemed Board. They’ll coddle the horse-killers while impatiently dismissing every single member of the public — who’s constantly begging them to stop covering up the carnage, and at least TRY to do a goddamned thing to save a single Cali horse’s life.
        I’ll let y’all know if anything as meaningful as sparing one horse’s life was decided by this board today. In other words, don’t hold your breath for good news:(

      • I read an article online some weeks ago about the number of breeders of Thoroughbreds for racing will decrease in the next decade or so. Some of these older men and women who have been breeding and racing Thoroughbreds for most, or all, of their lives will die of old age. They either don’t have children or their adult children do not want to continue in the business of breeding and racing Thoroughbreds. There will be fewer horses available to be exploited for racing as a result. Therefore, the rules will be tweaked in order to try to get enough horses in whatever races they will be having in the next two decades. I believe that was in New York state specifically that will be tweaking the rules.

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