Four More Dead Horses at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission has released the names of four more horses killed whilst in the service of that state’s horseracing industry – all at Belmont Park:

First, there’s Bustin Scones, euthanized for colic October 5. She was four and had been put to the whip 15 times, most recently at that same track last month.

Next, there was Nero’s Fiddle who, after “taking some bad steps” in the 2nd race Thursday, was “vanned off” and subsequently euthanized. He, too, was four.

Then, Blackjack, euthanized yesterday after being diagnosed with cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy. He was just two years old and had yet to be raced.

Finally, Alysinawonderland, also yesterday – “horse was found dead in the stall.” She was just three years old and was in the process of being prepped for her debut.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Trashing horses right and left. What a waste Actually I should say killing babies. Because that’s all they are

  2. This makes me sadder than I can say. It is so wrong, so wrong. These horses are treated just like chattles, things to be used until they are used up. When will this stop.

  3. Sometimes people comment to ask why there’s merely talk/comments on here and no action?
    I’ve even been asked that directly to which I respond:
    There’s plenty of action just by virtue of exposing the truth, facts, deceptions that this vile business has been getting away with for years.
    Patrick Battuello works hard to provide the names, dates, tracks, race numbers and any other related information of racehorses who are dying.
    This has never been done before.
    I’ve seen this business go from total lack of transparency to transparency in some capacity since this site has been established.
    Secondly, the unsuspecting public has now been exposed to the sad truth behind this killing business. Yet another accomplishment that would otherwise not be obtainable without the facts.
    Thirdly, Patrick has done countless TV interviews, has shown up at government hearings to remind people and our politicians just what’s going on behind the “glamor” of horse racing. This has further the cause because any normal person, once exposed, can’t support this killing business.
    Finally, there’s now talk among politicians about the billions of dollars going to support this business and that’s how it will eventually lead to as full discontinuation of financial support to horse racing.
    These are just some examples as to why I continue to submit my comments and I feel that this form of action comprises the steps needed towards ending this uncivilized brutality and killing of racehorses.
    I certainly agree that it’s not going to hap

    • You bring up some excellent points, Gina. If anyone feels like just talking about it is doing nothing, they are mistaken. Having a conversation about the facts of what is happening to horses at the hands of the people who exploit them is VITAL to anything being done to eventually stop the CRIMINALLY insane behavior towards horses that leads to so much pain and suffering to the horses. Tell your family members, your neighbors when applicable, your co-workers if possible, and especially tell your elected representatives and such. Let them know about this site.

      • Totally agree, Wanda. It’s called changing hearts and minds! THAT. It is vitally important to the “process”.

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