In 91st Race, 8-Year-Old Finishes Last (of 11), 25 Lengths Back

Just the latest racehorse being run into the ground…

Final Ritual is eight years old. Yesterday at Parx, he was put to the whip for the 91st time. Ugly enough – but save for a 2nd-place finish July 5, this year, his sixth on the track, has revealed him as woefully spent:

Jan 13 – last
Jan 28 – 4th
Feb 21 – second-to-last
Mar 3 – last
Mar 12 – last
Jul 19 – 6th
Aug 15 – 9th

And his two most recent races:

Sep 7 – last, 30+ lengths back
yesterday – last (of 11), 25+ lengths back

His current (and throughout 2020) abusers: trainer, Ney Pessanha; owner, HPI Stable.

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  1. The racetrack staff, including the Racing Secretary who accepted the entry and entry fee for FINAL RITUAL, are also among the abusers of this horse. Anyone connected to the wagering on this horse and all other horses in every race at every racetrack have a hand in the abuse of horses exploited as gambling chips. The wagering handle is more important to these people than the well-being of any horse. It’s wrong and it’s demented.

  2. Stop racing this precious horse and let him live his life out in comfort. Stop horse racing period!!! Cruelty to animals (and humans) has got to STOP!!!!! Zero Tolerance for Animal Abuse!!!!

  3. Just 8 years of age and he’s already had 91 race starts (let alone all the miles he’s clocked up in training) and performing poorly coming home distanced.
    The trainer and owner don’t give a damn about this poor horse and the relevant racing authorities do NOTHING thereby condoning this obvious case of aggravated animal abuse. It’s my belief that the relevant racing authorities are third party to this abuse.
    FINAL RITUAL is a classic example of the horseracing industry running an innocent horse into the ground.
    Those responsible for this torturous treatment (both physiologically and psychologically) of this horse are fully aware that he’s at high risk of breaking down.
    You mongrel bastards.

    • Even the most diehard fans, apologists and facilitators see this for what it is, pure animal abuse and unvarnished cruelty.
      I don’t think they would have the nerve to even suggest the horse is “doing what he loves”. NO horse wants ro run way at the back of the herd and finish 25 lengths behind. And they can’t dare say this is an isolated case because these poor abused track warriors are everywhere.
      So what is wrong with these people??!
      Obviously, something is…

      • Entirely agree with you, Rose.
        And thanks for pointing out the affect on a horse who is struggling to keep up with his ‘herd’ whilst being left way behind with his poor body unable to cope and literally trying to stay alive by keeping himself up on his four legs and being a prey animal 24/7 self preservation is foremost in his mind.
        These people doing this to FINAL RITUAL must be sadists.

  4. Horse racing has 3 categories of parasites: 1. abusers (Ney Pessanha, jockeys etc.) 2. enablers of the abuse (owners, gamblers, racing secretary, vets etc.) 3. both
    Martin Luther King, when reflecting upon injustice, ” “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    All the people who watches this poor racehorse, FINAL RITUAL, be repeatedly abused and remains silent are just as culpable as the abusers themselves.
    This is such a vile business.

  5. I would like to give this poor boy a home with a peaceful life, attention, 3 brothers and what he has always deserved and never received, love.

    • Pamela, just getting the racing people to let the horse go to a retirement home is like pulling teeth. Such is the case with EIGHTY EIGHT, a Thoroughbred gelding,14-years-old and having been raced 157 times; we expect they will race him again in October. There are so many horses that are just grinding away being used as gambling chips.

  6. One more thing, think about the horses all grouped together, running very, very fast. We keep reading that the defenders say they love to run. Horses are flight animals, if one takes off running they all run, why, because they are scared, they are running scared to death on those tracks. Imagine the horses in the back of the pack, they must be terrified that the predator is going to get them. The predator is on their back, in the stands cheering, and in the casinos betting.
    The only time horses love to run is when they choose to for fun, (horse play) while in their pastures where they know they are safe. They run, they buck, they jump and it makes one happy to watch them be happy.
    Most of you already know this, but for those who do not, please consider getting on the HRW train, help save the horses.

  7. Some break down early, some break down later and some are difficult to break down. Are there wagers on how long and how many races the “old war horses” can withstand and stay on their feet ??!! Who knows…
    But these “old” horses will eventually succumb one way or another because their connections don’t care. And there is no interest in allowing the horse to have a decent retirement even at the expense of others. Hard to believe.

    • And, that’s the biggest sin of all Rose-that the TYPE of ‘people’ in this debacle Don’t care. That is the WORST sin of ALL.

    • In parx 10th on wed sydney time is last every time she races she used to close to win her races not even trying please retire her before she breaks down he age is creeping up on her

      • Barbara I understand exactly how you feel. It’s a horrible feeling of impending doom,and we feel helpless, which is the worst feeling. We just want to protect them ALL, because they deserve protection,and love. I know of a chestnut gelding born in 2008,who last year was still racing at legit tracks.This year I haven’t been able to bring myself to look him up on equibase, for fear of what I might find.

  8. Lets face it, the so-called owner, trainer and jockey won’t be satisfied until this horse is DEAD….then they can quite happily collect the insurance money and the slaughterhouse fee, money-grabbing, profiteering ass****s right to the end.

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