Pimlico Kicks Off Preakness Meet With a Kill

On its website, Pimlico Race Course announced the following: “Championship racing returns to legendary Pimlico Race Course Thursday for the long-awaited opening of an historic Preakness Meet at Pimlico, highlighted by the 145th running of the $1 million Preakness Stakes Saturday, Oct. 3.” Indeed, racing returned to Pimlico yesterday – and along with it, killing. In the 4th, this for 5-year-old Talent Scout: “sustained an injury in upper stretch then was euthanized on the track.” Remember him – and the thousands of others – as you contemplate a bet next Saturday.

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  1. TALENT SCOUT, 5-years-old, injured by racing and killed. These heinous cruelties to horses must be stopped!!!!

  2. Every race track is a killing field. I am so sorry, Talent Scout. You in no way deserved what humans forced upon you. The pain and killings horses suffer makes me so ashamed to be a member of the whipping species.

  3. A very classy Old chestnut got claimed recently by Danny Gargan,he’s one of those trainers, along with others…such as John Servis, and many others,that just sends my worrying maternal instincts into overdrive! There are certain trainers I don’t trust as far as I could throw them…I’m REALLY upset with a feeling of IMPENDING doom.

    • Bonnie, You mean those trainers that should have been thrown in jail by the authorities for trafficking in illegal drugs and illegal use of both legal and illegal drugs on horses, right?!

  4. You are RIGHT Wanda! So many of these old war horses need to just be RETIRED. This particular chestnut has never had “other” ownership than Zilla. I say rather than have put him up for “sale” just retire him, they owe him that at LEAST. He did a lot for that ownership group. No thankfulness, no loyalty, no sentimentality. From a lot of articles I have been reading…sounds like horse racing is on Life Support.

  5. Correction: he was claimed by Rudy Rodriguez, not Danny Gargan. Either way, I’m apprehensive and concerned, this horse has run in a lot of TOUGH, high level contests. You can’t tell me that doesn’t take a hard toll on them, the pounding,on those skinny legs.

  6. Los Alamitos vanned off another one tonight. Big surprise, I know. But he’s not even the one whose life I fear for the most.There were two others that aren’t listed as vanned, but could likely have suffered injuries based on their deliberately deceptive chartwriter notes in races 4 and 5.
    Guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to see if the highly credible and transparent CHRB records any deaths.

  7. Breaking (for the regulars): They just ran poor Eighty Eight again. Came in dead last.

    • I can not believe this unfathomable abuse. And we were willing to save this overextended beautiful beautiful animal for a good life.

      • (*Biting my tongue, for once*)
        Plus, they just vanned off another one in race 4. I wonder if This is the Moment is still alive?

      • The only thing I can think is…maybe keeping him from you know what,and also extremely not even blip on radar events. I’m sure not much is expected. Maybe this is a ‘better’ option? I don’t know, just thinking about it.

    • Kelly,
      That is exactly what Andrea thought would happen with EIGHTY EIGHT; that they would race him again. Why do they race him when it appears obvious that he is going to NEVER be a factor in a race? It is sickening to think about their motivation for racing him, especially at the age of 14 years old.

    • OMG NOOO!!!!!! Looks as if Smith & co, the Alberta HRB CEO, the track Manager et al, couldn’t care less about our outrage. They are laughing in our faces while continuing to abuse EE. That’s it! I am done with the niceness with these parasites.

      • Andrea. He who laughs last laughs best. My 6th grade teacher said that to our class when the bullies were laughing at one of the more vulnerable kids.

      • You’ve done so much already, Andrea. And now you can see why I call them all “Racing Creeps.” They don’t understand animal welfare, nor animal kindness. They’ll only try to get out in front of this story to avoid a public relations disaster (like Santa Anita’s Horse Death Debacle of last year, in which they actually killed FEWER horses than their usual, annual bloodbath, but pretended to be shocked and outraged by their “sudden spike” in horse killings.)
        Racing creeps are the same everywhere:(

  8. I just noticed that too. Chart said “no threat”. Pathetic part is, he didn’t even earn any measly amount of money for the start. They only paid out to 5th place.

  9. I worry more about the ones who are still expected to generate money at relevant tracks. They are pushed harder and under more STRESS.

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