Two More Killed at Saratoga – 18 Dead There This Summer

In each of the past two mornings, a horse has died training at Saratoga Race Course:

3-year-old Mr Jaggers, “injury to RF leg…euthanized”
2-year-old Shirelle, “collapsed and died at 5/8 pole”

The self-styled “oldest sporting venue in the nation” now counts 18 dead horses on the summer. 18 – four over its historical average. If that doesn’t prove that “reform” – “safe racing” – is a lie, I don’t know what will.


  1. Horseracing is the oldest train wreck in this nation, causing the injuries to young horses on a daily basis. The deaths are a logical consequence of this barbarism.
    Racing is killing.

  2. Well it’s the same Trainers killing them over and over again with zippo accountability.
    The other day it was Todd Pletcher killing baby Chief Commander.
    Mr Jaggers yet another victim of Bill Mott.
    Shirelle yet another victim of Chad Brown.
    These Trainers have killed so many over the years.
    Yet, this business reveres them even indicting them into their Racing Hall of (Sh)ame.
    How’s that for “caring” and “loving” them.
    This business is so vile and a pile of manure has more integrity than all of them listed above.
    You would have to be demented to be involved in this business in any capacity.

  3. It’s the constant and systematic torture of innocents who are slaves and can’t fight back. THAT…is what it IS.

  4. Well, Los Alamitos has no doubt just killed off another one. This time, they vanned off a 9 (yes, NINE)-year-old Thoroughbred gelding named Rule He Will.

    Of course, they’re all such repulsive addicts at Los Al that nothing, NOTHING, will stop them from racing hundreds, no, make that THOUSANDS of horses to death, and paralyzing more riders, and “inadvertantly” spreading COVID through their facility and beyond. They’ll be allowed to maim, cripple, kill horses (and jockeys) to their heart’s(?) content, and nobody is going to shut them down, even for one lousy day. The corrupt and contemptible CHRB can call another Emergency Puppet Show Meeting, put them on back on Horse-Killing Probation, and pretend to threaten them with license suspension, but as we all know: Doc Allred and his Roving Gang of Merry Horse-Killing Monsters will continue their non-stop carnage at all costs.

    Furthermore, if Rule He Will is, in fact, dead from his injuries in tonight’s Los Al Horse Hell Race #4, the story will make headlines across California. And the hallmark of every single one of those news reports will be a variation on the ubiquitous phrase: “Los Alamitos officials could not be reached for comment.” They simply won’t answer questions about their mountains of dead horses. Ever.

    Hell, even PETA is calling for a Los Al shutdown. PETA! And they fall on the side of horse racing “reform,” so what does that tell you about how exceptionally horrific this death track is?

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