“Catastrophic Fall” at Thistledown (With Video)

The 5th at Thistledown yesterday: “Steel City Brieze was bounced around between horses at the start, pinched a few strides thereafter, clipped heels, fell suffering a catastrophic injury and was euthanized” (Equibase).

“bounced around between horses”

“fell suffering a catastrophic injury”


Steel City Brieze was four; this was her third race (but first in almost a year).

The fall came right after the start (around 2:33 mark on video):

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  1. Shared to Facebook. I hope more and more people will get wise to how many horses are so brutalized on racetracks every day. I hope more and more people will get convicted in their hearts to stop wagering on horses or any other thought they may have that racing is okay because racing is NOT OKAY!!!!

  2. For those who try to say that this blood sport can be made “SAFE” or even “SAFER,” I ask, then WHY HASN’T IT? This video only depicts one of SEVERAL horses who likely did not survive yesterday’s “fun and frolicking” day at the races. There was at least FIVE recorded van-offs yesterday, THREE of them at Gulfstream Park, owned by the Stronachs, who are one of the richest families in this whole, sick industry. So, wouldn’t the Stronachs have the means to make racing SAFE? Why are breakdowns still occurring daily at their tracks?
    Answer: Racing cannot be made any safer. In fact, all the real, true numbers (as opposed to the Jockey Club’s self-interested PR spin) indicate it’s become even MORE DEADLY for horses, not less.
    Of course, the Stronachs get to enjoy their Gulfstream carnage in private. Gulfstream is in Florida, which essentially has no racing commission, and hence, no fatality reporting requirements. So, even if all THREE of their vanned-off equine victims from yesterday are no longer alive, they aren’t required to confirm ANY of the fatalities to the public. Nothing sleazy and secretive about that, is there?
    Just another example of horse racing SAFETY in full effect.

  3. The jockey whose horse came into the path of Steel City Brieze will have a hearing this coming week. A three day suspension is the minimum punishment but one of the stewards will push for a longer suspension of two to three weeks. Two of the three stewards have to agree with the suspension for it to take effect.

    According to my source, SCB’s whole leg hit the track. The horse did get up but was euthanized on the track. The description sounded gruesome, at least to me, although it wasn’t a “bloody” scene.

    There is only one solution…end horseracing…because even ONE death is ONE too many.

  4. Any way you look at it, horse racing is nothing but murder of a beautiful animal. The reality of this business needs to be brought forward to the general public. Show the horrific pictures on the news on a weekly basis. Get the public alerted to the actual results of this cruel and abusive sport.

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