Reform Is a Lie: Los Alamitos Kills Again as 2-Year-Old Becomes 38th Victim

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the death of Bob E McGee in the 4th yesterday at Los Alamitos. No details were released, but according to the chart, the 2-year-old “fell” before dying. He becomes the 38th fatality at Los Alamitos this year and 81st in California – a state that has supposedly implemented the most stringent “safety measures” in the U.S., ever. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Reform is a lie; horseracing kills, inherently and inevitably.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.
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  1. And a big congrats to the L.A. Times so-called Sports team for actually acknowledging this latest death, too. Two months ago, you couldn’t pay them to even mention a single Los Al death of any kind. Now you’ve got John Cherwa writing up semi-comprehensible explanations of their whole bloodbath — complete with a Breakdown-Severity (B.S., for short) blurb on why euthanasia was necessary for Bob E McGee. AND, he even threw in a couple sentences on Los Alamitos’ most recent jockey-maiming accomplishment. Way to get those quotes, Mr. Cherwa!

    Just kidding on that last part, of course; nobody at the Los Al Death Track and COVID-Spreading Emporium ever, ever, EVER gives on-the-record interviews, answers, quotations, apologies, or explanations, not even to their (former) bestest-best-friends at the L.A. Times.
    Even so, baby steps. Baby (as in like the BABY HORSES racing kills each and every day) Steps.

  2. So called “reforms” where horse racing (in other words cruelty, abuse, doping, whipping, tasering, maiming and killing of innocent lives) are a joke. And a very, VERY bad one at that. These baby horses are doomed from the second they are foaled. Never to experience love or what it means to be a horse. I don’t know how they can still make excuses for this daily carnage and continue calling it a sport. The heartlessness and obliviousness is unimaginable.

  3. Does it matter to anyone in horseracing in California that the air quality in Los Alamitos, CA is UNHEALTHY? The current AQI at 12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, SEP. 14, 2020 is 151, UNHEALTHY in Los Alamitos, CA.
    Does it matter to any politician that this is more horrible on top of horrible on top of horrible to infinity…?
    As if running 2-year-old horses isn’t bad enough, then to race them to their death is even worse and to allow it to continue is egregious. To allow this hideous killing of baby horses, keeping in mind that the Thoroughbred racing industry documents that Baby Races are races for two-year-olds, to continue at all is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Allowing it to continue during a global human health PANDEMIC (for which there is no valid vaccine as of yet) and running horses in horribly polluted air full of contaminated particulates is horrendously demented, irresponsible, derelict and NOT OKAY.

  4. Murders plain and simple. Reform will not work, ever. Just like COVID, the death toll mounts and the killing continues. Precious animal and human lives are entrusted to those who do not care. What can be done? Does anybody care?

  5. I sent letters to all on the above List — I hope many did the same — if Legislators hear it enough times, I hope they’ll do something.

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