Every Day: 5-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos

Billy the Hott, a “pulled up, vanned off” in the 8th at Los Alamitos Saturday, has been confirmed dead. He was five years old. To date, 80 racehorses have perished at California tracks this year. Reform is a lie; you can’t fix wicked.

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  1. The other horse vanned off Saturday night at Los Al is said to be fine. Strangely enough, her name is Verifiable (as in, it’s verifiable that she actually survived.) She’s (another) 2-year-old quarter horse filly bred and owned by “Doc” Ed Allred, the owner of Los Alamitos itself.
    Point is, old Doc clearly doesn’t care to stop breaking down baby horses. You’d think he’d become sufficiently horrified at his own, personal equine bloodbath while Los Al was on Horse Killing Probation. Nope. Or how about when he continued killing horses at the same rate, even after the CHRB-mandated Horse Safety Plan was in effect? Not a chance. Well, okay, then, what about two weeks ago, when HIS OWN 2-year-old filly, Peek it Up, died horrifically at his track, PARALYZING a young jockey in the process? You’d think THAT would have at least slowed him down a bit, led him to maybe take a pause and reflect on the human and animal carnage he’s inflicted. Alas, no. Doc didn’t even wait a day to send out more horses and riders to be maimed and mangled on his Death Track.
    So, I guess Billy the Hott really is “in a better place” now, isn’t he? Unlike Verifiable, he no longer has to suffer and run for his life at soon-to-be-shuttered Los Alamitos Horse Hell.

    • Kelly, your description of the evil of the owner of Los Alamitos Racecourse is definitely a description of “wicked” and proof of what Patrick has stated above: “Reform is a lie; you can’t fix wicked.”

      • All the Cali tracks may have a few people who are genuinely concerned about horse welfare. But track revenue is derived from those who AREN’T. So which group do you imagine they cater to? Don’t answer that, Wanda. I know you get it;)
        But…the folks at Los Alamitos all come across as straight-up UNAPOLOGETIC and INDIFFERENT to all of their horse killing. At their first CHRB “Emergency” meeting, they came out swinging. Wasn’t until the next one (after they’d huddled up with their legal team, AND killed off a couple more horses) that they pretended to be remotely contrite. Now that they’re back in the news for paralyzing a rider and killing more horses, it seems they’ve zipped up again. Whatever, Los Al. You are done.

  2. Speaking of California soon-to-be-dead horses: Looks like Del Mar is trying a new method of dealing with all the negative publicity on this, the final day of their summer killingfest. 6-year-old gelding Rick’s Dream was injured/vanned off in race 4. But Del Mar decided to get ahead of all the anger toward them by tweeting that he’s been stabilized and scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Sounds sketchy (but what’s not sketchy from horse racing officials?), as he apparently collapsed and crumbled to the ground very suddenly. Don’t know if they’re really going through with surgery, or, far more likely, we’ll be reading about his death in a couple days:(

    • That sounds like “pro-active” damage control, meaning a public relations stunt to deceive people into thinking the opposite is true. Misleading and false statements will fool the ignorant or die-hard supporters, I suppose. As if they are capable of caring for a six-year-old gelding, they suggest surgery. If they do spend the money on surgery, it will be an experiment, I think.

      • Exactly, Wanda! And as I check the CHRB ‘Veterinary’ website, I see that the whole thing is locked up from a Server Error. In other words, they’re currently inputting the 3? 4? 5? 6? DEAD HORSES from this weekend, and the system can’t handle all the carnage. Go figure.

      • Kelly, not to take away from the horrific killing of horses in California or the deviant methods used to attempt to cover up the carnage or manipulate the “racing death” numbers of all horses dead by being abused to death by racing industry people, but it seems like the horrendous damage caused by wildfire and smoke would have some impact. Thanks, Kelly, for keeping us updated on what they are doing there in California.

      • Edit: As I type this (had to go out and give some love to my beautiful baby), I see they’ve only added the THREE dead on the CHRB Fatalities Report; “only” one for each track that ran this holiday weekend. Where’s the other kills, Board members and track vets?

        (Pretty sure they know that we expect them to DO THEIR JOBS and report ALL the killed Cali racehorses.)
        Stay tuned…

  3. Snake Doctor dead after breaking down at Kentucky Downs today, 10th race. Horrible spill, the worst I’ve ever seen.

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