Every Day: “Catastrophic Injury, Fell, Humanely Euthanized” at Penn

In the 3rd at Penn National last night, Happyandiknowit “suffered a catastrophic injury entering the stretch, fell and was humanely euthanized” (Equibase). The 4-year-old was “For Sale” just moments before meeting her demise. This is horseracing.

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  1. Stop. Killing. Horses.
    Stop. The. Government. Gravy. Train. To. This. Vile. Industry.
    Stop. Producing. Foal. Crops. Only. To. Use. And. Abuse. Them. To. Death.

  2. Aren’t the names so ironic?
    HAPPYANDIKNOWIT was anything, but happy.
    An intensely confined free roaming herd animal being doped, beaten and run to her death.
    Her PP’s speak volumes about how miserable and brutalized she was.
    1st Race – finished dead last by 30+ lengths.
    2nd Race – finished dead last by 20+ lengths.
    3rd Race – finished dead last by 5+ lengths.
    4th Race – finished dead last by 25+ lengths. The horse that finished last was “eased” so there you go.
    5th Race – finished second last by 30+ lengths. Now you can only imagine just how sore the horse was that finsihed last. In fact, UNION CHARM had 4 starts finishing dead last, second last or out of the money by a combined 80+ lengths. Last race was on August 16, 2020. VILE!
    6th Race – a dim glimmer of hope. Finished 2nd making a “belated run” on the inside while being repeatedly whipped and beaten.
    Next race – DEAD.
    So obvious that HAPPYANDIKNOWIT had some serious issues going on even before her 1st start, but this is horse racing where issues are masked with dope, vet/treatment records are hidden, and daily business practices entail brutality beyond comprehension for most normal, compassionate people.
    Her issue(s) gave way in that last race and the Trainer/Owner knew that they were sending her out to die more or less.
    Please write your politicians, do something, however hollow it may seem right now.
    This business has got to go!

    • Gina, I swear I cannot emotionally take anymore of hearing about all these killings of intelligent, majestic,sensitive, PURE souls. What is WRONG with the SCUMBAGS involved in this? This is PROOF that some humans are born pure evil….pure fucking evil. SHAME on them,and their loser lives.

    • Thank you for the additional info, Gina. I believe the chart for Happyandiknowit’s first race (and last place finish) said something about her “getting an education”. Unbelievable – well, for this cold and calloused industry, actually not.

  3. I am contacting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand,I like her,and frankly Cuomo and Schumer, I feel would be totally useless.

      • Your soooooo right on that point Nancy. He and his wife are lovely. I was with them when the Pope came to Philly a few years back. The thing is regarding Pa.,they are so ensconced and big in the Harness Horse breeding. But he DEFINITELY truly listens,that I can tell you for certain.

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