#8: Saratoga Kills Another

The 11th at Saratoga just a couple hours ago: “POT OF HUNNY…suffered a catastrophic injury just inside the six furlong marker and fell heavily…and was required to be euthanized on track” (Equibase).

“Was required to be euthanized on track” – America, your “Sport of Kings.”

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

Governor Cuomo
Senator Schumer
Senator Gillibrand
Assembly Speaker Heastie
Majority Leader Cousins
“Domestic Animal Welfare” Committee
NYS State Senators

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  1. Stop. Killing. Horses.
    Stop. Corporate. Welfare.
    Stop the corporate welfare to horse racing!!!!!!

  2. Poor girl was the product of unsound breeding, doomed from the start. Her damsire Teuflesburg had broken his leg and was cobbled back together to be a stallion.

    • These sick freak TB breeders (and trainers, owners, stewards, vets, bettors, track officials…) still don’t see that they’ve brought the annihilation of their beloved blood sport on themselves. What kind of demented sadist would put such a fragile, breakable creature under such extreme stressors as this?
      Never mind; I already know the answer. ALL of them.

      • Yup. Everything you said right there Kelly, IS dead-on. The over breeding of these majestic horses is the biggest factor. It is morally and ethically wrong. Breeding is the number one reason of this evil egregious sin. STOP the suffering. NOW

    • Peggy, that was the FIRST thing that came to mind, I hate to say. I know exactly of what you say. So sad, I am a big fan of Bayern. Just god awful for a baby girl to die that way.

  3. How I wish this stopped. What’s it going to take? Lawmakers do nothing. Maybe it’s time to do something different?

    • Someone suggested publishing owners who are not also trainers,who race on the major circuits n.y. calif. These. People who are owners don’t want to be known as killers to private business associates outside of the horse racing business.

  4. Gary Sciacca. One of the legion of cheap claiming race trainers. They have no idea how to improve a horse. Just use it up. If the racetrack got rid of all the cheap claiming trainers there would only be 3 races a day. They are really criminals but laws have to catch up to people who kill horses on the track. Animal abuse. Right now its broodmares being discarded after their breeding lives are over. Read Twitter. Every day more postings from girls rescuing unwanted mares that are still producing milk for foals snatched away. Heartbreaking

    • It’s ironic that you mention this low life Sciacca. Today 8/30 he seems to have lured a former hack owner who continues to throw his easy made money into this game,football star Bill Parcells is giving this hack,calling himself a trainer,more money to destroy another horse.As in Saratoga Snacks,who these two hacks put through hell,earning almost a million dollars while continuing to race this horse into the ground. The ordeal of racing this horse through three broken legs,with the help of the biggest hacks,The New York Gaming Commission who knowingly allowed Sciacca and Parcells to abuse this animal. This is a common occurrence.But yet Parcells gives Sciacca another horse to abuse and destroy for their own financial gain and amusement.Is Bill Parcells stupid or ignorant to allow Sciacca anywhere near a horse he spent good money for.This horse Forty Two Ace ran Sunday 8/30 Saratoga 1st race. Now you know,Sciacca,after talking Parcells into letting him train this TWO YEAR OLD that Parcells is already into for $100,000- grand, only to be Broke Down At A Later Date. In order for Sciacca to keep Parcells in his grasp,Sciacca has to win with “Forty Two Ace” by any means necessary,pulling out all stops.IMO,This means pulling out everything including the “The Kitchen Sink” to shove into this horses veins.Within the next few starts this horse will begin his journey into the world of endless cocktails that would make Professor Timothy Leary,”Envious” during the 1960’s. Who in his right mind would give this hack a horse to train? He is one of the worst trainers,in my humble opinion.In my opinion this is the only way he’ll get this horse to the winners circle.And save face with Parcells.How does Sciacca continue to have horse owners give him horses to destroy,year after year. I may have the answer to that,to be presented at a later date,and there is nothing nice about it. What a dirty game it is.Tune in folks,it will give this blog site something to talk about.

  5. The rate of death due to racing fills me with horror and despair, these fragile creatures are not even fully grown before they are forced to train, race and die, all for human to make more money, shameful and barbaric.

  6. Never a word on twitter from the photographers who witnessed the horror of a baby girl dying HORRIFICALLY in the mud. They will tweet about all other kinds of nonsense, but not a peep about the loss of life. These people make me SICK beyond words. Sick, Sick, Sick….they are unredeemable. This shit show needs to be flushed down the toilet, to put out the STENCH.

  7. Maybe if we add more representatives to the list instead of just CA and NY, it may be an inspiration. Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Gov. Phil Murphy of NJ. Prime real estate at Monmouth and Meadowlands. Prime real estate at Parx. Perhaps when these people get together they will tell each other they get calls from a group called HRW and they don’t give up.

  8. Gina, you could speak to this….I feel sloppy/sealed tracks cause more breakdowns and career ending injuries. What is your opinion on this?

    • There doesn’t seem to be any set pattern as to sloppy/sealed track surfaces contributing to breakdowns.
      I’ve never seen any reputable studies to prove this potential factor.
      Nevertheless, it’s often a “go to” excuse for apologists.
      The main contributing factor to catastrophic breakdowns, as peer-reviewed reputable studies have shown time and time again, is pre-existing conditions.
      This is precisely why I focused on any rule that facilitated this factor such as shock wave therapy, powerful drugs, and the fact that the medical records don’t follow the horse.
      What I learned, the hard way, is that it doesn’t matter what you try to change because this business is about the money over the health and welfare of the horse.
      I laugh at how naive I once was and I was just as delusional as some of the people I debate now.
      In order to keep the wheels of the wagering windows greased this business requires the daily abusive business practices, the slap on the wrist fines, the repeated doping violators, and the racehorse killers.
      This is all part of it and that will never change because if they were to, miraculously, implement meaningful “reform” then they know damn well that it would effect their wagering profits.
      It would effect the size of their fields consequently decreasing their profits.
      That’s why reforms won’t work, never have, never will and the only rightful conclusion that any normal person should reach is that horse racing is a brutal blood bath full of money hungry parasites.
      Unfortunately, the racehorses pay every step of the way and that’s why it needs to be shut down.

    • And another at Gulfstream, race 4. I’m sure it was a total horror show, Bonnie. But they’ve already tidied up their tweets about it. Monsters.

      • Kelly, I think she threw the jockey in the post parade. She knew she didn’t want to run,and was NOT SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bonnie. She was horse #7 and last at the start

      They already edited replay of race 5 to 10 seconds.

    • Got it. I wouldn’t watch the video of Channeled Angel taking her final steps, even if it was available. Good thing for the Stronach Group she “got her wings” in Florida, right? This way, they don’t have to admit shit. Classy organization, right?

      • I look at the entries and results. You can usually figure out whoever was listed last was the one who dnf.

  9. Chart caller at Saratoga “suffered catastrophic injury,expertly pulled up,vanned off “….isn’t that special.

    • Yes, it is very self-righteously special and very sickeningly pathetic! Expertly pulling up a horse that is so catastrophically injured that euthanasia is required to put the horse out of his/her misery can only mean basically that these people who profit from racing in any way are “professional horse-killers” and must be stopped.

  10. So Ms. Belinda Stronach who is now fully and legally in charge of all “The Stronach Group” racetracks and about 20+ companies all related to horse racing wagering profits was at the forefront of so-called “reforms” when racehorses were dying at Santa Anita.
    Nevertheless, the hypocrisy and complete ineffectiveness of Ms. Stronach’s high profile “reform” approach is laid to bare on a daily basis and she’s suddenly gone silent.
    She focused on Santa Anita and California horse racing, but little attention was given to the other tracks that they own (Golden Gate, Gulfstream) where equally horrendous racehorse killings were and still are going on.
    It seems clear that Ms. Stronach was only focusing on Santa Anita because the public was outraged and there was a possibility that she would be shut down which, of course, would mean less wagering money in her millionairess pockets.
    The CHRB has not changed a thing and digs deep into their bag of tricks every time.
    They will go to no lengths to endorse and continue this killing show.
    Case in point, multiple doping violator and racehorse killer, good ole Golden Boy Baffert was exonerated yet again on the Justify doping charge.
    It looks like Justify will be disqualified and the purse money redistributed, but this is born out of a lawsuit settlement (not because the taxpayer-funded CHRB did their job, in fact, covered it up) with no charges against Baffert citing that there is “substantial evidence” that it was jimson weed contamination – unbeleivable.
    I suppose the other 1000+ racehorses stabled there had their jimson weed go up in smoke right?
    I bet you this has been going on for years to protect their Golden Boy.
    There is more integrity in a pile of manure than horse racing, but it’s so sad that racehorses pay the price every step of the way.

    • There’s money in it for the lawyers, also, which is sickening! When they are defending someone who exploits vulnerable Thoroughbreds as Barbaric Buffoon Bob Baffert does, it is sickening! What a phony excuse to say the feed was contaminated!!!! Are there any photos of JUSTIFY that show damage to his veins from being penetrated by needles? I suppose that someone would have been threatened if they showed them, (if there were any photos showing injuries to veins).

  11. God I hate that term – “Sport of Kings” – these are all god damn animal abusers and slaughterers. This whole horse racing needs to be shut down completely and forever. Stop using the term daily of “catastrophic injury” – of course it is – there are far too many losers involved in the whole process and none of them give a good god damn about the animals – come on people it is always and always about the BUCKS!!! Money talks and losers walk – unfortunately instead of the horses being the losers it should be all of those involved in this horrible sport – kill them off instead of the animals. Humans are a despicable bunch of assholes involved with these poor animals.

    • The HUMANS are the PROBLEM. For the most part they (humans) Always have been the PROBLEM… drop the mike🎙

  12. “Pot of Hunny” what a cute,sweet name for a beautiful baby girl….who died face planted into the SLOP mud of saratoga

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