Two Horses Collapse and Die on NY Tracks Yesterday

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Determined One died of a “cardiovascular collapse” while training at Belmont yesterday. Determined One was but four years old, still an adolescent.

Same day, 1st race at Batavia Downs: “Rebel Teen lost stride after the half, collapsed and expired on the track before the 3/4 mile.” Rebel Teen was just nine years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Horseracing is cruel and must be ended!
    No horse deserves to be run to his or her death! People that cause such cruelty and torture to horses deserve to be in jail for their crimes against animals!

  2. Horse racing kills racehorses, but the high purse money fueled by casino profits has only exacerbated the abuse and kills.
    Horses are being pulled out of fields, being patched together just to pick-up a check for as little as $300, owners/trainers en masse who have no business owning a racehorse flock to abuse a horse and flip a buck when they can’t even afford to give it minimal care.
    The deeply corrupt HBPA facilitates any horse in any condition to fill races and the wagering coffers because every single time a horse runs in this country the HBPA gets a percentage cut.
    They are responsible for passing such rules as: paying up to last place, not penalizing Trainers who blatantly abuse racehorses and/or violates doping rules, fighting to keep Lasix and a multitude of other doping concotions, they demand to be present at the bargaining table with politicians who dole out millions in casino profits to them and they legally insist on “owning the purse money accounts.”
    The most current example is on full display when the President of the Arizona HBPA wrote a lengthy letter to Turf Paradise demanding that they reinstate the winter 2020/21 meet there:
    “It was established in October 2019 that the purse money was the property of the Horsemen, and the purse account was to be in a HBPA controlled trust account, not in a Turf Paradise account. I believe once this happened Jerry Simms made the decision to close the track. The Covid 19 pandemic was just a convenient excuse.”
    The HBPA spends their time concerned about all the billions, collectively, they bring in from tracks all over the USA, but the racehorses?
    Well, their mere chattel – gambling chips to fill their races and increase their wagering profits.
    They ensure, every single time they bargain, that the racehorses’ don’t have a voice at the bargaining table and they continue to facilitate the massive suffering and dying on tracks.
    Well I have this to say: NO the money doesn’t belong to the HBPA. The casino profits belong to the community and community essential services especially during this pandemic.
    Most of these tracks wouldn’t be running if it wasn’t for these bunch of gangsters stealing money from our communities and they will run a race meet just to get their purse money that is set aside in state public coffers.
    If they don’t use up this money then it goes back into the state coffers and why in the hell do state coffers have an automatic amount of money set aside for this abhorrent business anyways?
    Incidentally, it appears that Rebel Teen has been scrubbed from sites and being 10 years old I have a feeling that he was another abused horse who was probably a big earner and well-deserved a soft landing like they all do, but if anybody has any information about Rebel Teen please provide.

    • I must confess it’s amusing to see Arizona racing creeps as they cannibalize themselves and each other with all their public bickering and mudslinging. (Okay, not much mud to be slung around the desert, so I’m guessing they’re using urine-soaked sand or something. Either way, they’re all filthy with it, as their non-sport publicly crumbles.) And, Turf Pairo’Deaths won’t even hold its daily killingfest this year. And, maybe not ever again:)

  3. If Determined One died of cardiovascular disease wouldn’t the vet and trainer be aware of his condition before racing him at all? Heartless people!

  4. The private vets who treat racehorses are almost always aware of heart conditions and/or physical issues, but the treatment records are kept secret.
    Only the vet and the owners who pay the vet bills are well aware of the issues with their racehorse, but run them anyways.
    Consequently, the state vet who conducts the pre-race exam to authorize the horse to run has no clue about that horse aside from the 90 seconds they see them because they are not provided with the ongoing treatment records.
    It’s a deliberate set-up designed to fail the racehorse every step of the way so that sore/painful/vulnerable racehorses can continue to fill races and the wagering coffers.
    Futhermore, racehorses who are up For Sale in the “claiming ranks” get passed on from Trainer to Trainer with no vet/treatment records following them.
    It’s astounding that this business can legally get away with this since many racehorses are running with pre-existing conditions that the new “connections” know nothing about.
    Isn’t that just the way they want it?
    Why would they want to know or even care that a racehorse is running with screws in its ankle or a hairline fracture of its cannon bone that’s about to break apart?
    This business is desgined to exploit and kill racehorses for stupid gambling bets.

    • It really is, isn’t it? My jaw dropped as I listened to the CHRB approve yet another EXTENSION for the “mandatory” fire sprinkler installations at TWO Cali racing/training facilities. That’s right: fires rage across the newly-charred Golden State, but Ol’ Doc Allred and those poor, poor Stronachs shouldn’t be forced to spend a penny on upgrading their HORSE BARNS to be in compliance with fire codes or anything.

      Once again, CHRB non-regulators prove where their loyaltie$ lie. And it ain’t with horse safety and welfare.

  5. 25+ racehorses burned to death in their stalls at Stronach-owned San Luis Rey Downs.
    You would think that people who claim to “care” and “love them like family members” would have installed sprinkler systems in the barns and stalls by now.
    You would think that such a critical system to save racehorse lives would have been done on a volunteer basis not a mandatory basis.
    Not multi-millionaires Belinda Stronach or Doc Allred because they don’t care.
    This clearly shows just how barbaric these racehorse exploiters and racetrack operators are.
    They don’t want to spend one dime on the very racehorses who make them rich and they continue to get away with this because their victims have no voice.
    They count on this, but we have a voice and we will step up to these parasites.

    • How can they collect insurance without common sense practices such as having fire and smoke alarms plus fire sprinklers in each building that houses anything including humans, horses and hay? It doesn’t add up to basic safety principles or fire codes. I know the horses are expendable but seriously, how can insurance companies be legally bound to pay out on burned “property” that doesn’t meet basic safety codes?

      • Wanda, it’s disgusting beyond the pale. There have been several horrific fires recently in California at chicken farms. One farm in particular touted it’s barns and the way they raise their chickens as “state-of-the-art. Yet, on a day in April of this year, one of those barns became an inferno. 250,000 helpless birds burned to death. The owners were so proud of how the chickens were cage free and lived in a well-ventilated barn. Yet, the one construction feature that would have saved many lives that day was absent–a fire suppression system! The ag industry in California continues to fight tooth and nail against laws that would require these protections. Speaks volumes for how people really feel about animals, doesn’t it?

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