“Fractious,” Then “Rank,” Then “Struck the Rail”

Sunday at Saratoga, according to Equibase:

race 2: “FRANKEL AT ASCOT…switched leads twice…before hopping and ducking in sharply just inside the eighth pole through the temporary rail…apprehended by outrider and returned…with visible cuts to her left front leg.”

race 5: “VENUS OYZO a bit fractious in the gate prior to the start, broke out at the start brushing the off side stall and then was corrected before bumping MS BOOMBASTIC, grew rank under restraint into the first turn…was approaching the far turn near the seven-sixteenths and struck the temporary rail….”

Horseracing – good, clean family fun.

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  1. The descriptions remind me of the “bumper” cars I rode at the Coney Island amusement park outside of Cincinnati back in the 60’s. Lots of fun when you are a kid. Not so much when you are a thousand pound animal slamming into rails and other horses.

  2. Well. Frankel at Ascot was sold at last Deauville August sale in France for $563 thousand. Justin Casse bought her for one of the dirtbag owners Gary Barber. I wonder which idiot will pay for her. 2 year old fillies can go crazy if they panic. If that was my money that paid for her somebody would be in court now being sued. The other 3 year old filly was put through a sale a year ago and did not bring her Reserve of $170 thousand. Then a year later Randi Persaud ends up with her. I wonder why Adirondack Stable chose him to train her. She was by champion Street Sense but could not bring $170 thousand at her sale. There is a story there. But it is not a good one. And somebody knew something about her before that disastrous race. Randi Persaud probably got her because there were problems before and either the owners did not want to pay another trainer or she was not properly prepared for race training for whatever reason. Lack of race preparation results from ignorance of procedures or owners not wanting to PAY for time put into training preparation. I hope she is not ruined now. SNAFU

    • “I hope she is not ruined now.”
      Ruined for what?
      Ruined for another round of abuse and for another gamble on her life?
      “Lack of race preparation…”
      What does it matter Mary?
      All racehorses go through hell only to be intensely confined with needles in and out of their veins, joints, and muscles.
      Then forced to run while in pain while getting beaten when they slow down to protect themselves.
      What difference does it make?
      You seem to always make excuses for this vile business and there are no excuses for this widespread state-sanctioned corruption and killing show.
      It’s got to end, it will end, and the taxpayer-funded subsidies must end.

  3. This sounds like something that insurance fraud investigators ought to be delving into seriously. Also, the ongoing doping ought to be investigated continually by the FBI, in my opinion. There is too much corruption in horseracing for nobody to be held accountable for any of it.

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