With Protesters Out Front, Another Horse Killed at Laurel

The 2nd at Laurel yesterday afternoon, as relayed by Equibase: “My Lila…sustain[ed] a catastrophic injury near the three sixteenths and was euthanized on the track.” My Lila was three; ’twas her 15th time under the whip. In its account, The Racing Biz wrote: “My Lila avoided other horses but catapulted her rider [Tais Lyapustina] over the inner rail.” “Catapulted her rider,” as, that is, she was in the process of breaking down; and breaking down, of course, because Ms. Lyapustina was whip-forcing her to run at a breakneck speed. Can the racing press be any more despicable?

As usual, the official MarylandRacing YouTube channel edited-out the ugliness:
(around 1:00 mark)

By the way, the indomitable Jennifer Sully led a HW-sponsored protest at Laurel yesterday. What was transpiring inside those gates served as a timely reminder as to why Jennifer and so many other great activists feel compelled to brave these trying times and advocate for the suffering voiceless. Thank you, all.

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  1. Isn’t it obvious that people in horseracing are all about the wagering handle? It’s obvious that the money that bettors can win or lose is the main objective in organized horseracing and abusing and killing. They can edit some of the worst things out of the video replay on YouTube because YouTube supposedly has rules against filming animal abuse, cruelty, torture, injuring, killing animals and putting it on public display. So how do they define the abuse, cruelty, torture, injuring, and killing of horses?

      • Patrick, thank you for making that distinction. I am familiar with the fact that racing does like to cover up and hide the fact that horses go down during races. I witnessed firsthand an incident in Colorado in 1980 where a horse went down so quickly and never got up. She was vanned off with her hooves in the air. They showed replays of all the races EXCEPT THAT ONE RACE WHERE A HORSE WENT DOWN. There was no YouTube back then in 1980. The racetrack managed to “sweep it under the rug” about one horse going down and there was no explanation of why she went down or anything. It was an eye opener to me since I had not seen enough races to see something so horrible happen in horseracing.

  2. There’s other red flags with this filly. She came from Adena Springs, and couldn’t even be given away at auction, as she had an RNA at $1,000, even with the famous Medaglia D’Oro as her damsire. She also had a previous DNF, “pulled up, walked off”. Sounds like this poor filly had a lot going against her, and she probably should not have even been near a racetrack. But that didn’t stop them.

      • God bless those protesters,you truly are angels. My Lila’s life mattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her life mattered MORE, than these callous animal abusers.

    • I know Peggy… I saw that too. AND, immediately it brought me to tears for this precious dear soul,who was abused so badly.

  3. Alot more confrontations have to occur at every track that is racing. There have to be people who will con- front tracks owners and trainers and jockeys about entering lame horses and whipping any horse to run when the horse is showing reluctance. Massive omplaintas and confrontations every day. It will work.

  4. Thank you to these protesters! Your message is currently being reinforced a thousand-fold, as this is shaping up to be another of the bloodiest weekends on American horse tracks. Racing creeps are already trying to spin the horror show of all these breakdowns, disasters, accidents, and straight-up acts of criminal animal cruelty. (Green Gratto, anyone?)
    So, the thoughts & prayers crowd had better double down today; they’re gonna need all the help they can get to make it through this horse and rider bloodbath.

    • Poor Green Gratto.
      As you,know, he finished last of 7, over41 lengths Back.

      What is wrong with these
      people!! Bringing a horse back like that never works. At least it was not a George Washington disaster, yet!

      • You’ve got to know you’re doing something really, really wrong to the horse when everyone else IN RACING is publicly berating you for doing it. I mean, all these racing supporters are SILENT when older, injured horses far less accomplished than Green Gratto get dumped into these deadly situations. But they’re suddenly vocal about horse welfare when a money winner gets treated like all the lesser-knowns and throw-aways.
        Hey, racing folks: you all put EVERY horse into this mess, and now you’re gonna get all holier-than-thou about an “earned” retirement for just this one?

  5. You’re right Kelly. Even today everyone was in a tizzy about Frankel in Ascot going through the rail at Saratoga. There are videos all over Twitter. Poor Tyler Gafflione fell off. Aw. Doesn’t help that he was pounding on her right handedly prior to her bolting through the rail. And a few races later, after Venus Oyzo hits the rail, jockey sent to the hospital, and not a peep. What a weird world

    • Shut this CORNY ass mother fucker DOWN. My message to you in horse racing…go get a REAL F’n JOB.

  6. Kelly, when you said, “holier-than-thou…” I couldn’t help but think of Maggi Moss. Could any of these people be taking lessons from her? Maybe not, I can’t say for sure but I can say it’s time to stop racing horses, exploiting them to death and calling it entertainment or a job or anything like that.

  7. To the protesters – many many thanks for your caring and trying to aid in this stopping this horrible act of animal abuse. For this poor little filly – 15th time under the whip – Jesus H Christ she was a 3 year old – should not have been anywhere near a track. You assholes that own and train these horses are just a pathetic bunch of losers. The jockeys and the racing commission are just another bunch of assholes. It is about the money – it is never about the animals. I am so sick of reading that the horse suffered a catastrophic injury – of course it did – it was way too young and without a doubt had no proper training – who in the hell could train her – you assholes don’t have a friggin clue – you are just “killers” no other words for you.

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