“Went Wrong,” Dead at Golden Gate

In the 4th yesterday at Golden Gate, Snow Pack was said (Equibase) to have “went wrong” and been “vanned off.” For the uninitiated, “went wrong” is one of Racing’s go-to euphemisms for dead. And indeed this 3-year-old filly is, as confirmed by the CHRB. To owner Gary Marrone and trainer Michael Lenzini, however, no great loss, for you see the pair had Snow Pack “For Sale” at the bargain-basement price of $4,000 immediately prior to her death. In other words, next horse up.

This is horseracing.

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  1. So, in the pathetic world of the CHRB, we now have:

    Track One: Santa Anita, in which so-called regulators have posted ZERO activity of any kind whatsoever since July 5th. That’s right. No deaths, but no workouts either. Are there any horses at Santa Anita right now? The CHRB doesn’t seem to know.

    Track Two: Los Alamitos, which the CHRB decided was worthy of an “Emergency” session, given that it killed off 29 horses, but apparently regained the Board’s trust when it killed off two more. Congrats, Los Al. You passed probation! Now you can keep running those super-safe match races for as long as you’re still around. (Not long, as it turns out.)

    Track Three: Del Mar, which killed off their one and only (so far) on opening day, then proceeded to welcome all COVID-positive, untested jockeys and workers to their Coronafest (compliments of Los Al), so they had to shut down before the week was up.

    Finally, we reach Track Four: Golden Gate, which just killed off poor Snow Pack, on, what? Its third day of racing this meet?

    There you have it, CHRB. Keep proudly pointing to the local fairgrounds at Pleasanton to show the world all that fatality-free racing that y’all are responsible for. You’re doing a, um, job.

  2. This is so sad and depressing to read about another horse being killed by racing! A three-year-old filly should not be at a race track or dead. SNOW PACK ought to be alive, out grazing on pasture and allowed to grow to maturity. Ground work and light riding would be okay, but racing? No, not racing and being injured and killed. Horseracing is NOT OKAY!!!!

  3. 🤔🤔🤔 What ‘sport’ always has to have people “on hand” to put the participants down (euthanasia). Think about THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! F’n sick.

    • Also, the track and/or private veterinarians are there to inject the horses with other substances to keep them from feeling their pain from running so they can still at least walk and eventually run another day. Every day soreness and lameness is inherent to horseracing. It sucks!!!!!

  4. Bonnie, I found an article online where Bo Derek was interviewed by Don Phillips. It’s dated July 2, 2020. I’m not sure if you want to read it because it will upset you. It’s on ThoroCap. It makes me feel disturbed, angry and frustrated because she professes to be for animals and horses. At the same time, she wants to see horseracing thrive. She mentioned the new softer whips. It is so much crap and nauseating…😣

    • Your right, I better not read it! One more point,about cheap labor….we (Americans) would also be healthier,because,there would be not enough people willing to work in the slaughter houses!!!!!!! We would be much better off eating vegetable,grain,nut,legume diet. That would make me happy,especially the little piggies. I encourage anyone to watch on YouTube…Paul the baby piglet,putting his toys away. Animals ROCK

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