Whipping a Lame Horse

In the 7th last night at Penn National, Saint Michael “was eased up lame in the stretch then was vanned off.” According to a source, however, while being “eased up lame,” the 4-year-old colt was still being whipped – right till the wire. (I have reviewed the replay, but unfortunately the camera cuts away from Saint Michael before the finish.) Why, you may ask? Well, in this particular race (a cheap “claiming,” by the way: all horses were “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to), cash was paid 1st-5th. Saint Michael came in 6th, about 3 lengths behind the $300-winning 5th-place finisher. The jockey whipping a lame – and now quite possibly dead – horse in the hope of bringing 300 bucks to him and the other “connections”: Jose Rojas.

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  1. In the 5th at penn wed nite look at jockey on rogue patriot whipping so hard watch replay before finish

  2. Horseracing needs to be ended. It is animal cruelty and torture!!!!!

  3. Re busy week for ambulance, Miss.Mercken at Indiana track is deceased and jockey 30 day suspension by the stewards. (Re PR)

    • I looked her up,and looked at pictures of her,very good looking horse,she,like all the others,should still be here!!!, amongst us. #senselessvictim….like too many others

  4. Every time I turn around, another depraved, sadistic act of cruelty is inflicted on these majestic Animals — SHUT DOWN this EVIL INDUSTRY — forever — it’s filled with indifferent & neglectful MONSTERS — for the love of God, get into another line of work.

  5. And all those attending the races, to bet or just watch will claim to be animal lovers and strongly deny having no compassion. They will use all the normal reasons why the horse is dead or injured, all except for the real ones, greed or sheer ignorance and stupidity.

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