“Clipped Heels,” Fell, Dead

According to Equibase, in the 3rd at Indiana Grand eight days ago, Miss Mercken “clipped heels and fell and was vanned off.” We now learn (Racing Commission) that the 5-year-old mare was indeed euthanized. The dead horse’s jockey (Orlando Mojica), by the way, has been suspended 30 days for “careless riding.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Poor, poor Maggi Moss. She’s the owner of the ill-fated Miss Mercken, and it seems she’s been really, really busy all week, trying to keep this death top secret.
    Kind of tough to do, Counselor, when it’s been widely reported on social media that your horse was euthanized INSIDE THE VAN. And, by all accounts, Miss Mercken had suffered (yet another one of) horse racing’s hideously ghastly, horror-show “accidents.” As the proud racing supporter you are, I’d think you’d be equally proud to tell the world that she was immediately put out of her misery. No?

    • Kelly, didn’t she make an odd remark in an interview a few years back,something along the lines…she was glad most of her horses were in the east,and she was glad,because she wouldn’t know about what happens .. ….? I could be wrong, but it was something to that effect.

      • Moss said something to the effect that she was glad when her horses were not in proximity because racing was a business and it was easier when she was not around her horses…
        I guess she feels no attachment to the horse is best for making business decisions.
        Translation: treat them as disposable commmodities – inanimate objects.

      • “It’s getting much easier for me to run my horses out East so that I don’t get so personally attached to them. This is a business…”
        – Maggi Moss, on running “claimers” (The Iowan, July ’12)

        Moss doesn’t earn her own living (as a practicing attorney) – she races horses and risks THEIR lives to put a roof over her head. And then pretends to be a racehorse advocate. It’s sickening.

      • Thank you Bonnie, Rose, and Joy. She’s apparently now moved on to being sad at the impending destruction of Arlington Park. In fact, everyone in racing seems utterly despondent about that.

        (Of course, none of them are expressing such feelings over today’s HORSE DEATH at their beloved Arlington; they only get weepy when a racing BUSINESS dies,)

        RIP Muffins Revenge.

  2. According to the Equibase notes, the jockey, Majoca Orlando, was “looking to move between rivals entering the lane when path closed”. Ultra aggressive if not altogether dangerous riding…

    PS Maggi Moss keeps on dappling in the claiming game. She lost MONEY on that claim…

  3. What?!?!? This piece of garbage gets only 30 days for killing somebodies horse? He has done this before at Oaklawn. Well, Maggie Moss is getting a wake up call. She “loves and trusts Tom Amoss with total and absolute loyalty”! I wonder if she still has that absolute trust? Dirtbag Amoss picked Orlando Mojicka to ride that horse. If Maggie Moss had any balls she would have told “mr. wonderful” NO WAY is that creep riding my horse! And Nancy (shill) Holthus whose husband is a 3rd rate dirtbag at Oaklawn says “the jockey got up and walked away”. If that was my horse Orlando Mojicka would be sorry for a long time to come for that. He should pay for the horse. Restitution. No riding until horse is paid for. He can clean toilets at Indiana Grand to pay for the horse. Fury and hate

  4. There’s been a run lately of really BAD, Dangerous, Stupid, Reckless, jock rides, that have caused death and injuries. That Gabriel Saez ride,that pinned the horse onto the rail,and made 2 babies go down!!, they were only two yr olds. For god’s sake.

  5. The plot thickens…the horse I sponsored for $350 a month – given to me by Soul Horse TX Randi Collier (I have proof in writing) – a horse Randi said was dead after we had a falling out. Never mentioned his health was failing and she was putting him down. ZERO advance notice just turns out he was DEAD. I have written to Randi many times requesting a death certificate from the vet so I could see proof of the date and time. I had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and was given a fraudulent vet death certificate. I called the vet and emailed. It was fake. The vet emailed back they never treated “Strollin Willie” I was then doxxed and harassed by Randi and Maggi Moss, llamas, Robin Fairweather etc. No idea why. Today I see “Strollin Willie” has raced against a horse owned by Maggi Moss trained by Tom Amoss. “Strollin Willie” bested Maggi Moss’s horse coming in first place. (All this prior to being raced with a broken ankle and dumped then allegedly “rescued” from a kill pen by Randi Collier who gave him to me then doxxed me as I was paying $350 a month to her for his care. Long story short- Randi also tried to make me publicly apologize to Maggi Moss which I flat out refused for calling her out for animal cruelty. – The horse “Miss Mercken” “clipped heels with” was a son of “Stroll”. “It’s name was “Strollin The Bayou” he is HALF BROTHERS to “Strollin Willie” what are the odds of that? After “Strollin the Bayou” clipped heels with “Miss Mercken” she was “vanned off” after having a horrific accident. Photos are in the comments section now of the Bob Baffert article from today on Horse Racing nation as are proof of these statements. Just like “Strollin Willie” his half brother bested Maggi Moss and Tom Amoss – so too did “Strollin the Bayou” win first place despite Maggi Moss’s jockeys aggressive attempts at sabotage. Was this intentional? Is this criminal?

  6. Once again we have a clear and precise picture of what the so-called owners, trainers and jockeys actually think of their horses…..NOTHING, they think NOTHING of the living, breathing animal that they so continually abuse and torture. The ONLY time they actually ‘care’ is when the horse is injured, sick, killed or euthanized, then they ‘care’ only because they cry for all the blood-money that they have lost, but wait a minute, they probably get insurance money and money from the slaughterhouses, so the crocodile tears can stop and they can carry on with their killing game!!!!

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