A Busy Week for Ambulances

Last week on U.S. flat (Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse) tracks, according to Equibase.

Fast Dash Game “vanned off” at Arapahoe
Simran “vanned off” at Canterbury
Cactus Rules “vanned off” at Prairie
Gospel Cherokey “vanned off” at Fair Meadows
S P F Ninetynine “vanned off” at Delaware
Miss Lamborghini “collapsed after the finish and was vanned off” at Delaware
Many Moods “vanned off” at Emerald
Kiki N King “pulled up [in] distress, vanned off” at Finger Lakes
Miss Mercken “fell, vanned off” at Indiana
Lonesome Highway “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Canterbury
Mighty Bop “pulled up lame” at Charles Town
Fars Glitter “vanned off” at Indiana
Epitomize “fell, DNF” at Laurel
Nuns Island “fell, DNF” at Thistledown
Aiken Apple “collided with [above], DNF” at Thistledown
Tina’s Song “fell, DNF” at Charles Town
Pa Cha Ching “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Snoopy “vanned off” at Fair Meadows
Mr Kool Rancherita “vanned off” at Prairie
Jess Master Angel “vanned off” at Retama
Quantum Computing “vanned off” at Saratoga
Bannon “vanned off” at Delaware
Reigning Kisses “vanned off” at Fair Meadows
Hiclass Ecstasy “vanned off” at Fair Meadows
Hendavid “vanned off” at Pleasanton
Precious Looker “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Daddys Wine “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Orange “vanned off” at Prairie
D E Lover “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Budget Bomber “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Secret Class Act “vanned off” at Ruidoso
Lord of the Nile “vanned off” at Saratoga

“Vanned Off”: Horse required the “equine ambulance” to get off the track. While not all of these horses end up dead, most do, as borne out by my year-end FOIA reports.

“Bled/Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: Typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage.


  1. Thirty-two horses injured by horseracing in one week because some people “love” their horses so much. No, they can’t love their horses and do this to them. They love the money that they can get through exploitation of their horses. It’s not rocket science to figure this out.

  2. I did not look that closely at the individual tracks but it seems like most of those were at 3rd tier tracks. Not that that is an reason or excuse. But poorer people at crappier tracks are not going to know when their horses should not be worked or entered for a race. Its called ignorance. And there could be a prevalent attitude that its “normal” for a certain amount of horses to die prematurely on the race track. Which is a blatant lie. Mandatory continuing education should be instituted at all tracks with cheap claiming trainers. They have to be taught how to evaluate fitness without destroying their horses. And health certificates for entry to a racetrack should not just be for vaccinations and a negative coggins. It shluld include COMPLETE physicals with blood work. Good luck

    • Keeping in mind that Grade One races also have catastrophic breakdowns and pari-mutuel betting, I don’t think ignorance is more prevalent than greed.
      I refer you to MONGOLIAN GROOM, a gelding in a Breeders’ Cup race in November of 2019. Also, the track and private veterinarians who have (allegedly) eight years of education in veterinary science are paid to engage in shady business practices; and that is exactly what they do: engage in shady business practices for pay and to hell with the horse. This is horseracing.

      • You Nailed it !, Wanda. They are corrupt because they are “on the take” Exhibit #1 Mongolian Groom

      • Bonnie, I have you to thank for repeatedly bringing up the name of MONGOLIAN GROOM. I didn’t see what happened to him at the time it happened. Frankly, I didn’t want to see the horrendous cruelty to any horse! After you mentioned his name so many times, I thought I should watch the short clip of what happened. I read more and found the downloadable evaluation done by the veterinarian, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) BRAMLAGE. MongolianGroomEvaluation.pdf

    • Most all racehorses running in “claiming” races didn’t start out that way.
      In fact, many were very expensive purchases at Keeneland, OBS or Fasig-Tipton by “rich” owners.
      There are 2 things that happen to any racehorse that renders them to a life of being bought, sold, abused, dumped and/or killed: 1. They can’t perform in the upper levels of horse racing and all owners who pay high prices for their purchase expect that and when it doesn’t happen – dumped. 2. Lameness issues. Racehorses who develop issues that effect their performance putting them into Category 1 – dumped.
      Years in this business and following it you almost never, ever hear about an owner taking their racehorse home or boarding it to get them out of harms way.
      No, instead they use the disposal option: claiming and yet another way to absolve them of their responsibility to said racehorse.
      These “rich” owners have the money to take care of them and don’t for the most part.
      Horses like X Y JET who made over 1 million – dumped and unfortunately ended up with one of the biggest racehorse abuser: Rudy Rodriquez who admitted on federal tapes that he dumped loads of harmful drugs into him to keep him flipping a buck while the previous owners watched his demise play out and did nothing.
      Hardly people who care and are “rich.”
      X Y JET’s strong will to win was not enough to overcome the egregious acts of cruelty and abuse perpetrated on him by Rodriguez and succumbed like so many other under his inhumane regime.
      You seem to blame the “poor” owners and trainers for suffering which is a complete myth.
      So to dispel the myth let’s be clear: rich or poor, upper or lower levels of racing it’s all the same.
      It’s all a bunch of parasites sucking the life out of their voiceless victims. with a very small percentage being spared from their inevitable fate on the slaughterhouse floor.

      • Another thing your RIGHT about Gina. Take for instance Iotapa’s 2016 yearling Yitai Fidelity,sold for 1.9 MILLION at Keeneland, did one timed workout at 3 furlongs,very fast time, and then nothing,never another workout as a 2yr old. WTF happened, where is he!!!!!!!!!!!??????? He’s by War Front, I want F’n ANSWERS. It shouldn’t be this hard to get those answers. TRANSPARENCY…it’s called.

      • Gina, Jorge Navarro is listed as the trainer of X Y JET. Jorge Navarro was indicted by the FBI for the illegal doping of X Y JET and several other horses. Jason Servis was also indicted by the FBI. Jorge Navarro is responsible for the death of X Y JET although there were a number of other people listed in the indictment. In the document that I was able to download, the FBI refers to the illegal use of illegal drugs a.k.a. Performance Enhancing Drugs as the “Navarro Doping Program” and it names 19 people including Navarro. In an article available online, the headline says 27 people were indicted. I don’t know what happened with those other 8 people. Jason Servis is named among the fraudsters.

  3. Wanda, the good that came of that (sarcasm),if that’s possible,after the fact, SEVERAL high profile,respected vets, spoke up PUBLICLY about how wrong that DEBACLE was. They all said it was obvious he had a HITCH in his movement.

    • It’s in the evaluation that it was known to several people, veterinarians or not, that MONGOLIAN GROOM had an obvious lameness problem or a defective way of going in October before he was entered in the Breeders’ Cup Championship race. In Dr. BRAMLAGE’s “evaluation” he states that it is more or less difficult to determine lameness from “everyday soreness” which points to one basic fact: horseracing is sadistic abuse of horses that causes pain and suffering to horses on a daily basis. Sometimes it becomes more obvious that horses are suffering in pain when they breakdown. It also points to the fact that horseracing is inherently corrupt. The owners as well as the trainers are guilty of said abuses and the veterinarians, the track personnel, the racing secretary, the Breeders’ Cup people are all guilty in the brutal and fatal outcome for Mongolian Groom.

  4. As if we needed confirmation what a corrupt shithole Parx Racing truly is: today’s race 7, Lady Lucy Lu led throughout, until the very end when her genius jockey decided to whale on her with a double series of full-force, overhanded strikes from his “much-needed-for-safety” whip. She responded by ducking in and crashing through the rail. The good news is that she appeared to stay up immediately following the so-called accident. The bad news? Head-on video is so heavily edited — and the chartwriter so deceivingly vague — that I’m doubtful she’s okay. Anyone know?

      • I’m going to tell chuck z., how many of your horses does john servis have to kill (Wentzylvania) same jockey …Pennington. servis brothers suck.Oh yeah, I’ve HAD it. DFWM

      • Whoa, I hadn’t even noticed that her trainer is the little brother (trying to be like his big bro?) Hopefully, Little Bro will also wind up in federal prison for animal cruelty and related offenses. Thanks, Bonnie:)
        Also, the name of the so-called owner of Lady Lucy Lu? I swear: it’s Cash is King LLC. How shady is that, given that they all claim to LOVE their horses so much?
        What a cesspool.

    • Kelly, I don’t know about the horse, LADY LUCY LU. I checked the temperature of Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania on AccuWeather at 4:58 p.m. Pacific Time which means it was 7:58 p.m. Eastern Time and while it is 99 degrees Fahrenheit where I am it is 91 degrees Fahrenheit where Parx Racing and Casino is located. It’s way too hot to be racing, as if racing itself isn’t bad enough!

      • Thanks, Wanda. But this one is a straight-up beating by the jockey. As I’ve said before, I don’t watch races. But somebody put a 20-second auto-play clip of the incident on Twitter, and, well, I took a chance. The way that little creep was beating on poor Lucy, AS SHE WAS LEADING(!), I can’t blame her for trying to get away. I just hope she’s all right.

      • I understood what you said that she was beaten while winning. I can only hope she’s okay as well and that her connections are punished somehow, even if it is only a slap on the wrist. That is not enough but you know how corrupt horseracing is and how wrong it is. My point is how do these horses not have heat exhaustion or heat stroke running in over 91+ degrees Fahrenheit?

  5. She’s a hell of a good horse, broke her maiden first time out,MSW. But, of course she had the misfortune of being under the ‘care’ of used car salesman looking servis,both brothers are all slime sleaz. They are creepy, from West Virginia. Chuck, should only use Robert Reid jr., his other trainer, at LEAST him I trust. Chuck needs to cut it with servis. I mean these are Living Breathing SOULS.

  6. Parx needs to GTFA. Close up shop! No more chances…Parx, you have killed and destroyed and maimed enough innocent souls, goodbye!!!,don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  7. I pray to god Lady Lucy Lu survived. She got claimed…of course. Hopefully she is ALIVE so she can get away from the servis , and have a CHANCE at staying alive!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 🙏for you Lucy.

  8. Bonnie you should know by now that no racehorse is safe no matter who the trainer.
    As long as their pawns in this cesspool of corruption and exploitation they are never safe.
    Their chances of making it out alive is a game of Russian Roulette no matter who the trainer is.
    They aren’t even safe after they are done with them as most end up at kill auctions and subsequently on the slaughterhouse floor.
    They will be safe when this business shuts down.

    • Your RIGHT Gina. Hey guys,I’m sure you could tell from my reaction yesterday ,Kelly reporting that news took me off guard! I never watch races from Parx!!! NEVER…too many bad memories. I do not trust or like the servis, pennington combination, again horrible things happen. Also, sleazy.

  9. Oh yeah, another thing…PENNINGTON MUST be FINED and SUSPENDED. Everyone agrees…it was the STUPIDEST thing they’ve seen. I was reading all the reactions, on twitter!!!

  10. Soooooo many negative comments I’m reading about how dumb Frankie Pennington was. Some people said…it would be nice if they could get a jockey with a brain. That was just so stupid!!!!!, and why he kept whipping her on the right side??? WTF. I wouldn’t let him ride any of my horses,if I had any. BAD horsemanship, to say the least.

    • Bonnie I have said the exact same thing to myself on 2 or 3 other jocks at Parx.

  11. “Miss Mercken” a horse owned by NTWO’s Maggi Moss broke down at Indiana Grand in a horrific accident as reported by @Jasonsaunders0 on Twitter. Story was sent to CNN, Fox news, Bloodhorse, Paulick Report, Horse Racing wrongs, NY Times, NY Post, Courier Journal, and many other news outlets. The only journalist that printed a story on it was HRW and just a small blurb here. Twitter replies with photos to the original poster were scrubbed and deleted by Twitter (not posted by me). All of my twitter accounts calling out Maggi Moss on animal cruelty of her race horses have also been removed by FB and Twitter. Cruelty including finding “Felonious Friend” a horse later found almost starved to death after kill pen rescue, a horse claimed off Maggi Moss that was claimed by Karl Broberg and died 2 months later, “So Many Ways” an “almost human like horse” Maggi sold to a Japanese Breeder, “Veillit'” a horse owned by Maggi Moss written about in Paulick Report Maggi’s trainer received a fine for drugging, Maggi Moss blamed a black man her own groom she claims was “disgruntled” and drugged it as revenge. Two weeks later “Veillit” raced in a claiming race TRAINED by Maggi Moss herself then quickly sold (not rehabilitated) in another claiming race two weeks later, and several other track breakdowns. All deleted by Twitter. Yet Maggi Moss and her very ugly troll friends can freely post about OTHERS in her industry on Twitter abusing racehorses – never mention Maggi’s cruelty though. When you speak out they (Robin Fairweather) hire private detectives to find your home, harass your neighbors, steal your identity, atrack your business, and do everything in their power to spread lies and disinfo to discredit you. Way to go HRW for at least posting a small blurb of truth on “Miss Merken’s tragic breakdown) here today- far more then any other racing Publication has the stugots to do. Thank you. #OneLove #Opunity XOXO
    Why is everyone so secretive on Maggi Moss? XOXO

    • Thank you so much, for your insight,honesty, and moral character. These things NEED to come to LIGHT.

    • Thank you, Opunity777!!! Your information sharing is much appreciated here!!! Why is Maggi Moss so holier-than-thou while she is right there swimming in the same cesspool of animal cruelty and torture of racehorses, as if it’s okay if “she” does the same thing as the rest of her horse-abusing lot!?!?!? I find it interesting (as well as disgusting) to note that she is/was an “attorney” also.

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