It’s Time to Start Pressuring Our Politicians

I can think of no more simple and direct way to advocate for racehorses than by pressuring our elected officials. To get where we want to be, the horseracing industry needs to be stripped of its corporate welfare – which would cripple the bulk of U.S. Racing – or, better yet, outright prohibited on moral grounds – remedies that can only come through legislation. So this morning, I am asking you to take a couple minutes of your time to contact your politicians (link below). If in a racing state, contact at the state and federal level; if not, just your senators/congresspeople. The message: Horseracing is animal cruelty and animal killing for $2 bets. This cannot stand in 21st Century America. Feel free to use anything from this site or simply copy and paste the following to-date 2020 Death Toll.

Horses Killed on or at U.S. Tracks, 2020 (R: Racing; T: Training; S: Stall) (Please note: This list will grow exponentially when I begin filing my annual FOIA requests at the end of the year. For context, please see killed lists from previous years.)

Ruby Roundhouse, Jan 1, Los Alamitos S – “abscess in LH, colicky for six days…toxic”
Golden Birthday, Jan 1, Santa Anita R – “took a bad step” (broken leg)
Yorkiepoo Princess, Jan 3, Belmont S – “severe laminitis…euthanized in her stall”
Power Punch, Jan 3, Gulfstream R – “vanned off,” dead
Lrh Fast as Oak, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “fell, euthanized”
Perry Train, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “fell after wire, euthanized”
Elegant Sundown, Jan 5, Golden Gate R – “open, fractures; severe, complete ruptures”
Jest Famous, Jan 7, Los Alamitos S – “acute colic: found thrashing and rolling at 3 am”
Buckstopper Kit, Jan 7, Santa Anita S
X Y Jet, Jan 8, Palm Meadows (FL) T – “heart attack”
Secreto Primero, Jan 8, Turf R – “fractured sesamoids”
J Rob, Jan 9, Fair Grounds R – “vanned off after winner’s circle, [euthanized]”
Eyell Be Back, Jan 10, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jan 12) – “carpus”
I’mluckysgirl, Jan 10, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Big Shanty, Jan 11, Fair Grounds R – “appeared to go wrong”
Salambo, Jan 12, Gulfstream R – “went wrong…euthanized”
Usual Suspect, Jan 13, Oaklawn T – “exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
Indian Brew, Jan 13, Turf R – “fractured knee”
Jim’s Silverbullet, Jan 16, Fair Grounds R – “went wrong”
Take Charge Cece, Jan 17, Fair Grounds R – “appeared to go wrong”
Harliss, Jan 17, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Super Beauty, Jan 18, Golden Gate S – “small intestinal strangulation”
Uncontainable, Jan 18, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Katies Easy Moves, Jan 19, Los Alamitos R – “fetlock”
Tikkun Olam, Jan 19, Santa Anita T – “head-on collision”
Obligated to None, Jan 19, Turf R – “leg injured, euthanized”
Dark N Cloudy, Jan 20, Aqueduct R – “broke down…euthanized on track”
Jewel Can Disco, Jan 20, Belmont T – “sustained an injury while breezing…euthanized”
Is It Over, Jan 21, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
Shut the Box, Jan 23, Oaklawn S – “equine protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Cowboy Coffee, Jan 23, San Luis Rey S – “gastrointestinal” (trained Jan 20)
A Freud of Mama, Jan 24, Belmont T (euthanized Feb 8) – “passed after complications”
Strong Performance, Jan 24, Gulfstream R – “fell while in distress…euthanized”
Quizzical Cajun, Jan 25, Aqueduct R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
Celtic Warrior, Jan 25, Turf R – “injured fetlock, euthanized”
Esterina, Jan 26, Laurel R – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
yet-to-be-named, Jan 30, Belmont T – “shaft fracture…euthanized on the track”
Ted’s Shadow, Feb 1, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Spirogyra, Feb 2, Oaklawn R – “euthanized due to catastrophic injuries”
Data Hawk, Feb 7, Golden Gate S – “catastrophic skull fracture, massive hemorrhage”
Stay Again, Feb 7, Gulfstream R – “collapsed”
Birdies Honor, Feb 8, Laurel R – “collapsed”
Double Touch, Feb 8, Santa Anita T – “sudden death” (five years old)
Buddy Princess, Feb 9, Rillito R – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
Miss Romania, Feb 12, Santa Anita T – “fractured shoulder”
El Tristan, Feb 14, Fair Grounds R
Classic Covey, Feb 15, Fair Grounds R – “all the soft tissue structures came apart”
Major Flirt, Feb 15, Laurel R – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
Prs the Game Changer, Feb 15, Louisiana R – “stumbled start…euthanized”
Devil’s Drama, Feb 15, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Randy’s Boy, Feb 15, Rillito R
Smokey, Feb 16, Oaklawn S – “injured in barn, died due to cerebrum hemorrhage”
Different Days, Feb 16, Oaklawn R (euthanized Feb 17) – “carpus fracture”
Taraz, Feb 17, Oaklawn T – “severely fractured her pastern”
Unveiled, Feb 20, Santa Anita T – “fractured shoulder”
Radio Tim, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “fractured fetlock”
Street Machine, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “fractured fetlock”
A Lonna At the Top, Feb 26, Golden Gate T – “collapsed in stall after training”
Arguto, Feb 26, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Princess Rashelle, Feb 28, Charles Town R – “broke leg…euthanized on the track”
Fist of Rage, Feb 28, Fair Grounds R – “went wrong, fell”
Montauk Memories, Feb 29, Aqueduct R – “leg injury”
Thousand Oaks, Feb 29, Golden Gate S – “severe, comminuted skull fracture”
Keck, Feb 29, Golden Gate T
Chosen Vessel, Feb 29, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Super Touch, Mar 6, Turfway R – “collapsed and died – hemorrhage, shock”
Chickititas Favorite, Mar 8, Los Alamitos R
Arkyarkyarky, Mar 8, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Krugerrand, Mar 9, Belmont S – “severe laminitis” (two years old)
Red River Chase, Mar 12, Fair Grounds R – “shattered leg”
Get Like Me, Mar 12, Golden Gate R – “multiple fractures; complete ligament rupture”
Dynamite Dan, Mar 12, Oaklawn T (euthanized Mar 14) – “catastrophic injury”
Love Totem, Mar 12, Turfway R – “epistaxis from both nostrils”
Tudox Lifting Off, Mar 13, Turfway R – “open, complete diaphyseal fracture”
Battalion Won, Mar 14, Golden Gate T – “[broke both front legs]; [multiple] ruptures”
Emely Heart, Mar 20, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”
A P Dancer, Mar 21, Oaklawn T – “cannon fracture”
Starting Point, Mar 22, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury – euthanasia”
Glory Stars, Mar 26, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Flokie, Mar 29, Los Alamitos R
The Cullinan Dream, Mar 31, Los Alamitos S
Peter’s Project, Apr 1, Belmont S – “colic, worsened throughout day…euthanasia”
Royal Callan Rocks, Apr 2, Los Alamitos T
Kahului, Apr 2, Oaklawn R – “ruptured vein in the pelvic cavity, hypovolemic shock”
Smiling Ali, Apr 2, Santa Anita T – “probable cardiac event”
Enchanting Eva, Apr 4, Golden Gate T
Joan’s Delight, Apr 4, Oaklawn T – “sesamoid fracture”
Tizaprincessa, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R
Blowinthebluesaway, Apr 10, Oaklawn R – “fractured shoulder”
Chromie, Apr 11, Los Alamitos R
La Dorada Czech, Apr 15, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
M C Hamster, Apr 15, Santa Anita T – “fractured ankle”
Shes Our Dasher, Apr 16, Los Alamitos T
Pals Invader, Apr 17, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury at the 7/8 pole”
Isla’s Toy, Apr 17, Los Alamitos R
Muskoka Wonder, Apr 17, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Appealing Briefs, Apr 23, Belmont S – “euthanized due to poor prognosis of cellulitis”
Mrs. Miniver, Apr 24, Gulfstream R – “heart attack” (three years old)
Last Renegade, Apr 24, Santa Anita T – “hit rail, passed away from injury”
Rockys Warrior, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “carpus fracture”
Midnight Sway, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “fetlock fracture”
Sean’s Idea, Apr 30, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”
O’Bushido, May 4, Belmont S – “found deceased in stall”
Call Paul, May 6, Belmont T – “sustained injury to LH leg…necessitating euthanasia”
Arky Vaughan, May 8, Golden Gate T
Rowboat Romeo, May 9, Los Alamitos T
Tap the Wire, May 9, Los Alamitos R
Ailish’s Buttercup, May 10, Golden Gate T – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Tailback, May 10, Santa Anita T – “fracture of the right front leg”
Conquest Sabre Cat, May 14, Golden Gate R – “broke down”
Schiller’s Lit, May 18, Belmont T (euthanized May 21) – “acutely lame”
Lil Morning Star, May 21, Belmont T – “injury to left front leg”
I’ll Dash for Gold, May 22, Golden Gate S
unidentified, May 24, Los Alamitos S
Jabber Now, May 24, Los Alamitos R (euthanized May 26)
Shock Therapy, May 25, Belmont S – “pleuropneumonia, laminitis”
Bluegrass Jamboree, May 28, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse – expired on track”
Malibu Morning, May 29, Los Alamitos R – “injured, euthanized”
Truck Salesman, May 31, Belmont T – “leg injury while breezing, euthanized on track”
Brahe, May 31, Belmont T – “injuries to both front legs…euthanasia on track”
Abraxan, May 31, Belmont T – “leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Alittlevodka, May 31, Churchill R – “comminuted fractures”
Grimm Resolve, Jun 2, Los Alamitos S
Shared Silence, Jun 2, Mountaineer R – “took a bad step”
Too Fast to Pass, Jun 3, Belmont R (euthanized Jun 12) – “injury to left front”
Chouchou de Boo, Jun 4, Belmont T – “several injuries…euthanized”
Freedom Prince, Jun 5, Belmont S – “taken to hospital…euthanized”
Jive Talkin, Jun 6, Golden Gate T
Talako, Jun 7, Belmont R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
I Love Sorrento, Jun 7, Los Alamitos T
Lightsaber, Jun 7, Santa Anita T – “unrecoverable fracture…humanely euthanized”
Jackies Dream, Jun 8, Tampa Bay R
Sky High Interest, Jun 12, Finger Lakes S – “flipped…sustained head injury”
Last Shani, Jun 13, Glenwood at Middleburg R – “collapsed and died”
Wire to Wire Tigah, Jun 13, Golden Gate R – “went wrong”
Mystical Song, Jun 17, Belmont S – “found dead in stall…gastrointestinal disease”
Smidge, Jun 18, Belmont R – “sustained injury to left rear leg”
Leggolas, Jun 18, Los Alamitos T
Big Red Valentine, Jun 18, Santa Anita S
Cloud, Jun 18, Saratoga T – “sustained leg injury breezing”
Tun Tun, Jun 20, Charles Town R – “returned lame, euthanized on track”
Strictly Biz, Jun 20, Santa Anita R – “fractured knee”
Bonspiel, Jun 23, Belmont T – “fracture, surgery failed, euthanized”
Hellagood, Jun 23, Grants Pass R – “busted an aneurysm”
Young Dasher, Jun 23, Los Alamitos S
Hawks Main Interest, Jun 24, Grants Pass R – “fractured front leg”
Up and Ready, Jun 26, Los Alamitos S
Equilibrio, Jun 26, Los Alamitos R – “injured, pulled up, euthanized”
Option Value, Jun 27, Belmont T – “sustained injury, vanned off, euthanized”
Dapper Dan, Jun 27, Great Meadow R – “hit stone wall and fell…euthanized on course”
Nana Shila, Jun 27, Los Alamitos R – “fatally injured”
Mr Dejavu, Jun 27, San Luis Rey T
Street Gambler, Jun 30, Golden Gate S
This Is Us, Jul 3, Los Alamitos R
Jess Bet Me, Jul 5, Los Alamitos R – “injured, [required] euthanasia”
Arties Game, Jul 6, Louisiana R – “fell…euthanized”
Kelly’s Secret, Jul 8, Finger Lakes T – “fracture to LF sesamoid – euthanized”
Lovely Lilia, Jul 11, Del Mar T – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
Alltime Favorite, Jul 11, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jul 13)
Ilchester Cheetah, Jul 11, Monmouth R – “injured, pulled up, euthanized”
Eagle Down, Jul 11, Ruidoso R – “bled out” (after “winning”)
Yellow Brick Road, Jul 12, Belmont T – “suffered injury near finish line – euthanized”
Crater Rim, Jul 12, Belmont R – lacerated tendon”
Tacy, Jul 12, Los Alamitos R
Bourbon High, Jul 14, Belmont T – “sesamoid fracture”
Hopper Hunter, Jul 16, Thistledown R – “suffered a catastrophic injury…euthanized”

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  1. Since I live in Montana, which is on the ALDI map as a “red” state I have very little faith that the men who are the Senators and representative here will do anything to advance animal rights of any kind. These creeps basically suck to Trump and could be looking forward to replacing wild horses with cattle at their earliest opportunity. Whenever I have sent a message to the only Democrat who is a lame duck he sends you a form letter back: thankyou for your message. I will keep your views in mind when I vote. So he does not commit to.anything. The other senator Daines is the worst subhuman ever who is totally robotic to Trump. Representative Gianforte is a Real Estate developer who is Republican and is not suited to be representing anything much less an animal. So… If you think it will do any good at allI will send messages to the men who represent Montana.

    • OMG….. That Gianforte is a KOOK!!! He’s the one who punched a reporter, for no reason. What a nutty hot-head.

      • And, Ken Salazar, Secretary of State under Obama, lost his cool when asked about BLM’s relationship with a kill buyer who sent 1,700 wild horses to slaughter in Mexico. He yelled at the reporter to never ask such questions and threatened to punch him. He later apologized. The reporter must have touched a nerve to evoke such a response!! Politicians of all stripes are primarily self serving. Always follow the money! But they are what we have we have to deal with.

  2. Sigh. Same as ever: the tracks that are required to report their kills might do so. But what of the ones in states with no reporting standards whatsoever? The public doesn’t deserve to know about THEIR horse-killing business? “Just shut up and keep those subsidies pouring in, citizens,” they say. “Don’t you worry about all the lives we destroy in the process.”

    This is another reason the industry has no prayer of getting together to form a unified governing body: all the little dirtbag tracks (and many of the big dirtbag tracks) don’t want to have to admit to their kills. Might make people realize what a slaughterfest their whole game truly is.

  3. Have contacted all my Californian reps, many times now. The only one who consistently responds is the office of Senator Diane Feinstein. She specifically mentions Santa Anita in her responses. This indicates to me that it is the media that (mostly) informs the politicians, followed by the citizens. So, how can we get the media on board? Perhaps celebrities (kind of the PETA model)? Maybe I will try that next. Maybe Moby can write a song…

  4. I have reached out to my state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. I routinely contact my representatives, Eliot Engel and Kirsten Gillibrand, about animal welfare issues, including horse racing. Rep. Engel is very good about replying and is supportive. We must do everything to pressure the legislators that it’s time to start anew. As things begin the reopen, horse racing must NOT be allowed to return. Time to evolve!

  5. Because most state legislation has to be signed by a state governor, it might be helpful to always cc the state governor when sending to elected reps. There’s no way to know if any of them are even seeing–let alone reading–them, but someone on staff may be.
    It is very helpful (IMO) when HRW posts the running death totals for a state’s tracks. Otherwise, even just the total running deaths on a specific track are helpful. (In CA, for the website submission, there is a “character” limit for the message.)
    Last, it may be beneficial to always mention that the actual racing of horses is the facade–simply the iceberg’s tip of horrific activities. Horseracing, as we know it, is a gambling operation where horses are the drugged, whip-beaten, and cruelly abused pawns–collateral damage as disposable commodities. The whip beatings alone (easily proven, witnessed by all) should be considered an animal cruelty felony violation, as they would be if inflicted on any other animal.

    • If the politicians had to be tied up so they could not get away and then whipped in the manner in which the horses are subject to being whipped, I can guarantee that it would get their attention!!!
      Trump does not give one damn about animal rights issues and the United States Department of Agriculture will not be pursuing heinous animal cruelty as of January 2017, to the best of my knowledge.

      • Wanda, I think Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are working right now on some sort of Animal/Farming Bill.

  6. You know what the saddest thing in our country is? What good is freedom to speak and protest when no one listens to us or cares?
    I’ll never stop fighting, but I wish to God someone in power gave a damn.

    • abs314, I totally agree with your sentiments… It sure would be nice, if everyone CARED for innocent,beautiful animals the way we do!!!!!!!! The world would be a much better place. I’m not gonna give up either, I never have. Never. Remember the police chief in the movie Fargo? (The incomparable Frances McDormott),she just kept grinding away,like the little engine who could. Just thinking about that movie makes me laugh…we all need that.

  7. Will do — over the months, years, I have been writing each time something came up — will continue — with all the facts presented regarding the horror and cruelty, you’d think Legislators would’ve been stunned by it all and SHUT DOWN this industry; but, alas, we still have to keep fighting — I will continue communicating.

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