Alltime Favorite Confirmed Dead – 31st Kill at Los Alamitos This Year

As expected, Alltime Favorite, an “injured, vanned” in the 6th at Los Alamitos Saturday, has been euthanized. The 2-year-old becomes the 31st kill at Los Alamitos this year. It’s hard to imagine the CHRB allowing this to continue much longer. But then again…

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  1. Racing and torturing 2-year-old Thoroughbreds to literal death is business as usual for the horse racing industry as a whole. Regardless of how wrong it is, the California Horse Racing Board appears to have been given the authority to do as they see fit, and given the fact that they are ruthless barbarians, they evidently see fit to continue to do business as usual until a HIGHER AUTHORITY than themselves puts an end to the cruelty and torturing of racehorses!!!!

  2. As if the old dinosaurs on the CHRB are gonna do anything to stop their creepy crony “Doc” Allred from making more money off the backs of dead horses (and infected jockeys.) They’re probably all just sitting around right now, chortling about how short they’ll make Los Al’s suspension: “Should we cut ’em for three days? Yeah, that should teach ’em! One day not racing for every ten dead horses. Sounds about right.”

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