Filly Becomes 27th Victim at Belmont This Year

The NYS Gaming Commission reports the following for Yellow Brick Road at Belmont yesterday: “sufferd [sic] injury while finishing 1/2 mile breeze near finish line – filly euthanized.” The “euthanized filly” was three years old and had been under the whip twice; the first, last October – 8th, 11 lengths back; the second, just last month – last, 27 lengths back. She is the 27th dead horse at Belmont Park this year.

Reform is a ruse; safe(r) is a lie. Horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

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  1. The lame excuse is money, human greed, and I believe that people involved in racing horses to their death are just plain evil and enjoy the barbaric, sadistic activity of running horses to their deaths. There is no honest excuse for the horrible INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all (including the racing commissioners) belong in prison doing life without parole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The lie that anything is being done to change how they treat their horses is just that: A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Reform is a ruse, safer is a lie” and stupidity is the norm. This filly by Quality Road cost the owner $230 thousand which for a Quality Road filly is quite modest. She had the potential of making all that back and could have been quite valuable as a broodmare. But when her trainer John Kimmel was too ignorant to see that she had a serious injury the owner lost his entire investment. Anybody could see she had something wrong by the performance of her races. And that short layoff indicated that they knew something wasn’t right. Before she was allowed to breeze the track should have required a veterinary clearance with x-rays and bone scans. But nobody wants to pay expensive veterinary bills and the owners and trainers pretend they can handle the issues by icing and poltices. The education of trainers is non existant. Continuing education should be mandatory for all trainers. Horseracing has a long way to go. Police should be present at all race tracks to enforce animal cruelty laws.

    • Police are for responding mostly to violent crimes involving humans against humans for the most part. Regulators are supposed to keep racehorses safe or at least try to keep racehorses safe. Whoever the regulators are, they are either overwhelmed or they are just as corrupt as the veterinarians, the commissioners, and all of the rest.

      • If the regulators cared, they would be whistleblowers, wouldn’t they? Why not? Even if you are overwhelmed, you can surely do “that”.

    • Mary, You obviously know a lot about racing. Don’t you agree that this activity is inherently risky to the safety and life of the horse, always?
      It’s quite obvious to me!

  3. RIP Yellow Brick Road
    Please know that we will never stop fighting for horses enslaved and tortured like you.
    I wonder how much insurance money you earned your abusers.

  4. You’re right. Reform IS a ruse. As long as the whole “sport” is dominated by money, money, money, it will be a business, with cruel business decisions. It won’t be cost effective to “repair” this horse. Kill IT. Too much money has been wasted on this too slow horse, if IT is sold for pleasure riding, we won’t get back our investment in IT. Kill IT. ( this makes no sense to me. If you sold the horse at a reputable auction where true horsemen and women go to buy their horses, owners would get some money back).

    I just read about Exceller, the only horse to beat 2 Derby winners ( or was it Triple Crown winners?), Seattle Slew and Affirmed. He ended up a stud in Sweden. His owner had cash problems, and couldn’t afford him anymore. Exceller at this point was living on a farm where he was not being bred at this time, but he was healthy and happy , in his mid 20’s. He could have been gelded and sold as a riding horse for an experienced rider. The stable owner pointed all this out to the owner, as well as Exceller had a wonderful disposition-“a 14 year old could handle him.” The owner refused to sell this horse.
    The stable owner stalled Exceller’s owner for a few months, and when the guy became insistent that Exceller be taken to a slaughterhouse, she said she’d need that in writing. The letter arrived. The stable owner had no choice, but to take this perfectly healthy, happy, gentle stallion with some years of usefulness to a rider left, to his death.
    She felt she owed it to the horse to take him herself. She arranged to take Exceller on a day she was assured would not be busy. Instead, she arrived on a very busy day.
    Exceller knew what was going to happen.

    It’s all a business. And since it always will be a business, there will never be any “reform.”

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