Another Day, Another Kill: Los Alamitos Now at 29 Dead

Jess Bet Me, five, was “injured, vanned off” in the 8th yesterday at Los Alamitos. “Injured, vanned” at Los Al is, for that track’s (Equibase) chartwriter, almost invariably code for dead. And indeed he is, as confirmed through an email from the CHRB: “The 5-year-old quarter-horse gelding Jess Bet Me was injured Sunday night during the running of the eighth race at Los Alamitos, requiring euthanasia.”

As the bodies continue to pile up – 29 at this track alone this year – we must continue to keep the pressure on:

Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
California state legislators

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  1. Just like Kelly warned us. And watching a replay of the This Is Us race, the jockey fell off at the finish or real close. They just keep them running even when its imperative that the horse is injured.anythong for the almighty buck

  2. What a non-stop horror show. And, of course, not a single word about ANY of the deaths from the L.A. Times.
    This is a paper that ran columns and news stories about EVERY SINGLE Santa Anita death, racing or training, for the past year. They twice took an editorial stance that was predominantly against horse racing in the midst of all the public pressure from the SA deaths. John Cherwa, their resident blood sport columnist, is constantly criticized by his own readers — racing fans and supporters, one and all — for daring to write about these fatalities.
    He still covers them, though. Because they occur at the Santa Anita Death Track, and because now, it’s largely the only facet of horse racing that the general public is interested in.
    But Los Alamitos hosts an absolute explosion of horse killings? Silence. Not a word about any of the deaths, even as Cherwa puts out column inches describing all the OTHER nuances of Los Al’s latest meet.
    For some reason, REAL news about that track is considered off-limits for the L.A. Times.

    • Thank you, Kelly, for your comments on who is reporting what and who is not reporting on Los Alamitos. It appears that the reporting (or lack of reporting) is not fair or honest from what you are observing and relating here. I can’t help but think that Los Alamitos has a “silent partner” that wants to keep the catastrophic injuries of racehorses and the deaths of horses injured at Los Alamitos silent. As you said, someone else asked something about the Mafia keeping Los Alamitos open. It’s a fair question under the circumstances, in my opinion.

      • Thank you for your support, Wanda! It’s baffling, isn’t it? Bet every other track wishes they could get the same “silent partner” relationship with the news media that Los Al enjoys with the Times. Kill all they want, and then watch as nobody — outside Patrick and this site — reports any of it. Kind of like it used to be in racing’s “good old days.”

  3. Back when I was an Associate Steward for the CHRB Los Alamitos was killing plenty of racehorses.
    It was as if they were running their own private killing show because none of the statistics were being made available to the public.
    Then again, back in 2005 the public wasn’t even interested in racehorse killings in California which had me baffled or perhaps it was because the CHRB and tracks deliberately avoided the subject.
    Nevertheless, it just shows how far we’ve come.
    Thanks to this site and the dedicated followers the public is now aware and paying attention although, sadly, it doesn’t stop the killings.
    What should have happened like 20 dead racehorses ago is that Bill 469 should have been invoked.
    Like I said, Bill 469 is nothing but a tranquilizer for the public because with Scott Chaney now at the helm he will ensure it never gets used unless it’s for his ass wipe.
    That’s why he was put into that position to guard horse racing not the racehorses.
    Just some more BS from this vile business that kills racehorses regularly.

    • So true, Gina! The legislature scrambled to get that passed in the midst of all the public outrage at Santa Anita’s so-called “Disaster Season.” The CHRB would NEVER have invoked it then, nor would they EVER invoke it now, no matter how many horses get killed each meet, at each Cali track. It’s the classic, fox-guarding-the-henhouse scenario, only the hens are horses.
      SB 469 is killing more horses than it will ever save, because it empowers ONLY the CHRB to shut down the death tracks. And, we all know, there simply IS no number of horse deaths that the CHRB finds unacceptable. But if you’re in need of a laugh about all this (and who isn’t?), read Scott Chaney’s statements upon his appointment. He actually claims horse welfare is one of his main priorities! Classic, coming from a former-Los Al steward who COULD shut down Los Al right now under SB 469, to protect the “safety and welfare of horses.”
      Yeah, I’m sure he’s intently weighing that hefty decision;)

  4. I cannot see how on earth Los Alamitos can get away with this carnage. That old man must be senile.

    • As long as the California Horse Racing Board answers to no higher authority than themselves, there is no legal limit on how many horses may be killed on California racetracks. It’s as Gina and Kelly have stated above.
      I did a Google search of Senate Bill number 469. It basically gives the CHRB ultimate authority to do as they see fit at their own discretion and answer to no higher authority.

  5. A killing sport cheered on by the ignorant masses. Stop this blood sport now!

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