Last Week’s Injured

Last week on U.S. Flat (Thoroughbred/Quarterhorse) Tracks:

Elektracutioner “vanned off” at Prairie
Handsome Coyote “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Tampa Bay
Cheri’s Win “vanned off” at Delaware
Canrunalittle “fell, vanned off” at Evangeline
Painted Clown “stopped suddenly…bleeding, vanned off” at Penn
Huntington Drive “pulled up lame, vanned off” at Penn
Dream Search “took a bad step, vanned off” at Penn
Holy Muchacho “vanned off” at Churchill
Wisecrack “bled, vanned off” at Belmont
Lord Cadbury “bled, vanned off” at Belmont
No Salt “struck rail, vanned off” at Belmont
Rkm Gamers Bug “bled, vanned off” at Delta
Stroll Action “vanned off” at Penn
Legendari “bled, vanned off” at Prairie
Bean and the Bug “vanned off” at Ruidoso
She’sinthebusiness “vanned off” at Delaware
Dapper Dan “appeared injured, vanned off” at Great Meadow
Mojave “vanned off” at Great Meadow
Case Crossing “vanned off” at Laurel
Ready to Rocket “vanned off” at Thistledown
Bar Cat “fell, DNF” at Thistledown
Brother Beauchamp “vanned off” at Ruidoso

“Vanned Off”: exactly how it sounds – the horse was unable to walk off the track on his own and required the “equine ambulance.” While not all of these horses end up dead, most do, as borne out by my year-end FOIA reports.

“Bled/Returned Bleeding From Nostrils”: typically indicates pulmonary hemorrhage.

(source: Equibase)

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  1. One dead horse is too many but twenty-two injured and/or dead racehorses reeks of corruption. This is totally unacceptable and unforgivable as the deviant-minded creeps that can willfully put the lives of racehorses in danger in the pursuit of carnal indulgence are not going to change their ways. If anyone involved in horseracing does change their ways and stops participation in this vile, evil practice of running horses to their deaths, forgiveness is possible and appropriate. There are too many people involved that will never change. Those vile people need to be locked up for their criminal acts of animal cruelty to and torture of horses. The United States government needs to recognize this for what it is!!!!!!!

  2. Yet the United States government doesn’t give a shit about anybody but their selves and this is all about greed is poor horses he’s got to be something done I don’t know who the highest a person to talk to listen if I did I would have done it I’ve emailed a few people that I forgot who they were if anyone knows please let me know

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