Dead: Jackies Dream at Tampa Bay, Jive Talkin at Golden Gate, Grimm Resolve at Los Alamitos

The 7th at Tampa Bay yesterday afternoon was declared a “no contest.” The only clue as to why on the official race chart (Equibase) is that Jackies Dream “lost her rider into the first turn.” In fact, I can confirm, she “broke down” and is dead. She was three years old and under the whip for the 10th time.

Jive Talkin, three, was killed while training at Golden Gate Saturday, according to the California Horse Racing Board. The CHRB has also disclosed the death of Grimm Resolve last Tuesday at Los Alamitos – cause, “other” (probably colic or laminitis). Grimm was but two years old – what a short, sad existence.

Three more dead animals, for gambling. America, awake.


  1. This is the second horse in 1 week to die at the hands of Eric Kruljiac. He had another one that just died in a workout at Santa Anita. I will have to write a letter to the CHRB. He is doing workputs in different places so nobody will notice the deaths. This guy has got to be one of the worst there is. A position formerly held by “the Butcher” Peter Miller.

  2. There is absolutely no reason for this horse to have lost its life, being under the whip for the 10th time is unreasonable. So sad, this horse was so young and deserved a long life! Pushing a horse beyond his limits is just not right, obviously no one cares because this happens daily! I’ve love horses all of my life but was never able to have one, went riding every weekend at a stable near me. Losing just one horse a day at these race tracks is too much, they are magnificent athletes and should be treated with care and respect.

  3. There are those nightmares that happen while not asleep. Horseracing is one of those nightmares that we cannot wake up from, at least not yet. I’m hoping sooner rather than later that horseracing will be de-funded and illegal horse races will be stopped as well. I’m hoping that the Governors and the other law makers of every state will be willing to stop the nightmare of horseracing. #Endhorseracing

  4. Jesus: Los Al just killed another thoroughbred! I swear the “transparent” CHRB Fatalities List needs to be checked upwards of three times a day just to begin to keep track of these horse-killing MONSTERS.

    Hello? Scott Chaney, you there? Yoo-hoo: Mr. Los Alamitos-head-honcho (dead-) horse-hider. You gonna do anything or say anything –ANYTHING at all — to address this absolute bloodbath? Probably not. But thanks for your (lip) service about horse welfare, and all. You’re doing a bang-up job.

    • Robin, what do you mean by “Horseracing is gonna stop it!!!!” when the morally depraved people that make horseracing an event where abusing horses is an everyday occurrence? They are not going to stop abusing and killing horses as long as there is government subsidies supporting it and as long as there is no legal protections for race horses. The FBI did indict several people for abusing horses with illegal drugs but they are not preventing the racing industry from killing more horses, it appears.

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