The “Fun” and “Excitement” – Of Watching Horses Be Maimed and Killed

As racing resumes at more tracks across the country, The Breeders’ Cup (BC) and The Jockey Club have rolled out a national ad campaign entitled “Still. Running. Strong.” Says Drew Fleming, BC president and CEO: “As more of our major venues get back to live racing and with people at home seeking diversion and entertainment, we wanted to be proactive about promoting the sport to a broader audience. Horse racing has a unique opportunity to lead the way as we resume operations safely and, in doing so, provide fun and excitement for millions of sports fans and bettors across the country.”

“diversion,” “entertainment,” “fun,” “excitement”

The dead, so far this year:

Ruby Roundhouse, Jan 1, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
Golden Birthday, Jan 1, Santa Anita R – “took a bad step” (broken leg)
Yorkiepoo Princess, Jan 3, Belmont S – “severe laminitis…euthanized in her stall”
Power Punch, Jan 3, Gulfstream R – “vanned off,” dead
Lrh Fast as Oak, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “fell, euthanized”
Perry Train, Jan 4, Louisiana R – “fell after wire, euthanized”
Elegant Sundown, Jan 5, Golden Gate R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized in the van”
Jest Famous, Jan 7, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
Buckstopper Kit, Jan 7, Santa Anita S
X Y Jet, Jan 8, Palm Meadows (FL) T – “heart attack”
Secreto Primero, Jan 8, Turf R – “fractured sesamoids”
J Rob, Jan 9, Fair Grounds R – “vanned off after winner’s circle, [euthanized]”
Eyell Be Back, Jan 10, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Jan 12) – “carpus”
I’mluckysgirl, Jan 10, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”
Big Shanty, Jan 11, Fair Grounds R – “appeared to go wrong”
Salambo, Jan 12, Gulfstream R – “went wrong…euthanized”
Usual Suspect, Jan 13, Oaklawn T – “exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
Indian Brew, Jan 13, Turf R – “fractured knee”
Jim’s Silverbullet, Jan 16, Fair Grounds R – “went wrong”
Take Charge Cece, Jan 17, Fair Grounds R – “appeared to go wrong”
Harliss, Jan 17, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Super Beauty, Jan 18, Golden Gate T – “gastrointestinal”
Uncontainable, Jan 18, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Katies Easy Moves, Jan 19, Los Alamitos R – “fetlock”
Tikkun Olam, Jan 19, Santa Anita T – “head-on collision”
Obligated to None, Jan 19, Turf R – “leg injured, euthanized”
Dark N Cloudy, Jan 20, Aqueduct R – “broke down…euthanized on track”
Jewel Can Disco, Jan 20, Belmont T – “sustained an injury while breezing…euthanized”
Is It Over, Jan 21, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
Shut the Box, Jan 23, Oaklawn S – “equine protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Cowboy Coffee, Jan 23, San Luis Rey S – “gastrointestinal” (trained Jan 20)
A Freud of Mama, Jan 24, Belmont T (euthanized Feb 8) – “passed after complications”
Strong Performance, Jan 24, Gulfstream R – “fell while in distress…euthanized”
Quizzical Cajun, Jan 25, Aqueduct R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
Celtic Warrior, Jan 25, Turf R – “injured fetlock, euthanized”
Esterina, Jan 26, Laurel R – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
yet-to-be-named, Jan 30, Belmont T – “shaft fracture…euthanized on the track”
Ted’s Shadow, Feb 1, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Spirogyra, Feb 2, Oaklawn R – “euthanized due to catastrophic injuries”
Data Hawk, Feb 7, Golden Gate S – “accident – skull”
Stay Again, Feb 7, Gulfstream R – “collapsed”
Birdies Honor, Feb 8, Laurel R – “collapsed”
Double Touch, Feb 8, Santa Anita T – “sudden death” (five years old)
Buddy Princess, Feb 9, Rillito R – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
Miss Romania, Feb 12, Santa Anita T – “fractured shoulder”
El Tristan, Feb 14, Fair Grounds R
Classic Covey, Feb 15, Fair Grounds R – “all the soft tissue structures came apart”
Major Flirt, Feb 15, Laurel R – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
Prs the Game Changer, Feb 15, Louisiana R – “stumbled start…euthanized”
Devil’s Drama, Feb 15, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Randy’s Boy, Feb 15, Rillito R
Smokey, Feb 16, Oaklawn S – “injured in barn, died due to cerebrum hemorrhage”
Different Days, Feb 16, Oaklawn R (euthanized Feb 17) – “carpus fracture”
Taraz, Feb 17, Oaklawn T – “severely fractured her pastern”
Unveiled, Feb 20, Santa Anita T – “fractured shoulder”
Radio Tim, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “fractured fetlock”
Street Machine, Feb 21, Los Alamitos R – “fractured fetlock”
A Lonna At the Top, Feb 26, Golden Gate T – “sudden death”
Arguto, Feb 26, Oaklawn T – “catastrophic injury”
Princess Rashelle, Feb 28, Charles Town R – “broke leg…euthanized on the track”
Fist of Rage, Feb 28, Fair Grounds R – “went wrong, fell”
Montauk Memories, Feb 29, Aqueduct R – “leg injury”
Thousand Oaks, Feb 29, Golden Gate S
Keck, Feb 29, Golden Gate T
Chosen Vessel, Feb 29, Santa Anita R – “fractured ankle”
Super Touch, Mar 6, Turfway R – “collapsed and died – hemorrhage, shock”
Chickititas Favorite, Mar 8, Los Alamitos R
Arkyarkyarky, Mar 8, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Krugerrand, Mar 9, Belmont S – “severe laminitis” (two years old)
Red River Chase, Mar 12, Fair Grounds R – “shattered leg”
Get Like Me, Mar 12, Golden Gate R – “went wrong”
Dynamite Dan, Mar 12, Oaklawn T (euthanized Mar 14) – “catastrophic injury”
Love Totem, Mar 12, Turfway R – “epistaxis from both nostrils”
Tudox Lifting Off, Mar 13, Turfway R – “open, complete diaphyseal fracture”
Battalion Won, Mar 14, Golden Gate T
Emely Heart, Mar 20, Turfway R – “[multiple] fractures, extensive soft tissue damage”
A P Dancer, Mar 21, Oaklawn T – “cannon fracture”
Starting Point, Mar 22, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury – euthanasia”
Glory Stars, Mar 26, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Flokie, Mar 29, Los Alamitos R
The Cullinan Dream, Mar 31, Los Alamitos S
Peter’s Project, Apr 1, Belmont S – “colic, worsened throughout day…euthanasia”
Royal Callan Rocks, Apr 2, Los Alamitos T
Kahului, Apr 2, Oaklawn R – “ruptured vein in the pelvic cavity, hypovolemic shock”
Smiling Ali, Apr 2, Santa Anita T – “probable cardiac event”
Enchanting Eva, Apr 4, Golden Gate T
Joan’s Delight, Apr 4, Oaklawn T – “sesamoid fracture”
Tizaprincessa, Apr 5, Tampa Bay R
Blowinthebluesaway, Apr 10, Oaklawn R – “fractured shoulder”
Chromie, Apr 11, Los Alamitos R
La Dorada Czech, Apr 15, Los Alamitos S – “gastrointestinal”
M C Hamster, Apr 15, Santa Anita T – “fractured ankle”
Shes Our Dasher, Apr 16, Los Alamitos T
Pals Invader, Apr 17, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury at the 7/8 pole”
Isla’s Toy, Apr 17, Los Alamitos R
Muskoka Wonder, Apr 17, Oaklawn R – “catastrophic injury”
Appealing Briefs, Apr 23, Belmont S – “euthanized due to poor prognosis of cellulitis”
Mrs. Miniver, Apr 24, Gulfstream R – “heart attack” (three years old)
Last Renegade, Apr 24, Santa Anita T – “hit rail, passed away from injury”
Rockys Warrior, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “carpus fracture”
Midnight Sway, Apr 26, Oaklawn R – “fetlock fracture”
Sean’s Idea, Apr 30, Gulfstream R – “went wrong”
O’Bushido, May 4, Belmont S – “found deceased in stall”
Call Paul, May 6, Belmont T – “sustained injury to LH leg…necessitating euthanasia”
Arky Vaughan, May 8, Golden Gate T
Rowboat Romeo, May 9, Los Alamitos T
Tap the Wire, May 9, Los Alamitos R
Ailish’s Buttercup, May 10, Golden Gate T
Tailback, May 10, Santa Anita T – “fracture of the right front leg”
Conquest Sabre Cat, May 14, Golden Gate R – “broke down”
Schiller’s Lit, May 18, Belmont T (euthanized May 21) – “acutely lame”
Lil Morning Star, May 21, Belmont T – “injury to left front leg”
unidentified, May 24, Los Alamitos S
Jabber Now, May 24, Los Alamitos R (euthanized May 26)
Shock Therapy, May 25, Belmont S – “pleuropneumonia, laminitis”
Bluegrass Jamboree, May 28, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse – expired on track”

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  1. The people of horseracing “STILL. DON’T. CARE. THAT. THEY. ARE. KILLING. HORSES. AND. CALLING. IT. SPORT.”
    Horse racing is a BLOOD. SPORT. AND. SHOULD. BE. OUTLAWED.

  2. “Still. Killing. Racehorses.” or “Still. Dumping. Racehorses.” or “Still. Supporting. Slaughter.”
    Of course they could always provide a more detailed description behind their ridiculous slogan such as: our multi-billion dollar business makes our money off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses. It’s very easy to exploit a racehorse since they can’t talk or consent to our abusive business practices such as doping, beating/whipping, confining, crippling, dumping and dying.
    So simplistic a slogan isn’t it?
    Horse racing is a cancer on our communities that steal billions of dollars from taxpayers and casino profits while lining the pockets of politicians who ensure they get taken care of.
    It’s a well-organized scheme akin to organized crime with the racehorses being the biggest losers.
    This business will be shut down.
    All it’s going to take is to stop funding it because it hasn’t been financially sustainable in years.

    • Gina, it is also very easy, at least it appears to be easy, for pro-racing people to say things like “horses happily go along with racing” or that the horses enjoy it or love it. What kind of a moron does it take to believe that horses love to do the things that are totally against their natural instincts to be safe and happy? What kind of a moron believes that horses love to be whipped? What level of intelligence does it take to believe that horses love to be confined to a stall for 23 hours a day? People need to see the horses that develop abnormal behaviors such as cribbing, windsucking, weaving and such as that from being confined to a stall. Horses cannot possibly be happy to be confined to a stall and not have free access to a pasture where they can, among other things, graze and get some very necessary UVB light for the necessary Vitamin D to work with Calcium for healthy bone development. There are so many points about racing that are so wrong and so abusive to horses that it would take a very stupid person to believe the lie that horses love to be scared out of their wits and PHYSICALLY beaten and PSYCHOLOGICALLY damaged from being confined to a stall 23 hours a day and all of the other damaging things (of which there are many) that cause injuries to horses. Once people become aware of what really happens behind the scenes as well as the broken bones and heat strokes and heart attacks from being doped and ran to the point of total exhaustion that horses suffer on the racetracks or training tracks, they have a responsibility to stand up and stop supporting the abuse with $2 bets. Many of the people that are not totally stupid will change their attitude about racing horses for any deviant reason. I am encouraged by the people who have changed their perspective of horseracing and see it for what it is: animal abuse!

  3. I used to love going to the track. I was ignorant to the flagrant corruption and abject abuse so pervasive in horse racing. Knowing what I now know I can never attend horse racing again. Even if no horses died that day attending would still be contributing to the ongoing suffering and deaths.

    • Me too! My dad would take me to the track when I was young because he knew I loved horses. When I got older, I got my first horse when I was 38 and enjoyed them for 35 years. I now know differently about what is good for a horse and I have been totally opposed to horse racing! Wish I could save them all! Dear God, how did we ever feel that horse racing was humane! “In His hands is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”
      Job 12:10
      “Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel. Proverbs 12:10

  4. I loved horse racing all my life but after reading about the lack of caring for the horses by many people I am appalled that we haven’t taken more interest in shutting down the industry. It seems more people should be aware of the wonderful and beautiful animals that are being destroyed by racing and left to the existence of the racetracks that just don’t care. Something needs to be done to rectify this situation.

  5. Heartbreaking to read each of these and to think of the suffering each of these beautiful, innocent animals endured.

    • XY JET was a victim of “the Navarro Doping Program” which was an illegal doping scheme. This illegal scheme was investigated by the FBI, as you know, and Jorge Navarro is the name at the top of the list of 19 people indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      • Wanda. That’s why I said yeah right. After that guy got arrested it came out the horse was undoubtedly drugged to death. The only heart attack I see is he ran his heart out for a bunch of lousy ingrates.

      • I think it was a dope-induced heart attack on top of being run to complete exhaustion, Nancy. The Navarro illegal doping scheme involved using adulterated and mislabeled drugs which they also referred to as Performance-Enhancing Drugs (for those that didn’t already know that) and it took the FBI to investigate and indict these low-life horse-killing people. It is a given that all of these deaths could have been prevented. It is the mindset of people in horseracing stooping to lows that nobody should be legally allowed to get away with that caused the pain and suffering of these horses.

    • XYJet did not have a chance once Navarro got his grubby hands on him, his fate was sealed.
      And Navarro announced the horse died of a “heart attack”!! Who said so, Navarro !!!? It is a fact that horses do not have heart attacks, per se. Was there even a necropsy done – was there a drug test?
      This criminal enterprise populated by the like of Navarro polices itself! How outrageously ridiculous is that!!! He and others operated with impunity and they are in no way the exception, rather they are the tip of the iceberg.
      Navarro was the hero of Monmouth park – such high win stats!!!
      Navarro, et al, would still be “embraced” by racing were it not for the FBI and the indictments by the District Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of NY .’

  6. The treatment of race horses is inhumane and horrific. They are raced too young before leg bones have developed fully. Start them as 5 yr olds rather than 3yr olds. Provide them with time outside their stalls in the fresh air and sunlight. How does a horse develop and die of a gastrointestinal problem? Not a natural death, but euthanized. Vet checks should be more frequent. I don’t think owners want their horses to suffer but if the goal is making the most money, they must be cutting corners. There are many horse rescue groups that could have saved and rehabilitated many of these horses. Some work exclusively with race horses: quarter horses and thoroughbreds . Many horses find a forever home. Please change your practices!!

    • Also, many horses do not get rescued from racing or from being shipped from the USA to slaughter in Mexico or Canada. I believe all horse owners have a responsibility to treat their horses humanely and if they lived up to that responsibility, they would not treat them like a factory-farmed commodity.

  7. This, “…promoting the sport to a broader audience…unique opportunity to lead the way as we resume operations safely…provide fun and excitement for millions of sports fans and bettors across the country,” may mean they will pull all plugs to sanitize, promote, and hide negative stats. Gambling promoters who take their cuts will assist below the radar to keep it looking honest.

  8. Horse racing must STOP NOW! It is animal cruelty. Owners and trainers do not care how these horses are treated and abused. The horses are treated as an object and are disposed of by euthanasia or shipped to foreign countries to be slaughtered. END HORSE RACING NOW!

  9. Horses, and all animals, are not meant for our entertainment! These animals should be allowed to live out their natural lives with dignity and respect and loving kindness and not to be used “to death” so some people and make a profit. Thank you.

  10. I have had an off the track race horse since 2003. He is now 27 years old.
    I love my Thoroughbred, and he seems to love me as well. He is now retired from riding because of a heart condition. Until Covid-19, I went to see him every Sat. We hung out for several hours and I got to pay him back for all the wonderful adventures we had together. He took care of me and I took care of him.

    Our long partnership will always remain precious to me. We went on trails, and I raced him uphill several times because we both enjoyed it. We learned baby dressage together, because it is good for both the horse and the rider. We jumped, and he loved it. I fed him literally tons of carrots.

    He is so happy at his retirement barn where he has many equine friends.

    If you treat these beautiful, smart horses well, they will do all of the above and more.

    Thoroughbred racing as it is done now is too dangerous for the horse and the riders. It should be stopped and another way to get to know equines should replace it.

    Here are other ways to having experience and communication with horses:
    At the barn where I boarded my TB, there were riding/horsemanship lessons for children and adults. There were champion endurance horses and riders, experienced riders could lease privately owned horses to ride. There were all sorts of riding lessons for experienced riders including dressage, jumping, therapeutic riding lessons and classes. There were trail rides open to the public.

    There were many volunteers who help with the barn chores, including boarders.

    Also, sometimes it is wonderful just to be around and have friendship with a horse.

    Thanks to all who are protecting horses.

  11. Seriously why do the majority of people think this is okay. It’s a shame that anyone does, but like there’s a clear and obvious reason this crap is still happening.
    I thought we were better than this, letting creatures of the earth we live on just die.

  12. It’s only “fun” and “entertaining” to the twisted people who don’t care about the horses!

    • Exactly! A person has to be ignorant or insensitive and indifferent to the cruelty of horses being confined to stalls for 23 hours a day, forced to carry weight and run before they are mature, whipped in order to force them to run faster and all of the doping to “enhance” the performance of racehorses. Since some horses live through the abuse of race training, they naturally must endure “everyday soreness” and being doped to mask injuries and the pain of injuries. It is best to let injuries heal but the injuries sustained by racehorses at the hands of the people involved in horseracing are hidden as much as possible from the public. Horses are forced to run anyway. Horses are forced to run until they are injured so badly that they cannot run anymore in so many cases. The people that do this to horses are sadistic.


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