3-Year-Old Killed at Los Alamitos; 20th Dead Horse There This Year

I have confirmed that Malibu Morning is dead after breaking down in the 2nd last night at Los Alamitos. He was three years old and under the whip for the sixth time. This makes 20 dead racehorses at Los Alamitos this year.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
California state legislators

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  1. Sickening. Predictable. Criminal.
    The CHRB needs to shut down Los Al’s deadly “mixed” QH/TB races right now. But, of course they won’t. Because their new Executive Director, Scott Chaney, who claims horse welfare is a high priority for him, (don’t all racing officials clamor to state that?) last worked at Los Al, as some high-level steward.
    Welcome to public service, Mr. Chaney. Now you don’t just answer to degenerate gamblers, horse-killing con-artists, and racing creeps.
    Step up and do your job. You’ve caused enough carnage in your “career” (such as it is.) Don’t you think, just maybe, it’s time you used you used your position to actually SAVE an equine life?

    • As a former Associate Steward with the CHRB, and based on my observations, Scott Chaney is a corrupt racing official who is there to protect the interests of the industry not the racehorses.
      Scott Chaney smeared me, my professional reputation all over the news.
      It was malicious and deliberate.
      I was contacted by an attorney in California who wanted to sue the CHRB under Whistleblower laws and include suing Scott Chaney for defammation of character against me.
      At the time, I had lots on the plate and I regret not pursuing the lawsuit as I surely would have won.
      I waited too long to contact the attorney who said we were beyond the statute of limitations.
      A former Steward, Pamela Berg, who has much more history on the CHRB sued them under Whistleblower laws and won.
      It was settled out of court and the financial settlement has been kept secret.
      Ms. Berg rescues, rehomes racehorses on her small hobby farm in northern California with the money she received and no longer has much to do with horse racing other than rescue work.
      So now we have Scott Chaney in charge who is an attorney and a former racehorse assistant.
      That says it all right there.
      He will use his legal and racehorse knowledge to defend this industry to no end and you can pretty much be sure that Bill 469 will never be invoked no matter how many racehorses die as long as he is in charge.
      Furthermore, here’s his direct words:
      “I’ve been pretty active in writing regulations on policies and animal welfare.”
      What has changed?
      Absolutely nothing so all his writing has been, more or less, public wallpaper just like all of them.
      There are no new faces, new anything, reforms or otherwise that will ever change this vile business that needs to shut down.

      • Gina, it is clear that this is a case of “the fox watching the henhouse” but what is not clear to me is that you state that Scott Chaney is a former racehorse assistant. I’m not sure exactly what it means to be a racehorse assistant. Being an assistant trainer is more specific but I don’t know if that is what you meant.

      • I meant Assisstant Trainer to infamous Darrell Vienna whose an attorney also.
        Darrell’s training methods are the same as all of them.
        Take for example, FINDER’S FORTUNE from 1992 a mere claiming horse that he claims and miraculously turns into a huge stake horse going on to make over $400,000 and then dumped into the claiming ranks when he could no longer perform.
        It’s the same old thing with many of his star horses disappearing off the radar.
        He has a long list of complaints and dead racehorses, but here’s one that says it all:

        If you take the time to read this article it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the scandal involving Bob Baffert and Justify.
        The same old deep-rooted corruption on the CHRB – no different and it happened back in 2007!
        So here we are 13 years later with the same old thing going on.
        “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.”
        I’m sure Scott Chaney assisted with this matter in some capacity, but no proof of this.
        “Birds of a feather flock together.”

      • How do you like that?! A bunch of cheaters who also happen to be lawyers with experience and knowledge of training horses for racing and using drugs on the horses and Darrell Vienna said to be considered expert in medication law! Ha, Darrell Vienna, a trainer and a legal expert in medication law, uses Clenbuterol on a horse and he still got caught. If that isn’t corrupt enough, he also helped write rules and procedures for the California Horse Racing Board. He is a poster boy for Conflict of Interest in my opinion. Thanks, Gina.

      • Talk about conflict of interest.
        When I was there, every single board member either owned racehorses, covered-up for their trainers, controlled the post-doping samples, or had a family member training for them.
        Attorneys were running California horse racing and knew every single rule and loophole so that when their trainers got caught they would defend them and usually get them off or cover it up.
        It just goes on and on.
        Doping positives usually result in “overages” even if they are serious pain masking drugs such as mepivicaine.
        So what does this solidify?
        This business is a total sham, doesn’t give a crap about the racehorses, and requires doping to keep sore racehorses filling races and their wagering coffers.
        It’s so incredibly sad because the racehorses are dying for these low-life greedy parasites who have no intention of taking care of them.
        Use, abuse, exploit, cripple and dump.
        Then go out and buy another victim to do it all over again with an industry that fully supports this mentality and business practices.
        I bet you that Scott Chaney owns racehorses via hidden ownership/syndicate – no doubt in my mind.
        SHUT IT DOWN.

  2. Horse racing must stop! You have the power to put an end to this barbaric cruelty! There are better ways to make money! With your leadership, we can work together in a creative and humane way to replace this archaic industry with one that generates income not from the suffering of innocent animals, but from noble, kind and educational entertainment. I know it can be done….just get the ‘ball’ rolling in the right direction!

  3. The. Killing. Continues.
    Horseracing killed this horse that was too young and underdeveloped. For anyone that needs that statement clarified, ***the people involved in*** horseracing killed this horse named MALIBU MORNING.
    It’s. Time. To. Stop. Racing. And. Killing. Horses.

  4. Gina, I was beside myself when Mighty Manfred was claimed by Steve Asmussen,and …of course my worst fears came true. I can’t stand that horse killer Steve Ass, that’s what he is an ASS. I hate that horse abuser. There’s 2 trainers,who are both cheating dopers,and they are both long white haired old men…bob&steve. I hate you 2.

  5. Time for what might actually be a positive update from the horse-killers at Los Alamitos:
    While Los Al officials will never, ever, ever-in-a-million years admit they were forced to make a change that could possibly help preserve equine life, they may have inadvertently done so for the first time because of pressure from us.
    Tonight (Sat., May 30), for the first time in recent memory, Los Al DID NOT run its infamous, deadly, “Mixed QH/TB – Quarter Horses Preferred” race. For those unfamiliar with the horrors of this particular type of race (as if the whole, sick spectacle inherent in all of horse racing couldn’t get any more disturbing and disgusting — I assure you, at Los Alamitos, it can), it’s all about desperately dumping (usually older, pre-injured, more gangly, fragile, and medicated) thoroughbreds into short, quick quarter horse races. Predictably, the outcomes have been borne out repeatedly at the Los Alamitos Death Track: TBs lose, even when they win. The modern thoroughbred cannot withstand the rigors of even traditional, mile-plus TB races without constantly breaking down. Yet, pushed (and doped, and whipped) to breakneck quarter horse speeds — against their stouter, more muscular and sturdy-framed QH counterparts — the TBs are breaking down more, and in more gruesome, horrifying ways, than ever before.

    So, big surprise to absolutely nobody with the death of Malibu Morning (a TB in last night’s MIXED race against QHs). After all, the “inexplicable tragedy” was only preceded by Jabber Now’s death from a race on May 24 (also a TB, also in a MIXED race against QHs), AND Tap the Wire’s death, though we still don’t know when that occurred, because the CHRB still insists it doesn’t count, so they refuse to record it — from (you guessed it) another of Los Al’s MIXED races on May 9.

    What’s the positive part of the update, you ask? Well, Los Al never, never, ever concedes any of these deaths. They don’t do interviews. They don’t answer questions. Hence, it’s all but impossible to know exactly why Los Al officials did what they did. But, tonight, something on their card showed that even they are conscious of this cruelty; the deadly MIXED race they’re so fond of was replaced with a quarter horse (only) race. The lone TB entered to run (and likely die) in it is named Jimmy the Juice. He was instead listed as vet scratched. His loving connections were still paid $300. Take a look at JJ’s stats, and you’ll see how they tried to send him out there to die: 7-year-old gelding, 40 plus career starts, massive drop in claiming value, ran dead last in nearly all his recent starts, etc.. But, for now at least, he survives.
    Don’t know if Los Al just decided to suddenly stop this portion of their killing, or whether they were ordered to. In either case, it’s another step toward victory for us, and for racehorses.

    • Thank you, Kelly, for your very informative comment! It begs the question of what will become of JIMMIE THE JUICE, a 7-year-old gelding, dropping in class, finishing last in most of his recent races and not looking like he is going to win anymore races ever. It makes me wonder if he will be hauled off of the Los Alamitos HORSEKILLING racetrack to be sold to a killbuyer at auction or if transfer of ownership to a killbuyer could happen at the racetrack. Or, the owners may decide to pick a different race to send him out to die. I can only hope that this horse could be rescued but I don’t know which rescue has enough money to keep JIMMIE THE JUICE from being dumped. Also. Known. As. Certain. Death. If only the people involved in horseracing cared, they would not be involved in horseracing anymore. They could use their money and power for good instead of evil….🙏

  6. Gina, I was thinking that this whole industry of horseracing operates on the mentality of factory farming; as you have stated, the parasitic people in horseracing “use, abuse, exploit, cripple and dump.” “Then go out and buy another victim to do it all over again…”
    That is the mentality of factory farming.

  7. Gina, I was thinking that this whole industry of horseracing operates on the mentality of factory farming; as you have stated, the parasitic people in horseracing “use, abuse, exploit, cripple and dump.” “Then go out and buy another victim to do it all over again…”
    That is the mentality of factory farming.

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