With Latest Kill, Los Alamitos Now at 19 Dead on the Year

The California Horse Racing Board reports that Jabber Now was euthanized yesterday, two days after finishing last in a claiming race at Los Alamitos. She was six years old. Los Alamitos can now boast 19 dead animals for gambling this year.

Voice your outrage: Link this post. Cite data from this website. Tell them horseracing is animal cruelty; horseracing must end.

Governor Newsom
Senator Feinstein
Senator Harris
California state legislators


  1. What a pure evil sack of shit the “people” in this CHEATING gambling FRAUD are. END this bullshit now.

  2. For those willing to express your obvious outrage to Los Alamitos itself, I wish you all the best. Los Al is more defiantly secretive and unapologetic in their killing than any other licensed business I’ve ever come across. It’s not an accident that in every single news story about any and all of their horse deaths, no matter the source — major networks, CNN, Associated Press, City News Service, L.A. Times, etc. — there’s some variation of the quote: “Los Alamitos officials could not be reached for comment.”
    They simply refuse to respond. No statement. No answers. This is a killing company that gives a collective middle finger to regulators, to the media, and to the public.
    Poor Jabber Now. Poor Tap the Wire. Poor unidentified outrider pony, and all of the other thousand equine victims of Doc Allred and his Los Alamitos death track. They can continue to block us, hang up on us, and ignore us. But we’re not going away, until they do.

  3. I would love to see a dystopian future where the horses enslave these loser little pricks,and ride them and use the whip like crazy. Turn-about is fair play.

  4. **I wrote an email to each of these officials here. I did it for JABBER NOW and every beautiful horse that’s lost their lives from these evil men and woman’s hands. I don’t know if they will read it and help, but I will sleep better tonight knowing I helped the only way I can. R.I.P. JABBER NOW, my love and prayers go with you..

    • Thank you, Marjorie – it most definitely helps. They need to hear from us incessantly, to remind them that we and this issue are not going away. Unrelenting pressure.

  5. Rest in peace JABBER NOW. You didn’t deserve the abuse that you suffered at the hands of pro-racing and pro-slaughter people, who used and abused you for their own selfish financial gain. You deserved to be loved in the true sense of the word. Instead, you gave your life and the racing people took your life.

  6. Los Al under Dr. Allred has been running a private killing show for years.
    I suppose it’s not unlike all of them.
    It’s so disturbing to read about racehorse after racehorse dying.
    There are no justifications for this in any civilized society.
    BAN this brutality and carnage.

    • I really can’t believe this type of TORTURE is going on still….in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure F’n Evil

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