A Death at Belmont, Another at Los Alamitos

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the death of Shock Therapy at Belmont Park yesterday: “[was] being treated for pleuropneumonia and laminitis, subsequently euthanized due to poor prognosis.” He was four years old and had been put to the whip 15 times, most recently at Aqueduct in February.

The California Horse Racing Board reports the death of an unidentified “pony” horse at Los Alamitos Sunday – cause, “other.” Though some may object to calling this an industry casualty, here at Horseracing Wrongs we have a simple, straightforward standard: if a horse dies whilst in servitude to Racing, said horse was killed by Racing.

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  1. Los Al is still hiding from the fallout of Tap the Wire’s death and its subsequent cover-up. And it’s mighty gracious of the racing press to oblige them in this endeavor, isn’t it? Not a peep about Tap’s protracted and prolonged suffering and death from DRF, Bloodhorse, Paulick, TDN, nor (of course,) John Cherwa and the Los Angeles Times. Guess it just didn’t happen, right guys?
    So, to think that anyone at the Los Alamitos Death Track is going to even blink about the death of a lowly outrider pony — when they won’t even say Word One about a stakes-winning, wildfire-surviving, hero-horse like Tap and his stupid, stupid connections who killed him with a Quarter Horse race — well, let’s just say they clearly DO NOT CARE how many and which horses they race to death.

  2. Stupid, stupid stupid people who don’t give flying ****about these wonderful animals. They are horseracing killers/murderers and this needs to stop!! When will the killing of these innocent animals stop?????

  3. It’s obvious that any racehorse in servitude to this industry is an industry casualty.
    Furthermore, any racehorse bred for this vile business that ends up in another “servitude” offshoot business of horse racing is also a casualty of this business.
    I’m referring to such offshoot businesses as Premarin mares who spend the rest of their lives tethered to a wall, forcibly impregnated, foals out, the foals are taken away within hours and a urine collection bottle is strapped to their vagina to collect the urine.
    The thousands of foals taken away usually end up at slaughter don’t even have a chance at a kill auction – that’s how bad it it is.
    Then there are the underground rogue horse racing meets going on at bush tracks in the middle of the night some of which have been posted on here.
    The racehorses that don’t make it on the track are often sold to these underbelly buyers and their life turns into a horrific life of doping abuse and suffering.
    Then there are the broodmares like Zenyatta (who just had another foal) who is forcibly impregnated year in and year out – a reproductive machine after she made millions for Ann and Jerry Moss.
    Then there are the thousands of racehorses who end up in neglectful situations like Dr Dre.
    This business is vile.
    Take your archaic, brutal cruelty and killing and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    It can’t shut down soon enough for the racehorses.

    • Gina, I knew the Pregnant Mare Urine business used pregnant Belgian mares but I didn’t know Thoroughbred mares were used for Pregnant Mare Urine collection.

      • Wanda. LaVerdad gave birth and died of colic shortly thereafter. I dread to think what happened to her newborn.
        What is this collection process for? I have a feeling i probably should not.know anyway

      • Nancy, PREMARIN is the name of a drug made from PREgnant MAre uRINe (or PREgnant MARe urINe) used to allegedly relieve some of the bad effects of menopause in women. I have heard that some women that have used the pharmaceutical drug may have had bad side effects from the drug. My understanding was that PREMARIN isn’t as popular as it once was in the beginning but I could be wrong about that.

    • Thank u , so much, for taking your time to educate the general public, ( horse racing fans}, on the wrongs of the horse racing industry. People need to know how race horses made,trained

  4. I’m surprised the CHRB bothered to mention that a pony horse died at one of the California racetracks. The unidentified horse might have been an ex-racehorse but that information was not disclosed in this case for whatever reason. What a horrible life for a horse to be stuck in a stall the majority of their life and to be forced to run when they’re not in their stall. Rest in peace beautiful horses.

  5. Another chapter to this obscene horror story.
    And laminitis in a 4 year old????????????????????? That alone says much.

    • 3yr old MATERIALITY Florida Derby Champion,And Kentucky Derby participant died of laminitis, in 2015. He was a Todd Pletcher trainee. Horses are not gambling chips,they are sensitive,living,breathing, pure souls. Animals abused for gambling, should NEVER be. Gambling and ANIMALS do NOT mix…end of story.

  6. Even I know that the pneumonia and laminitis should not have visited a 4 year old. Criminal mistreatment and abuse/neglect. And what a sick name: “Shock Therapy”.

    • Martha, I completely agree that to name a horse SHOCK THERAPY is sick. It is so perverted and twisted that it is absolutely repulsive and disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!! It shows one more part of what kind of morally depraved and vile people are involved in the inhumane exploitation of horses for racing!!!

  7. And, while we’re on the subject of the Los Al Death Track, (Santa Anita South, but without even a single shred of the integrity or transparency) looks like they killed off ANOTHER THOROUGHBRED in one of their DISGUSTING “Mixed – QHs preferred” races.
    CHRB still hasn’t posted the top-secret death of Tap the Wire, who broke down on May 9th in another of Los Al’s deadly “mixed” runs, but now they’re telling us that Jabber Now ran (dead last, literally) on Sunday, and died yesterday.
    Way to go, Los Alamitos. Y’all sink to new levels of depravity every single day.

  8. JUst disgusting that these horses are forced to run with all kinds of medical conditions and digusting that people pay to see them run for their lives and then killed! Need to stop these races and also stop breeding them and sending surplus horses to slaughter. No horses should be sent to slaughter.Stop this insane inhumanity to horses!!

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